Daily Update: July 1, 2016

“Think of your favorite teacher you ever had in school: the one who made it the most fun to go to class. They surprise you. They keep you guessing. They keep you coming back, wanting to know what’s going to happen next.” -Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks Head Coach

First of all, I want to apologize for missing my post yesterday. I was partying with some friends last night because it’s awesome to enjoy the company of good friends! (It’s also nice to have sane friends so things don’t get too wild. My friends are sane.) Now for the quote: This is an interesting quote in my opinion. I find it logical to assume that he is relating the description of a good mentor (such as a favorite teacher) to himself as a successful football coach. But I believe this quote goes deeper than that. It’s about more than good mentors, it’s about excitement in life. What makes life fun if not surprises? What would be the fun in life if you knew EXACTLY how it was going to play out. That would be like society in the past, with pre-arranged marriages and kids taking the jobs that their parents held. There is a reason we have evolved from there. It’s not fun for us if we already have our path predetermined. It would also prevent us from working as hard. By choosing what we want to do, we find things that appeal to us more, and we work harder to achieve those things. The argument could also be made that those surprises make life more difficult. Everyone takes wrong turns at different points in their life. Sometimes you’ll get laid off from a job that you love, or you’ll break up with the person that you thought you’d spend your life with because we don’t always get what we want. Yes, those surprises make our life difficult when they occur, but they make us better people, too. Those mistakes allow us to learn and improve ourselves because we work smarter (not harder) for what we want the next time. So, surprise is a good thing in life because it always keeps things interesting. Regardless of our feeling about surprises when they occur, they are almost always a benefit to us in some way. So, keep life interesting, and fight for what you want! Now that I’ve preached the benefits of surprise, I immediately sit down on the throne of hypocrisy by giving you the daily NFL news, as I always do (not everything NEEDS to be surprising):

  1. I celebrate again to hear that ANOTHER member of the Dallas Cowboys defense will miss time with suspension. This time, it is LB Rolando McClain, who has been hit with a 10 game suspension due to his violation of the NFL’s policy on substances of abuse. Does anybody else find it interesting that the Cowboys defense seems to be in more trouble now that DE Greg Hardy is gone? I definitely would’ve thought the opposite.
  2. Funny story: Detroit Lions rookie S Miles Killebrew now has a beer named after him. Fort Street Brewery in Michigan has created the “Killebrew IPA”. So, depending on how Miles’ career goes in Detroit, Fort Street Brewery could become VERY rich, or they could go bankrupt. Likewise, the city of Detroit could become more dangerous with more drunks on Lions’ gamedays, or not.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment on the daily quote and/or the daily news, along with a much appreciated like. Have a pleasant tomorrow.


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