The Coin Toss and Mayonnaise

So you’re likely thinking this title is weird. Actually, mayonnaise is just what I call the extended version of an NFL player’s name. If you don’t know who I’m talking about yet, you’ll just have to keep reading:

  1. The coin toss was legit. This past weekend when the Green Bay Packers and the Arizona Cardinals had an overtime coin toss, QB Aaron Rodgers got mad when the coin was flipped twice consecutively without two separate calls because the first flip didn’t involve the coin flipping. NFL VP of officiating Dean Blandino said today that the refs made the right call to quickly flip it again. Nevertheless, Packers fans will continue to wonder why the refs are always out to get them.
  2. The New England Patriots have placed LB Jerod Mayo on Injured Reserve, ending his season. First of all, now you know where the mayonnaise came from. Second of all, with teammate LB Jamie Collins also injured, LB Donta Hightower will need to double his efforts to account for the losses. Luckily for the Pats, Hightower is quite possibly the best of the three.
  3. The Green Bay Packers have fired RB coach Sam Gash and TE coach Jerry Fontenot following the team’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals over the weekend. The RBs were WAY less than stellar this season, so that doesn’t surprise me. The TEs were good though, especially considering none of their TEs should actually be NFL starters. Let’s not forget, TE Richard Rodgers caught QB Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary in the Detroit Lions game to save the Packers season and allow them to get to the playoffs.
  4. New Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson held his first team press conference today. In this press conference, other than justifying his Kansas City Chiefs’ difficulty scoring in their Divisional round loss to the New England Patriots, he stated that he feels QB Sam Bradford will fit his system well, indicating the Eagles’ interest in resigning him, likely before he hits the open market. This made me happy as a Giants fan because Bradford sucks (though he doesn’t show it against the Giants).
  5. QB Tony Romo said today that he has no plans to quit soon. I’ll let you all decide what you think about that after you hear me say: NOOOOOOO! Go AWAY Romo! He’s actually better than people think and I want QB Kellen Moore to be a starter in the NFL too. Romo won’t help that.
  6. Seattle Seahawks LB Bruce Irvin indicated that he would be willing to take a lower paycheck than he deserves in order to stay a member of the Legion of Boom. The last time the Legion of Boom played, they were doomed by the Carolina Panthers explosive offense. Seeing as the Hawks get worse every year, I’m unsure why Irvin would be desperate to stay, but he’ll certainly help Seattle.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, please leave a comment about what you think about Romo’s future plans (or anything else), and have a pleasant tomorrow.


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