More New Coaches and Mozzarella Sticks

The NFL Coaching hires today left just one job open: the Tennessee Titans. Yes, the team with a young franchise QB in Marcus Mariota (who may just be the chosen one to bring balance to the Titans) is the only one without a coach. As bad as the Titans are, I wish I was their coach just because of Mariota. Anyway, here are the coaching hires, then some:

  1. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have promoted offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter to head coach. This move very much excites me as Koetter has officially become the first former-Boise State staff member to become an NFL head coach. Look for RB Doug Martin to continue to get more opportunities as a former-Bronco himself.
  2. The Philadelphia Eagles have hired Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson as their next head coach. Pederson has been working under former-Eagles coach Andy Reid (who Philly is probably missing right now with the Chiefs in the playoffs) and is a former player for, you guessed it, the Eagles. Hopefully his new job will motivate Pederson to crush the New England Patriots in their playoff game this weekend.
  3. The San Francisco 49ers have hired ex-Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly to be their new head coach. The good news for San Francisco: the roster is so bad right now that Kelly can’t possibly screw THAT part up like he did in Philly. The pairing of Kelly and QB Colin Kaepernick could prove to be interesting as well if either of the two can prove to know the game, as they both have similar styles.
  4. Now, the story so strange that I had to bring it up. Denver Broncos LB Von Miller was sent home from the Broncos facility yesterday for being “in rough shape”. The reason for that, Miller had indulged in mozzarella sticks while watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters the previous day. I know what you’re all thinking: He waited until January 12th to watch the new Star Wars!? Well, NFL players DO get busy, but I agree that’s no excuse. Anyway, Miller was a full participant in practice today, so don’t worry Broncos fans.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, don’t forget to leave a comment, and have a pleasant tomorrow.


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