Day in Review: June 15, 2015


1. The St Louis Rams stated that they would like to sign QB Nick Foles to a long-term contract extension. I think this would be an excellent decision by the Rams. Foles is a franchise QB that doesn’t get injured every season and the Rams got unbelievably fortunate being able to give QB Sam Bradford for a guy that stays on the field AND can throw well.

2. The Carolina Panthers and LB Thomas Davis have agreed to terms on a 2-year contract extension. The extension means that Davis will receive $17.75 million over the next 3 years, which is a REALLY good price for a good player. Davis has been with the Panthers for all of his 10 years in the NFL but was out for the entire 2010 season.

3. The Carolina Panthers have inked CB Chris Houston to a year-long deal. Houston took last season off but played the previous four seasons with the Detroit Lions and the 3 years before that with the Atlanta Falcons.

4. QB Jason Campbell is going to retire from the NFL. Campbell has been a long-time backup QB in the NFL after 3 years of being the Washington Redskins’ starting QB. Campbell was with the Cincinnati Bengals last season, the Cleveland Browns the year before, the year prior he spent with the Chicago Bears, the previous 2 seasons he was with the Oakland Raiders, and the 5 seasons before that he was with the Washington Redskins.

5. The Atlanta Falcons received 2 blows to an already horrendous offensive line. The team has released LT Sam Baker and is losing OG Justin Blalock to retirement. Baker was a former first round pick for the team but clearly was unable to bring the line’s performance up to the level that Atlanta wanted and needed. Baker was with the Falcons for all of his 6 seasons and Blalock was part of the team for all of his 8 seasons.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, have a pleasant tomorrow. By the way, I will be releasing my top 200 fantasy football player rankings tomorrow for the 2015 season. It will only be the rankings for the release tomorrow but I have been working on the analysis of the players and will be adding that as I write it.


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