2018 NFL Draft Caps

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Every April, NFL and NCAAF fans experience the excitement that is the NFL Draft.

College football fans can’t wait to see how many players will get drafted from their favorite university, who those players will be, when those players will get drafted, and where those players will go.

NFL fans can’t wait to see who’s got next for their favorite franchise. Fans of teams with the highest draft picks are hoping for a franchise QB that will lead their team to the playoffs and the Super Bowl for a decade and a half (or longer), and fans of teams with lower draft picks are hoping for that one perfect pick that fills the hole that would prevent them from continuing and building upon their success from the previous season.

New League Year’s Day is in March but in the football world, Christmas comes after that, in late April and early May, in the form of the NFL Draft.

It’s important to remember family during the holiday season, and in the case of Football Christmas, that family is your team: the players, the coaches, the owner(s), the trainers, the food vendors, and of course, your fellow fans.

Just like traditional Christmas, Football Christmas wouldn’t be complete without commercialization…I mean, uh…wonderful presents that embody the true meaning of Christmas 😉 Obviously, draft picks are the presents to which all of us football fans look forward to the most:

  • Most of them will turn out to be those crappy toys that break within five minutes of you taking them out of the box (draft busts). Bummer. But…
  • A small number of them will be worthwhile. Maybe you’ll get an average starter-level player that hangs around for 10 years; Those are the toys that aren’t our favorites. They weren’t THE item on our list, but they are last for long enough and are just enjoyable enough that we grow to appreciate them. Maybe they’ll even get a Pro Bowl nod or two?
  • Then an even smaller number of them are the quality players; These still weren’t THE gift on our list, but we definitely wanted them and are pleased the moment we open them. They are the toys we play with on a regular basis, but not every day. They’ll likely get several Pro Bowl nods and maybe even a spot on an All-Pro team.
  • Then, the most rare of all: THE gift. This isn’t just the top toy we wanted this year, it’s the top toy we’ve wanted the last FIVE years. Not only do we play with these toys everyday, but we can hardly go anywhere without them: The Hall of Famers. These are your franchise QBs like Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, and Tom Brady. These are your electrifying offensive players like Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, and Shannon Sharpe. These are your game-altering defenders like Lawrence Taylor, Ray Lewis, and Rod Woodson. They’ll make the Pro Bowl almost every year (if not literally every year) and they’ll also make multiple All-Pro teams. Maybe they’ll even win a MVP award?

Yes, toys are awesome. But, sometimes you get stuck with clothes. Well, I’m here to tell you that in the case of Football Christmas, clothes can actually be a little exciting. I’m talking about the annual NFL Draft Caps brought to fans (and to draftees) by New Era. (For the record, I’m not sponsored by them or anything, I just happen to be a big fan of their quality. I don’t recall ever having gotten a New Era cap that I didn’t enjoy.) The 2018 NFL Draft Caps were just recently revealed and well, they deserve to be talked about.

This year’s theme: Team Mottos. Below are some of my favorites and least favorites. If you want to get one for yourself or check out ones that I do not mention, you can find all of them here.

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  1. New York Giants: “Big Blue”- Obviously,  I had to mention my team’s hat. “Big Blue” is a nickname the Giants have had for ages and I think it looks great on a hat.
  2. New York Jets: “J-E-T-S”- Not even leaving the same stadium from the last one on my list, I love the Jets hat. The motto is their team’s chant. It’s not exactly the most original chant, but it’s a classic.
  3. Seattle Seahawks: “We are 12”- I like this one a lot because the hat features the 12 flag as part of the slogan. The Seahawks are the only team to use something besides words and their team logo in their Draft Cap’s design.
  4. Cleveland Browns: “Dawg Pound”- Another classic slogan makes my list. Also, aside from their logo, this hat is devoid of that ugly orange team color.
  5. Chicago Bears: “Monsters of the Midway”- Though the team has recently lacked the ability to incite fear that is usually associated with monsters, it’s another classic slogan.
  6. Buffalo Bills: “Billieve”- The greatness of the play on the word believe is just the tip of the iceberg when you consider the fact that the “bill” is actually a physical part of the hat. This one actually made me laugh.

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Least Favorites

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers: “Steel City”- Yes, Pittsburgh is the Steel City, but the Steelers are the Steel Curtain. C’mon New Era!
  2. Miami Dolphins: “Go Phins”- The Jets hat lacks originality in a fun way. The Dolphins hat lacks originality in a boring way.
  3. New England Patriots: “Do Your Job”- I can hear these words coming out of Coach Bill Belichick‘s mouth, but that doesn’t make them fun or interesting to put on a hat unless there is a likeness to Belichick right next to them, which (SPOILER ALERT!), there is not.
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars: “Black and Teal”- Congratulations, you can name colors.
  5. Arizona Cardinals: “Rise Up Red Sea”- So, they stole the Atlanta Falcons “Rise Up” slogan, and decided that stealing wasn’t bad enough, they should also make it sound dumber.
  6. Houston Texans: “We Are Texans”- I am human. I don’t think I need to put that on a hat to make that true.

Browns, Landry Extension

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Jarvis Landry, WR, Cleveland Browns

Big news out of Cleveland today as the CLEVELAND BROWNS are inking WR JARVIS LANDRY to a contract extension. Landry would have played this season under the franchise tag that the MIAMI DOLPHINS placed on him (worth $15.982 million) prior to trading him to the Browns. Instead, he will play under the new 5-year, $75.5 million deal that the Browns are giving him, which comes with $47 million guaranteed.

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This move speaks volumes about the Browns. First off, it shows that they went out last month and traded for a receiver they knew they wanted for the long haul. It gives the franchise star-power at WR that they’ve lacked for a while now (you could make a case for TERRELLE PRYOR and JOSH GORDON having star power in recent seasons for the Browns, but Pryor only had one star season for Cleveland before leaving town, and Gordon…well, you probably know the substance abuse story with him by now). Also, it shows they have a plan beyond just Landry at WR. I doubt Landry would have signed this extension unless he believed in the direction of the franchise. Keep in mind, Landry has not played a single game in a Browns uniform. They’ve barely started team activities since he came to town, so I’m sure he isn’t totally sure yet how he fits in with the organization and city, chemistry-wise. I’m sure you heard this already, after the Browns made a bunch of trades (including the one for Landry) earlier in the offseason but, the Browns might actually have hope for the first time in a VERY LONG time.

TheHaysWay Mock Draft 2.0

My second Mock Draft of the year is officially complete! Included below is my projection for what we will see go down in the First and Second Rounds of the 2018 NFL Draft on April 26th and 27th. My first multi-round Mock Draft EVER includes six trades and a Heisman Trophy winner becoming New England Patriots QB Tom Brady’s heir apparent. Be sure to check it out and keep an eye out for updated versions of my Mock Draft on my NFL Draft page. There you can also check out my previous Mock Draft.

TheHaysWay 2018 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

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Minkah Fitzpatrick, S, Alabama

Round 1

  1. Cleveland Browns- Sam Darnold, QB, USC
  2. New York Giants- Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State
  3. New York Jets- Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
  4. Cleveland Browns- Bradley Chubb, DE, NC State
  5. Denver Broncos- Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame
  6. Indianapolis Colts- Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Derwin James, S, Florida State
  8. Chicago Bears- Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State
  9. Buffalo Bills (projected trade with San Francisco 49ers)- Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
  10. Oakland Raiders- Minkah Fitzpatrick, S, Alabama
  11. Miami Dolphins- Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia
  12. Arizona Cardinals (projected trade with San Francisco 49ers via projected trade with Buffalo Bills)- Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
  13. Washington Redskins- Vita Vea, DT, Washington
  14. Green Bay Packers- Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama
  15. San Francisco 49ers (projected trade with Arizona Cardinals)- Harold Landry, EDGE, Boston College
  16. Baltimore Ravens- Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame
  17. Los Angeles Chargers- Da’Ron Payne, DT, Alabama
  18. Seattle Seahawks- Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa
  19. Dallas Cowboys- Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan
  20. Detroit Lions- Derrius Guice, RB, LSU
  21. Cincinnati Bengals- Leighton Vander Esch, LB, Boise State
  22. Buffalo Bills- Will Hernandez, OG, UTEP
  23. New England Patriots- Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville
  24. Carolina Panthers- Marcus Davenport, DE, UTSA
  25. Tennessee Titans- Taven Bryan, DT, Florida
  26. Atlanta Falcons- DJ Moore, WR, Maryland
  27. New Orleans Saints- Connor Williams, OT, Texas
  28. Pittsburgh Steelers- Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama
  29. Cleveland Browns (projected trade with Jacksonville Jaguars)- Mike Hughes, CB, UCF
  30. Minnesota Vikings- Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville
  31. New England Patriots- Justin Reid, S, Stanford
  32. Philadelphia Eagles- Ronald Jones II, RB, USC
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Sony Michel, RB, Georgia

Round 2

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (projected trade with Cleveland Browns)- Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M
  2. New York Giants- James Daniels, C, Iowa
  3. Cleveland Browns- Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA
  4. Indianapolis Colts- Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia
  5. Indianapolis Colts- Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Sony Michel, RB, Georgia
  7. Chicago Bears- Billy Price, C, Ohio State
  8. Denver Broncos- Hayden Hurst, TE, South Carolina
  9. Oakland Raiders- Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn
  10. Miami Dolphins- Dallas Goedert, TE, South Dakota State
  11. New England Patriots- Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma
  12. Washington Redskins- Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado
  13. Green Bay Packers- Ronnie Harrison, S, Alabama
  14. Cincinnati Bengals- Harrison Phillips, DT, Stanford
  15. Arizona Cardinals- Jessie Bates, S, Wake Forest
  16. Detroit Lions (projected trade with Los Angeles Chargers)- Rasheem Green, DE, USC
  17. Kansas City Chiefs (projected trade with Indianapolis Colts)- Donte Jackson, CB, LSU
  18. Dallas Cowboys- Dante Pettis, WR, Washington
  19. Los Angeles Chargers (projected trade with Detroit Lions)- Lorenzo Carter, LB, Georgia
  20. Baltimore Ravens- DJ Chark, WR, LSU
  21. Pittsburgh Steelers (projected trade with Buffalo Bills)- Rashaad Penny, RB, San Diego St
  22. Indianapolis Colts (projected trade with Kansas City Chiefs)- Josh Sweat, EDGE, Florida St
  23. Carolina Panthers- Antonio Callaway, WR, Florida
  24. Buffalo Bills- Deon Cain, WR, Clemson
  25. Tennessee Titans- Sam Hubbard, DE, Ohio State
  26. Atlanta Falcons- Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State
  27. San Francisco 49ers- Austin Corbett, OG, Nevada
  28. Buffalo Bills (projected trade with Pittsburgh Steelers)- Kyzir White, S, West Virginia
  29. Jacksonville Jaguars- Tyrell Crosby, OT, Oregon
  30. Minnesota Vikings- Brian O’Neill, OT, Pittsburgh
  31. New England Patriots- Arden Key, LB, LSU
  32. Jacksonville Jaguars (projected trade with Cleveland Browns)- Darius Leonard, LB, South Carolina State

2018 NFL Draft Prep

Keep up to date with the 2018 NFL Draft by visiting my NFL Draft page. There you can find:

  • Mock Drafts
  • Draft Picks By Team (including any days a team may not have a pick)
  • AND The Complete Order of Picks in the 2018 NFL Draft

My newest addition to the page is my 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

The document includes overall rankings, as well as position rankings so you can decide who you want to see your team draft!

TheHaysWay Mock Draft 1.0

In case you missed it:

Image result for josh rosen

My first Mock Draft of the year is officially complete! Included in the document below is my projection for what we will see go down in the First Round of the 2018 NFL Draft on April 26th. My most dramatic Mock Draft to date includes SEVEN total first round trades, resulting in one of the best players in the league switching teams, and one team ending up with FOUR selections in the round. Be sure to check it out and keep an eye out for updated versions of my Mock Draft, which I hope to expand beyond the First Round for the FIRST TIME EVER!

2018 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

You can also find all of that information on my Mock Drafts page.

We Are ALL People

Hello Reader,

I interrupt your usual programming of lighthearted and whimsical sports posts to bring you this important message. BE WARNED!!!: This post will require an open mind to read properly. A COMPLETELY OPEN MIND. If you are UNABLE to consider DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES on RELIGIONS, POLITICS, etc, and you want to REMAIN SHELTERED, you WILL NOT WANT TO READ the rest of this post. I’m about to hit y’all with a serious dose of realism. That said, if you are able to read this post with a completely open mind or you are willing to have your closed mind bent a bit, you may find it quite enlightening. To those of you with open minds, please enjoy. To those of you with closed minds that choose to read on…you can’t say I didn’t warn you.



P.S.: I am NOT KIDDING when I say COMPLETELY OPEN MIND. If you are not TRULY open minded you will find this post infuriating, upsetting, frustrating, and the like. If you find yourself experiencing any of the aforementioned emotions by reading further, you have only yourself to blame. I have warned you several times now.

And away we go…

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We are ALL people.

I’m sure you’ve heard this statement before. Most likely from someone who is defending feminism, defending the LGBTQ+ community, or fighting discrimination on really any count. Have you ever heard it from someone on the other side of those debates? Probably not because a person isn’t likely to use that as a motto if their goal is to decrease the social status of others, right? Let’s examine that…

Now, I personally do not recall having heard anyone who is chauvinistic, homophobic, or discriminatory use the phrase, “We are ALL people.” Some of them legitimately believe that people who are radically different from themselves are not people. However, there are also some of them that experience discomfort with people who are radically different from themselves, but still concede that we are ALL people. But, they are often still placed under the category of believing that we are, in fact, not ALL people. Why is that?

Now let’s examine the first side I mentioned. The feminists, LGBTQ+ community, and anti-discrimination groups are very often credited with the statement that we are ALL people. For those that are defending ALL groups of people, that makes sense. But are they ALL defending ALL groups of people? No. While there are plenty of people who are SOLELY DEFENDING people of different genders, sexualities, races, and ethnicities, there are also plenty of people who defend those different groups by ATTACKING the people that oppose them, which is known as either preemptive action or retaliation, depending on whether the attack comes before or after an attack from the other side. Regardless, those people that are defending through attacking are not treating ALL people as people because they are degrading members of the opposition, even though they may say, “We are ALL people.” (Not all of them do.)

It comes down to one really simple question:

Is it MORE right for Group of people A to attack Group of people B than it is for Group of people B to attack Group of people A?

Let me rephrase that a few different ways:

  • Is it MORE right for homosexuals to criticize homophobes than it is for homophobes to criticize homosexuals?
  • Is it MORE right for China to go to war with the US than it is for the US to go to war with China?
  • Is it MORE right for Christians to say that Buddhists are wrong than it is for Buddhists to say that Christians are wrong?


The answer to all of those questions is NO.

If you find yourself saying at this juncture that not all of those questions are fair and equal, you are not COMPLETELY open minded. Why is that? There is no concrete, universal, written-in-blood law that says that any of the topics covered in the questions above are any more important than the others. Furthermore, morality (which is likely what you used to determine that a given topic in the questions above is more important than the others, thus making the questions appear unfair and unequal) is subjective.

Take a moral like, “Don’t kill people,” for instance. For those of you who read this, that probably sounds like the right thing to do. But, there are people in this world that kill other people and believe there is a justification for that. One example is religious-based terrorism; Other examples include the armed forces. The irony is, many of the people that are strongly against terrorism are the people that are strongly in support of using the armed forces to stop it. That just so happens to be another example of defending by attacking, or preemptive action. The same kind of action that is taken by some feminists against chauvinists and vice versa. The same kind of action that is taken by some homosexuals against homophobes and vice versa. The same kind of action that is taken by some anti-discriminationists against discriminationists and vise versa. (Side note: Is there a word for “one who discriminates” that is not coming to me?)

What I’m saying is: whoever you are and whatever you believe in, it’s neither right nor wrong and you can’t make everyone else be who you are and believe in what you believe in. If you don’t believe in science enough to believe that we are ALL human beings, even this entire post that you’ve just read is not something you have to believe in. You can disregard every single word if that’s what you believe you should do. But I ask you to treat others the way you want to be treated, be yourself, and let others be themselves (all of which, apply regardless of which side of any debate you or others side with) because there is one very important thing I want you to take away from this post:

Whoever you are and whatever you believe in, it’s neither right nor wrong…it’s YOU.

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NFL Offseason 2018: The Veteran Cuts

I love March in the NFL. I get chills and goosebumps reading about some of the trades and free agent signings that go down this time of year. In fact, you could make the argument that it’s the best time of the year for the NFL. How is it better than Thursday, Sunday, and Monday gamedays? It’s the one time of year that fans for all teams have hope. Browns fans get to rejoice over their team’s acquisition of a new QB and Patriots fans get to smile mischievously about Bill Belichick’s latest under-the-radar move that will inevitably lead them to another Super Bowl. Of course, with trades and free agency comes the sad truth of quality players leaving fan bases that had become accustomed to seeing them playing for their team, all in the name of salary cap space. While many cuts will come in the next few days before the free agency period begins on March 14, here’s a look at some veteran cuts that have happened so far in the last month…

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  1. RICHARD SHERMAN, CB, SEATTLE SEAHAWKS– 32 interceptions, 99 passes defensed, and 2 touchdowns in 7 seasons with the Seahawks
  2. BRAD WING, P, NEW YORK GIANTS– 80 punts inside the 20 in 3 seasons with the Giants
  3. DOUG MARTIN, RB, TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS– 4,633 rushing yards and 26 rushing touchdowns in 6 seasons with the Bucs
  4. DEMARCO MURRAY, RB, TENNESSEE TITANS– 1,946 rushing yards and 15 rushing touchdowns in 2 seasons with the Titans
  5. MUHAMMAD WILKERSON, DE, NEW YORK JETS– 44.5 sacks and 10 forced fumbles in 7 seasons with the Jets
  6. JONATHAN STEWART, RB, CAROLINA PANTHERS– 7,318 rushing yards and 51 rushing touchdowns in 10 seasons with the Panthers
  7. MARTELLUS BENNETT, TE, NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS– 6 receptions for 53 yards in 2 games with the Pats
  8. CHRIS IVORY, RB, JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS– 821 rushing yards and 4 rushing touchdowns in 2 seasons with the Jags
  9. MIKE GLENNON, QB, CHICAGO BEARS– 833 passing yards and 4 passing touchdowns in 1 season with Da Bears
  10. CHARLES JOHNSON, DE, Carolina Panthers- 67.5 sacks and 19 forced fumbles in 11 seasons with the Panthers
  11. KURT COLEMAN, S, Carolina Panthers- 16 passes defensed, 11 interceptions, and 2 touchdowns in 3 seasons with the Panthers
  12. JERRELL FREEMAN, LB, Chicago Bears- 120 combined tackles in 2 seasons with Da Bears
  13. CHRIS BAKER, DT, Tampa Bay Buccaneers- 0.5 sacks in 1 season with the Bucs
  14. BRIAN CUSHING, LB, HOUSTON TEXANS– 664 combined tackles, 13.5 sacks, 8 interceptions, 9 forced fumbles, 1 safety, and 1 touchdown in 9 seasons with the Texans
  15. DARRELLE REVIS, CB, KANSAS CITY CHIEFS– 2 passes defensed in 5 games with the Chiefs
  16. DAVID AMERSON, CB, OAKLAND RAIDERS– 45 passes defensed, 6 interceptions, and 1 touchdown in 3 seasons with the Raiders

NFL Offseason 2018: The Los Angeles Rams

I love March in the NFL. I get chills and goosebumps reading about some of the trades and free agent signings that go down this time of year. In fact, you could make the argument that it’s the best time of the year for the NFL. How is it better than Thursday, Sunday, and Monday gamedays? It’s the one time of year that fans for all teams have hope. Browns fans get to rejoice over their team’s acquisition of a new QB and Patriots fans get to smile mischievously about Bill Belichick’s latest under-the-radar move that will inevitably lead them to another Super Bowl. Every March, some teams make several HUGE splashes. This March, one of those teams is…

Image result for los angeles rams

The LOS ANGELES RAMS. I’ll start out by pointing out the fact that I was 100% CORRECT on MY FRANCHISE TAG PREDICTIONS (well, technically CHICAGO BEARS CB KYLE FULLER was transition tagged, which isn’t a full franchise tag, but it is a type of franchise tag. I’ll knock my percentage down to 95%). Why am I pointing this out here? The Rams tagged S LAMARCUS JOYNER, who is likely going to be the longest tenured member of the Rams secondary next season which will see at least three new faces…



  1. CB MARCUS PETERS, who the Rams will acquire from the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS via trade
  2. CB AQIB TALIB, who the Rams will aquire from the DENVER BRONCOS via trade
  3. CB SAM SHIELDS, who the Rams have agreed to terms with via free agency

Image result for marcus peters

What does this mean? Well, the Rams’ pass defense should be a Top 5 unit next season if 3 conditions are met (1 for each of the newly-acquired Rams):

  1. Peters needs to fix his attitude. Remember his antics during the Chiefs’ game against the NEW YORK JETS this past season? He threw a penalty flag into the stands. The Rams are a young team and if Peters does that sort of thing in LA, it could spread to the rest of the team and become a distraction.
  2. Talib needs to not show signs of age. Talib is 32 years old, which is around the age at which many CBs begin to get burned on a regular basis and either retire or switch to S.
  3. Shields needs to stay healthy. Shields was previously a member of the GREEN BAY PACKERS, who have probably the worst defensive secondary in the NFL. Why did they let Shields leave? He had multiple concussions during his tenure in Wisconsin. Obviously, he needs to stay on the field to be effective.

Image result for aqib talib

The new faces all but guarantee that soon-to-be-free-agent CBs TRUMAINE JOHNSON and NICKELL ROBEY-COLEMAN will suit up for new teams this fall.

NCAA Tournament Automatic Bids (UPDATE)

You can also find these on my March Madness page.

March Madness officially becomes madness on March 11, which is this year’s Selection Sunday. Between then and now, many teams will be finishing off their resumes in an effort to impress the selection committee to get them into the tournament. While we don’t know for sure how many teams each conference will be represented by in this year’s big dance, we do know there will be at least one; Every team that wins their conference’s tournament is automatically in the tourney, regardless of anything that’s happened during the regular season. This is a tracker of the whens and whos of this year’s conference tournaments:


TBD- March 11


TBD- March 10

America East

TBD- March 10

Atlantic 10

TBD- March 11

Atlantic Sun

Image result for lipscomb bison

LIPSCOMB BISONS (23-9)– 1st NCAA Tournament berth

Big East

TBD- March 10

Big Sky

TBD- March 10

Big South

Image result for radford highlanders

RADFORD HIGHLANDERS (22-12)– 3rd NCAA Tournament berth (1st since 2009)

Big Ten

Image result for michigan wolverines

MICHIGAN WOLVERINES (28-7)– 28th NCAA Tournament berth (3rd straight)

Big 12

TBD- March 10

Big West

TBD- March 10


Image result for charleston cougars

CHARLESTON COUGARS (26-7)– 5th NCAA Tournament berth (1st since 1999)

Conference USA

TBD- March 10

Horizon League

Image result for wright state raiders logo

WRIGHT STATE RAIDERS (25-9)– 3rd NCAA Tournament berth (1st since 2007)

Ivy League

TBD- March 11


Image result for iona gaels

IONA GAELS (20-13)– 13th NCAA Tournament berth (3rd straight)


TBD- March 10


TBD- March 10

Missouri Valley

Image result for loyola chicago ramblers

LOYOLA-CHICAGO RAMBLERS (28-5)– 6th NCAA Tournament berth (1st since 1985)

Mountain West

TBD- March 10


Image result for liu brooklyn blackbirds

LIU BROOKLYN BLACKBIRDS (18-16)– 7th NCAA Tournament berth (1st since 2013)

Ohio Valley

Image result for murray state racers

MURRAY STATE RACERS (26-5)– 15th NCAA Tournament berth (1st since 2012)


TBD- March 10


TBD- March 7


TBD- March 11


Image result for unc greensboro spartans

UNC GREENSBORO SPARTANS (27-7)– 3rd NCAA Tournament berth (1st since 2001)


TBD- March 11


Image result for south dakota state jackrabbits

SOUTH DAKOTA STATE JACKRABBITS (28-6)– 5th NCAA Tournament berth (3rd straight)

Sun Belt

TBD- March 11


TBD- March 10


TBD- March 10

West Coast

Image result for gonzaga bulldogs

GONZAGA BULLDOGS (30-4)– 21st NCAA Tournament berth (20th straight)