Sorry and Los Angeles Relocation Decision

  1. BREAKING: The NFL owners (WARNING: the following Star Wars clip contains Jar Jar Binks) voted to allow the St Louis Rams to move to Los Angeles for the 2016-17 season. The Rams received 30 votes in favor of their relocation and needed just 24. The San Diego Chargers have been granted permission to move with the Rams if they choose to, however Chargers owner Dean Spanos has expressed opinions against joining with the Rams in one stadium. The Oakland Raiders withdrew their relocation proposal, however if the Chargers turn down their option to join the Rams, the Raiders may take the Chargers place. Congratulations Los Angeles! Sorry St Louis.

I’m putting the intro here because that was Earth-shattering news. Anyway, sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I had a headache that was borderline migraine so I went to bed without posting. But I’m back today, and AWAYYYYY we go:

  1. The Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the Clemson Tigers 45-40 in yesterday’s College Football National Championship. The Tigers actually looked like they would pull off the upset until Alabama coach Nick Saban called for a momentum-changing onside kick, from which the Tide never looked back. This win marked the Tide’s 4th championship in the past 7 years.
  2. The Arizona Cardinals have signed veteran DE Jason Babin. This guy has been all over the league: here are his past teams.
  3. Two key WR are on the injury report this week: WR Jeremy Maclin, Kansas City Chiefs and WR Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers. The Maclin loss could be big for the Chiefs because he has proven to be a valuable asset, however his status is not yet certain. Adams is listed as doubtful but shouldn’t hurt the Pack too much if QB Aaron Rodgers continues to look like himself.

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