Preseason Teams to Watch

I know ESPN and NFL Network like to pick the matchups to watch during the preseason. For me, the teams to watch are more important than the matchups, because the fun of preseason is watching players battle for a starting spot. I will talk about true position battles after the draft but until then, here are some teams you can be sure will have some serious position battles.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- If you have the 1st overall pick, you better make everything a competition.

2, 3, 4- The order doesn’t really matter but the Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders have had problems for a while now.

5, 6, 7- The NFC South. No division should ever be as bad as this one was last year. (The reason only 3 slots are taken here is because the Bucs are at #1).

8- Philadelphia Eagles- Major roster overhaul=major competition.

9- Chicago Bears- I actually thought the Bears had a shot at winning the NFC North last year. But that thought was shut down week 1 and only got worse from there.

10. Cleveland Browns- Johnny Football? I doubt it.

11. New York Jets- New coach and change needed.

12. Washington Redskins- RG3 is down and almost out and he came at a high cost. Things look bleak for the ‘Skins.

I know 12 is a lot when there are only 32 teams in the league, but really, every team will have position battles regardless of how well they played last year. Nobody’s job is safe, this is just a generalization until team rosters are slightly more stable after the draft, at which time I will look at specific position battles in the NFL.


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