Daily Quote: June 9, 2016

“I know where I’m going and I know the truth, and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. I’m free to be what I want.” -Muhammad Ali, Boxer

I realized that I never gave you guys a much-deserved quote from the Greatest since his passing. So, here is a quote that is about a branching topic from the recent topics. Personally, I COMPLETELY disagree with the first part about knowing the truth. All ‘truth’s in the world today are just widely-accepted beliefs. We, as a society and as individuals, are searching for that absolute truth. We want to know the secrets about everything because knowledge is power. Ultimately, our lack of true knowledge is what makes us humans instead of All-Powerful Beings (like God, Thor, or Loki. I’m atheist, so I don’t believe in All-Powerful Beings, so this isn’t a religious statement), and we never will find the absolute truth, no matter how hard we try. On the other hand, I completely AGREE with the part about being free to be what I what. We all have the capacity to determine what we want to be. Anybody can turn their weaknesses into strengths if they work hard enough, so we can literally be whatever we want to be, and do whatever we want to do.

So, this is Part 1 of today’s Daily Update. Nobody commented on their thoughts regarding the splitting of the daily quote and the daily news, so this is a one-time trial. UNLESS: You readers drop some likes on the separate posts that are present today. If I get five likes between the two posts, I will continue to split them. If you like the daily news, see Daily News: June 9, 2016, and don’t forget to leave a comment about your thought on the daily quote.


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