Conference Championship Results and Retirements

Sorry I didn’t post during the last few days, I don’t have a legitimate excuse so let’s get into the news:

  1. The Denver Broncos defeated the New England Patriots 20-18 in the AFC Championship. My pick to win it all is alive and well (barely and the Super Bowl matchup doesn’t look good for them) and the spoiled Patriots have fallen. Just to sample many Pats’ fans reactions, here is a video of a Patriots fan (warning there is mild language present in the following video, if you don’t want to hear that, skip to the 1:05 mark so you can still hear the thud) PUNCHING A BRICK WALL. This kid was a totally idiot and clearly looks old enough to have seen all of the Brady-era Super Bowls. So what I’m saying is: get over it Pats fans, you can’t win them all. You have no right to complain compared to Cardinals fans who have yet to see their team win the Super Bowl.
  2. The Carolina Panthers left no trace of the Arizona Cardinals on their field during their 49-15 victory. Cardinals QB Carson Palmer threw 4 interceptions and lost 2 fumbles in an absolute meltdown. I’m really sorry Cardinals fans, that was hard to watch.
  3. So the Panthers are responsible for BOTH of my two incorrect picks this postseason. HOWEVER, I AM NOT changing my Super Bowl pick. I’m going to stick with the Denver Broncos like I said at the beginning of the postseason, even though, in all likelihood, it’s going to be Super Bowl 48 all over again. If the trend of the Panthers proving me wrong continues, that’s cool too.
  4. The reason I originally picked the Denver Broncos and why I STILL am picking them is QB Peyton Manning’s impending retirement. He hasn’t told the media for sure, however, he was overheard telling New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick that it might be his last rodeo. Will Peyton go out and will he do so with a bang?
  5. QB Philip Rivers is another candidate for retirement. He recently stated that he contemplated doing exactly that last offseason. Will he really walk away from the game following the San Diego Chargers miserable season this year? I think that’s doubtful.
  6. WR Calvin Johnson Jr is yet another candidate for retirement. Unlike Rivers and the Chargers, the Detroit Lions consistently show little reason to think they have a chance at winning it all, so this retirement wouldn’t shock me.
  7. The San Francisco 49ers have hired former Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil to fill the same position on their team. The Browns have been in a freefall for a long time, so this move surprises me a little bit. I thought they might get a good coach instead, but hey, if you want to lose I don’t have an issue with that San Fran.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, please leave a comment, and have a pleasant tomorrow!


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