Saturday Divisional Results

Sorry I missed yesterday with a headache again because I’m fighting a cold. Today was very exciting so let’s get into it:

  1. The New England Patriots defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 27-20. The Chiefs missed boatloads of opportunities and failed to manage the clock at the end of the game, which is why they ultimately lost. I will give the Chiefs credit, however, because the game was closer than I thought it would be.
  2. The Arizona Cardinals defeated the Green Bay Packers in overtime, 26-20. If you didn’t watch this game, shame on you because this was the greatest game of the season, and possibly the greatest so far during this decade. Do you remember QB Aaron Rodgers’ Hail Mary against the Lions earlier in the year? HE DID IT AGAIN! This time to take the game into overtime and this time throwing to WR Jeff Janis (you probably don’t know who that is because he only had 2 receptions during the regular season) who was covered by CB Patrick Peterson! In overtime, the coin flip needed to be re-done because the coin didn’t flip the first time. Arizona won the coin flip both times and received the ball first. In the first play of the drive, QB Carson Palmer dodged several sacks (which was quite reminiscent of QB Eli Manning in Super Bowl 42) and threw the ball about 15 yards downfield to a WIDE OPEN WR Larry Fitzgerald who took the ball down to the 4 yard line! The second play was an overthrown pass attempt to Fitzgerald again, and the third play was a perfectly executed shovel pass to, you guessed it, Fitzgerald to win the game. This is Fitzgerald’s 11th season in the league (all with Arizona) and he has never won the Super Bowl before. The entire final drive I was yelling, “Larry wants a ring!” Anyway, here are the highlights (you need to see it to believe what happened).
  3. I’m now 6/6 on my playoff picks and the Cardinals really made me think I was going to have my perfect record blemished for some moments during that game. But, it’s okay, I still am at 100%!

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, please leave a comment, and have a pleasant tomorrow!


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