Weekend Update: July 2-3, 2016

“No good deed goes unpunished.” -Friend of TheHaysWay

As you can probably infer, this friend isn’t always the most optimistic person. However, I don’t know anyone who thinks about the world more than this friend. He questions EVERYTHING and those questions typically lead to depressing answers that led him to make this statement. The reality is, our world can suck a lot of the time. This friend is correct because the good in this world always gets punished. I’ve said before that I try to be a good person by helping others and sacrificing my own happiness. Unfortunately, I am one of the few people I know who live with that mindset. There are simply too many people in the world that are only invested in their own interests. That’s why the good are punished. They sacrifice for others, and the world refuses to give back to those who are good because other people don’t care. Yet, despite this, I still maintain my mindset. If that’s how it’s going to be for me, so be it. I want to be a good person, and I’m willing to pay the price for that. That said, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a change. I’m asking everyone who ever reads this to be better people by being more selfless. Only through selflessness can we overcome the corruption in society that is caused by selfishness. If you aren’t with me, that’s fine. In fact, I expect that most of you would prefer not to join me. I try not to hang on to hope too tightly because it is just a facade. Another example of looking for the good that may never be attained. That said, I will still fight for what I believe in and continue to be a good person. The world can beat me over the head with whatever it wants, but I won’t stop giving back to it and nobody should. What is the point of life if you’re only invested in yourself? What’s the point if you work your butt off to earn money so you can buy ridiculous things to try to make yourself happy: sports cars, mansions, things made of gold or diamond, etc.? Is that really how our time is best spent? My favorite movie of all time is Star Wars: A New Hope. You’re probably laughing because I just ranted about the facade that is hope, right? Well, in Star Wars, the story is about the ‘pure’ Rebellion defeating the corrupt and controlling Empire. I love that movie because that is what I want society to do. I want everyone to overcome the selfish desire for control that corrupts the mind of even the best people. Anne Frank once said, “Despite everything I’ve been through, I still believe that people are truly good at heart.” She is right. We aren’t born into this world thinking only of ourselves, we are programmed that way. Corporations and governments tell us that investing in our own interests is the means of determining how great we are, and they are WRONG! PLEASE, if you are reading this, HELP MAKE A CHANGE! First, change yourself by helping others (if you don’t already) because being selfish doesn’t only NOT help others, it actually HURTS others. Second, pass this message on. If we are truly going to overcome corruption like they do in Star Wars, it’s going to take more than one torpedo. It’s going to take a legion of people who are ALL willing to change themselves, and thereby, change the world. Right now, no good deed goes unpunished. That can change if we choose to stop punishing it, because we are ALL responsible for dishing out that punishment. I apologize for the longer rant than usual, but this is a topic that I think about A LOT. “It’s a sad, sad situation, and it’s getting more and more absurd.” -Sir Elton John. Why do we make it so difficult to UNDERSTAND, to CARE, to EACH HAVE AN INDIVIDUAL MORAL COMPASS?! Just to let this sink in, I’m going to hold off on the NFL news. I’m REALLY serious about this. Think about this. Do something about this.

Have a SELFLESS tomorrow.


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