Day in Review: December 1, 2015

It has been exactly two months since my last day in review, so here we go. Fingers crossed I MAY be able to find consistency where the Oakland Raiders, New York Giants, and Pittsburgh Steelers (to name a few) can’t:

  1. Picking up where I left off yesterday, you remember that immature guy I was talking about yesterday that keeps drinking away his opportunities? Well, QB Johnny Manziel just might get ANOTHER opportunity with Cleveland Browns’ starting QB Josh McCown suffering a season-ending collarbone injury. PLEASE Johnny, for the sake of Texas A&M and a Cleveland franchise in desperate need of some hope: DON’T MESS UP AGAIN!
  2. Sticking with the Cleveland Browns, their unbelievable loss on the Baltimore Ravens TD-returned, blocked field goal dropped my record of picking games on the season to 96-80. On the bright side, Baltimore’s backup (now starting due to injury) offense looks REALLY good in terms of fantasy potential for the rest of this season.
  3. Breathe easy Pats fans, TE Rob Gronkowski only suffered a minor injury to his knee and might even be back this weekend. Yes, this means that you can still go on ANOTHER Super Bowl run as QB Tom Brady has one less practice squad member to throw the ball to. Food for thought: What if Brady got injured this season?
  4. Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford practiced with the team today after being sidelined by injury the past few weeks. What does this mean? Well, the Eagles can continue their losing skid with a slightly less-bad QB at the helm.
  5. Going back to the Cleveland Browns, (amazing that a team this bad develops so many great news stories) QB…sorry, I mean WR Terrelle Pryor has signed back with the Cleveland Browns. I might not be far off with ‘QB’ though with the McCown injury and less than intelligent Manziel happening at QB for the Browns right now.
  6. So the NFL reassigned the referee team of the Cardinals-49ers game for next weekend. My only question about this is…WHAT? So these refs made terrible calls…does that surprise ANYBODY? The refs have struggled like CRAZY for some time now and there really is no solution. They do their best to interpret the rules, but the problem is: NOBODY KNOWS THE RULES! In my opinion, the NFL needs to take a SERIOUS look at the rulebook, or minimize the roles of the refs. Remember the golden days when football was about the love of the game and just letting the players play because it was about having fun instead of making money. I don’t because I wasn’t alive, but I’ve heard great things about those days. So this all comes down to the role of money in influencing corruption…sorry, getting carried away. Anyway, this move was stupid because all refs make terrible calls and have bad days just like teams and players do.
  7. Let’s talk a little about playoff seeding with the regular season racing toward the finish line. For those of you who don’t remember, my playoff seeding looked like this before the season (with added information gained based on this season): NFC: 1. Green Bay Packers (still possible, but looking more unlikely every week, they need to right the ship in a hurry), 2. Seattle Seahawks (they won’t get the 2 seed, but they look like they’re back into playoff form so they should get a wild card spot with Arizona winning the division), 3. New Orleans Saints (not possible. this spot belongs to Carolina as NFC South champs, but they will be the 1 seed), 4. Philadelphia Eagles (the 4 seed will belong to the NFC East champion, whether that title belongs to the Eagles…we shall find out, but I doubt it), 5. Minnesota Vikings (I firmly believe I nailed this pick because, although they are playing at a playoff level, the Packers will still find a way to win the division because they always do), 6. Arizona Cardinals (this is a top-tier NFC team and they will show that, so swap this seed with Seattle). AFC: 1. Indianapolis Colts (sadly, they could still win their division, however, I believe Houston is better. Either way, only ONE AFC South team will make the playoffs and that team will be the 4 seed), 2. Denver Broncos (this pick is spot on, with or without Peyton Manning and I’m actually hoping for without because go Brock Osweiler), 3. New England Patriots (I don’t know how I didn’t pick them as the 1 seed at the beginning of the season), 4. Pittsburgh Steelers (highly unlikely because of injuries and the Bengals who will likely get the 3 seed), 5. San Diego Chargers (impossible. this spot is likely for…the Jets or the Raiders?!) 6. Kansas City Chiefs (I’m going to stand by this pick because the Chiefs continue to prove that you can never count them out)

Well there you have it, a DAY IN REVIEW! That was exciting (which is why it was a little long, sorry about that)! That’s all for TheHaysWay today, have a pleasant tomorrow.


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