Day in Review: August 25, 2015

First thing’s first:

  1. Madden NFL 16 came out today, and I played for about 5 hours with only a food break in the middle. Here is my review: POSITIVES: a. MUT mode is definitely improved because they have all of the sets and challenges much better organized than last year’s edition. b. They brought back EA Tracks and are teaming up with Spotify! I’m psyched about this because EA tracks was my only way of keeping up with today’s hits and now, I can stay in the loop again! NEGATIVES: a. Connected Franchise is worse this year. They have changed the Game Prep activities so that they are far less effective at giving players XP for improvement. b. It looks almost EXACTLY the same as last year’s version. If it weren’t for the slight game mode changes, I would have thought it was just last year’s version with the latest roster update. c. I’m pretty sure they didn’t hire an editor because some of the loading screen tips had incorrect grammar of spelling. OVERALL: I definitely like the game because it is Madden, and I enjoy ultimate team WAY more this year. Unfortunately, I’m a little disappointed that they are shifting away from local games (just players on your console) and nearly forcing you to play online matches (which requires paying for Xbox Live). So I say, if you like MUT and/or online play, GET IT. If you like connected franchise and/or offline play, DON’T GET IT.
  2. Dallas Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick was carted off the field during practice today. The injury has not been disclosed, but there are many worries that Scandrick is done for the year with a torn ACL. I’m conflicted in opinion because my Boise State side of me wishes that Scandrick could play (because he’s a Boise State grad), and my New York Giants side is glad he’s out because OBJ and Cruz will have it easier against the ‘Boys this year. Since this is the NFL, I’m going with my New York Giants side.
  3. OG Evan Mathis has reached a 1 year, $4 million agreement with the Denver Broncos. The Broncos likely are signing Mathis to fill the hole of OT Ryan Clady’s injury, and I think their doing a good job. To be honest, I’m not totally sure why the Philadelphia Eagles got rid of him. He’s getting up their in age, but I think he still has at least one pro-bowl season left in him.
  4. QB Michael Vick has signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The move comes after the Steelers put QB Bruce Gradkowski on injured reserve. The question is: Will he be the #2 or the #3? From what I’ve seen of QB Landry Jones, Vick ought to be the #2.
  5. The New England Patriots have acquired OT/TE Michael Williams from the Detroit Lions in exchange for a draft pick. Williams has spent the past two seasons with the Detroit Lions.
  6. Good news for the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, and New York Jets. Bad news for the New England Patriots. There are rumors circulating that Pats head coach Bill Belichick is near retiring. How near hasn’t been confirmed, but if he retires before he develops QB Jimmy Garoppolo, the Patriots will no longer be top dog of the AFC East.
  7. Here is the funny video of the day: Texans Rookie Impersonation Skits

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, compete and work hard 🙂 , but also have a pleasant tomorrow.


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