Day in Review: May 7, 2015

Today confirmed everyone’s hate for Tom Brady:

1. New England Patriots’ QB Tom Brady came out today saying that the SB 49 victory is not tainted by the “Deflategate” investigation. This is why I’m a Giants fan: TOM BRADY DOESN’T CARE IF HE NEEDS TO CHEAT TO WIN!!!!!! I hope he gets severely punished.

2. To make Brady look even worse, his agent decided to weigh in on the issue and gave a politician-like perspective on why everything was WRONG, rather than try to make it RIGHT!!!! BRADY SUCKS!!!!!!

3. On a more positive note, OT La’el Collins (LSU) signed with the Dallas Cowboys today after going undrafted with the pending murder investigation in Louisiana. Unfortunately, this is also negative because I HATE the ‘Boys and Collins might have murdered someone. If he is guilty, he would fit in perfectly with the ‘Boys’ DE Greg Hardy.

4. The Tennessee Titans Kamerion Wimbley retired today, another significant and, arguably early retirement this offseason. Wimbley spent the last three seasons with the Titans, the previous two with the Oakland Raiders and the four before that with the Cleveland Browns.

5. Three rookies have signed their contracts with the teams that drafted them today. The Oakland Raiders’ WR Amari Cooper, the Carolina Panthers’ LB Shaq Thompson and the Miami Dolphins’ DeVante Parker. Congrats to the rooks!

6. Miami Dolphins WR Rishard Matthews wants out of Miami because he is now fifth on the depth chart behind DeVante Parker, Jarvis Landry, Greg Jennings and Kenny Stills. Honestly I don’t really know who Matthews is and I’m guessing other teams aren’t really interested in him.

7. Former Washington Redskins TE Fred Davis has been reinstated by the NFL from his year long suspension for violating league policy on substance abuse multiple times. Davis can be signed by any team but likely won’t be signed because of his substance issue.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, have a pleasant tomorrow.


One thought on “Day in Review: May 7, 2015

  1. Well, you know what they say…
    If it walks like a cheater and talks like a cheater…it’s a New England Patriot!!!


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