NFL Poll

Here’s a question that I would like to hear some other opinions:

With the many substance-related suspensions over the past couple of days (coughcough… Le’Veon… coughcough… Victor… coughcough), do you believe the NFL’s punishments need to be increased on substance matters, decreased, or remain the same?


2 thoughts on “NFL Poll

  1. I think the punishments should be increased. Whether these guys know it or not, or whether they want it or not, they are role models. They should be held to a higher standard.


  2. Mike Golic had some interesting thoughts about this on his radio show this morning. Basically he said you will never eliminate the substance abuse problem because some guys have nothing to lose and feel PED’s are their only chance.

    What I do think the NFL needs is SEVERE punishment for recreational drugs because lots of kids look up to them. I also think they should work out a policy that would allow players access to certain (presently) banned treatments, under a doctors care, in order to help them recover from injury. One of the stipulations would be that the athlete is unable to play until the course of treatment is complete. Most of these guys have such short careers that I feel they should be allowed access to treatments that may help them to extend that time frame.


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