Day in Review: April 23, 2015

Today is a very special day:

1. The reason it was a special day is because the New England Patriots visited the White House today to celebrate their Super Bowl victory. The special part though was President Obama’s joke about deflating footballs. If you want to see it here is a link to the video: With the joke Obama has earned 1/2 point, bringing his score up to negative 16,393,999,999,999.5. That is WAY higher than I thought his score could ever be, but enough of politics.

2. New England Patriots QB Tom Brady was not present for the Pats’ White House visit, claiming to have “family arrangements”. If you ask me he is as much of a liar as Obama and the real reason he wasn’t there was because he didn’t want to have attention back on him for deflating the footballs.

3. TEBOW TIME! The Philadelphia Eagles announced today that they see improvement in QB Tim Tebow and could use him on 2-point conversion attempts. Of course that means 2-point plays in the preseason because I seriously doubt he is good enough to make the regular season roster.

4. The Tennessee Titans announced that they will pick up the fifth-year option on the contract of WR Kendall Wright. Wright is a good, but not great or elite receiver and the fact he is practically a star on the Titans show how horrible the Titans are.

5. The New York Jets announced that they will pick up the fifth-year option on OLB Quinton Coples. In my opinion, Coples is not very good and this was a stupid move by the Jets. The Jets are desperate though, so this isn’t really that surprising.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, have a pleasant tomorrow.


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