Day in Review: April 9, 2015

Today was not a kind day to the Pittsburgh Steelers:

1. Early today, the NFL announced that RB Le’Veon Bell is facing suspension for the first 3 games of this season for violating the league’s policy on substances of abuse.

2.The second piece of news applies to the Steelers and the entire NFL as the league lost an all-time great to retirement: S Troy Polamalu. After 12 seasons, the veteran decided to call it quits today after the Steelers showed little interest in resigning him. I hope all Steelers fans are in agreement that Polamalu deserves a shout-out for staying loyal to the Steelers by not going to another team, even though I believe he still has some football left in him.

3. Moving away from Pittsburgh and to Carolina, the Panthers signed CB Charles Tillman to a one-year deal, so he will have at least one more year to continue playing before considering retirement again. Tillman played 12 seasons for the Chicago Bears before becoming a free agent this offseason.

4. For a lesser-known signing, TE Rob Housler has signed with the Cleveland Browns after 4 seasons with the Arizona Cardinals.

5. The last important piece of news today: The 2015 NFL Preseason Schedule was released today and you can check that out at 2015 nfl preseason schedule .

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, and (as Chevy Chase would say) have a pleasant tomorrow.


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