What I Learned: Week 4

The Good: Miami Dolphins: Yes, they have a losing record. Yes, they’ve allowed a LOT of yards. Yes, they’ve had very few offensive yards. Yes, THEY FIRED JOE PHILBIN! I was watching that game against the New York Jets and I thought they would fire Philbin, but wait until the end of the season. Dolphins fans should be glad I was wrong, and the first sign of a turnaround came from interim head coach Dan Campbell. Reports from practice indicate QB Ryan Tannehill has been upset with the practice squad players because they actually play for the ball and try to intercept his passes. Philbin previously said that the squad players SHOULDN’T play for the ball because he wanted to keep Tannehill’s confidence up. Campbell came out today and basically said that Tannehill needs to stop being a baby because he doesn’t want that on the team when their goal is to get better. Campbell isn’t going to take any of it, and the change in attitude is exactly what Miami needs. Keep this up Campbell, and the interim title may be removed. Kam Chancellor: Despite the holdout, it’s clear this guy hasn’t lost anything. His forced fumble against WR Calvin Johnson Jr of the Detroit Lions last night proved that, and although the Lions should’ve gotten the ball back (refer to The Ugly), Chancellor did a great job and Megatron needs to hold on to the ball.

The Bad: Buffalo Bills: Yep, they had 17 penalties against the New York Giants on Sunday, and guess what…they are trying to blame it on the Giants! They claim that WR Odell Beckham Jr was throwing punches and trash talking, but looking at Bills head coach Rex Ryan on the sideline yelling expletives better explains the Bills’ attitude. Greg Hardy: He’s cleared to play for the Dallas Cowboys for the first time in about a year following an alleged domestic violence incident, and I hope he gets suspended again really soon because he a bad person, and he’s a good player that I don’t want battling my Giants twice a year.

The Ugly: NFL Referees in Seattle: Not again. For those of you that missed it, the refs chose no-call when a Seattle Seahawks player batted a loose ball out of the endzone, even though there should have been a penalty for batting. The Detroit Lions were driving in to score when S Kam Chancellor (Seahawks) forced a fumble from WR Calvin Johnson Jr (Lions) in the endzone, and LB KJ Wright (Seahawks) batted it out of bounds, and the refs gave possession to the Seahawks, who then proceeded to drive down the field and score a game-winning field goal. While Johnson shouldn’t have fumbled in the first place, the Lions still deserved to win that game. Instead they are the last remaining winless team in the NFL this season. Is the noise in Century Link Field rattling the refs too? Kyle Shanahan and Roddy White: WR White is unhappy that OC Shanahan isn’t giving him the ball. OC Shanahan is a BIG part of the reason the Falcons are undefeated right now. WR White is a big part of the reason the Falcons have competed at all for the past 10-ish seasons. Who is right? Unfortunately, even though I think White is a great player, Shanahan is right. He clearly has a winning formula and with WRs Julio Jones and Leonard Hankerson in the mix, White is becoming less relevant. White needs to stop talking if he wants the Falcons to have a shot at the Super Bowl because NFL teams can’t afford distractions these days.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, have a pleasant tomorrow.


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