Day in Review: July 27, 2015

Today is Monday, and THANK GOODNESS it’s over!

1. The Arizona Cardinals have officially broken the gender barrier in the National Football League. The ‘Cards made history today by hiring Jen Welter as a training camp/preseason intern coaching inside linebackers. The move isn’t a huge shocker as the Cardinals have been making big moves in recent history. For example, Bruce Arians was hired as head coach after ONE season of interim coaching for the Indianapolis Colts. Expect this to open the flood gates in the NFL as the remaining 31 teams will not want to get viewed as ‘The Chauvinist Team’. The biggest question is: Which NFL team will be the first to have a female head coach?

2. Carolina Panthers OL Jonathan Martin has decided to retire from the NFL due to an offseason back injury. If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s because he was the o-lineman that was bullied by former Miami Dolphins teammate OL Richie Incognito. Martin spent last season with the San Francisco 49ers and the two seasons prior with the Miami Dolphins.

3. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have brought their former draft pick, DE Da’Quan Bowers back to the organization. Bowers is known for being a pass rusher, but picked up a measly 1.5 sack total in 11 games last season, missing four games for violating the NFL’s PED policy. Bowers was picked in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft and has spent all of his four NFL seasons with the Bucs.

4. Now my favorite story that I have reported on so far as a blogger because it involves my favorite player in NFL history. The New York Giants are in a contract discussion with DE Osi UmeNYiora in an effort for Umen to sign a one-day retirement contract with the G-men, to retire with the team that he started with. UmeNYiora is my favorite NFL player because he is the best of the NFL AND Madden for me. When I became a Giants fan and a Madden fan, Osi was the Right Defensive End for the Giants. As those of you who play Madden know, the position the user is automatically given control of to start a game on defense is the Right Defensive End. As a new fan of Madden, I didn’t play any other defensive position because I couldn’t play any other defensive postion, and as a Giants fan, I didn’t really play as any other team besides the Giants. These two factors in play, I spent most of my early football fandom days playing as Osi UmeNYiora, and he became my favorite player as a result he is the only individual player that I have a poster of in my room and he helped the Giants win Super Bowls 42 and 46 (and others including my Madden quests). He was the unsung hero on a d-line where the attention has gone to Michael Strahan, Justin Tuck, and Jason Pierre-Paul, and I was devastated when he was signed by the Atlanta Falcons in free agency. But here he is about to get a one-day contract with the team that he started with. The Giants have always put an emphasis on family (I’ve learned this by reading MANY Giants books) and Osi UmeNYiora was the member of the family that put all of his heart and effort into his chores and for that, he has forever earned my respect. Osi UmeNYiora is the greatest New York Giant to ever play for big blue simply because he played fantastically without receiving the recognition that he so richly deserved. Osi UmeNYiora- Once a Giant, ALWAYS a Giant.

Osi UmeNYiora

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, have a pleasant tomorrow.


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