Screws and Screwdrivers

So I decided to make today’s news themed with the above categories. If a player or team impresses me, they will be a screwdriver. If not, they are a screw (up, get it?) You’ll understand the theme with the first piece of news:

  1. Carolina Panthers LB Thomas Davis had 11-12 screws put into his broken arm today. Of course, they were surgically inserted, not randomly thrown in. If the screws are in him, that makes Davis the SCREWDRIVER because he still intends to play in Super Bowl 50. I don’t blame him either because this is a rare occurrence for the Panthers.
  2. Here is a list of the SCREWDRIVERS that made the Super Bowl 50 Golden team, which honors the players with the best Super Bowl performances.
  3. The San Diego Chargers have submitted plans for a training facility in Santa Ana. Despite the move, I’m labeling this one as a SCREW because the Chargers still have yet to announce a move to Los Angeles. Really, they’re just screwing with their fans and everybody knows what is the next step for the Chargers.
  4. Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning stated today that his team’s offense needs to start pulling its weight to help it’s all-star defense. This one is a SCREW. Of course the offense needs to do work, of course saying that before Super Bowl 50 is a good idea. Let me remind everyone, the Broncos offense botched a shotgun snap on their first possession to surrender the first 2 of many points that the Seattle Seahawks would score in their Super Bowl 48 victory. Saying it is great, but proving it is something entirely different.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, please leave a comment (especially with any suggestions about how to make the blog better), and have a pleasant tomorrow!


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