Day in Review: July 17, 2015

First of all, if anyone has seen the pepsi commercials, this guy is fan enough (AJ Hawk fan asks Hawk to tackle him). It’s Friday, which means…HAPPY WEEKEND! Finally TWO WHOLE DAYS of relaxation! Enjoy the weekend, and enjoy the news o’ the day:

1. The Jacksonville Jaguars cut WR Ace Sanders today. Sanders specialized as a punt returner for the Jags since being drafted by the team in 2013.

2. Former Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Bill Arnsparger died today at the age of 88. Bill was the d-coordinator during the ‘Fins’ undefeated season in 1972, was a World War II vet, was the d-coordinator for the San Diego Chargers during their Super Bowl appearance season in 1995, and was the head coach of the New York Giants for a brief time.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, have a pleasant tomorrow and a pleasant Sunday.


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