Things I Learned: Weeks 1 and 2

So clearly, my picks have been WAY off base. I was going to do a separate “Things I Learned” for week 1, but I didn’t, so that is included here. And without further ado:

  1. The rookie QBs haven’t given too much of a clue as to which one, if either will be a bust. Mariota has literally been one of the best in the league, and Winston has looked good in one of the two weeks this season.
  2. Higher than expected Fliers: New York Jets– The Jets are 2-0 for the first time since 2011 and their defense looks UNSTOPPABLE, they made Andrew Luck (widely considered a top five QB in the league today) look like RG3; Buffalo Bills– Tyrod Taylor has looked halfway decent at QB and although they are 1-1, they gave the Patriots a decent run and the Pats look FANTASTIC; Dallas Cowboys– Week 1 they pulled off a miracle against my Giants and last week they won without Dez Bryant and partially without Tony Romo, will they continue to win with both out for extended periods of time? That depends on the QB (hint: Brandon Weeden is NOT the answer, Kellen Moore is); Travis Benjamin– Don’t know who this is? He’s the reason the Browns have put up points because he is FAST at the WR position; Marcus Mariota– Rookie puts up more TDs than incompletions in the first game of his NFL career and he is only 5 fantasy points behind Aaron Rodgers (the best QB in the NFL today) on the season; Bishop Sankey– This is more of my I told you so pick because everybody thought he would be a bust, but he has actually looked okay this year (which I said he would, just look at my fantasy rankings); Austin Sefarian-Jenkins– Do you see why I applauded the rookie QBs? Three of the 4 high flying players are on the rookie’s teams and 1 of them is a rookie QB.
  3. Disappointments: INDIANAPOLIS COLTS– I picked these guys to win the Super Bowl and they just looked totally lost against the JETS?! Here lies the pinnacle of shame for both me and the Colts; New York Giants– They suck, no further comment; Philadelphia Eagles– I actually pick another team to win the NFC East (besides the Giants) and they are the one team in the NFC East that might actually be worse than the Giants; LaGarrete Blount– Blount was projected to score more points than any other RB in fantasy this season (by and DION LEWIS has dethroned him as starter (Dion Lewis has been a high flier); Peyton Manning– Yes, I’m going to hate on the guy too. I don’t doubt his ability, it just hasn’t been present in the first two weeks of this season; #1 WRs– While guys like Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, and Odell Beckham Jr have looked fantastic, Dez Bryant, DeSean Jackson, Jordy Nelson, Mike Evans, and Kelvin Benjamin have all been injured for AT LEAST one of the first two games of this season. SERIOUSLY WR1S, STAY ON THE FIELD!; Charles Clay– You know how Buffalo’s offense is actually clicking? This guy isn’t clicking with it (Greg Olsen also has had a tough season thus far at the TE spot); Cody Parkey– Sucks to miss a potential game-winning field goal doesn’t it. For those of you who watched the Boise State @ Nevada game a few years ago…BROTZMAN!; Chicago Bears defense (and the Bears)– The Bears were run over by the Cardinals this past week and while the Cardinals are a good team, there is no excuse for getting run over in that fashion (Larry Fitzgerald had 3 TDs and he is one of the older guys in the league today).

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, have a pleasant tomorrow.


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