Daily Update: July 4, 2016

I want to begin today’s post by giving a HUGE shout-out to my friend who started her own blog a week ago! It’s SUPER cool, so I encourage all of you to check it out. And don’t just check it out yourself, show it to EVERYBODY that you know. She discusses a lot of the same deep topics that I do with my daily quotes, though she does it in a much gentler fashion. So if I’m too straightforward for you, or even if I’m not, go check out her blog, Adventuresome.

Next up, I want to apologize for turning up on all of you yesterday. I get really invested in a lot of the things I talk about because I love to think, and yesterday’s topic is one that has influenced the lives of many people in many different ways. As an apology, I will stick to just the NFL news today. However, I still encourage you all to read yesterday’s post, so I will take the liberty of making it more entertaining by adding in the links I was going to add in yesterday. Even if you already read it, PLEASE read it again. I know it’s straightforward and it came (I admit) from a place of anger for me, but it is still HIGHLY applicable to society today. Now, (drumroll please), the moment you’ve all been waiting for since Friday…

  1. What better way to start today’s NFL news than with some NBA news?! The biggest free agent of the summer, SF Kevin Durant, has decided to sign with the…GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS! They weren’t unstoppable enough, apparently. The signing of Durant left former-Warriors SF Harrison Barnes to be picked up by the Dallas Mavericks, and the Warriors also traded C Andrew Bogut to the Mavericks to clear up cap space. Even so, the Warriors starting five now looks like this:  ALL FIVE OF THESE GUYS ARE CAPABLE OF PUTTING UP VIDEO GAME NUMBERS! And Durant will be a HUGE improvement over Barnes, who was Brick-City from three point range in the 2016 NBA Finals. Oh yeah, all of these guys can shoot threes at a high clip too. If they can all learn to pass, they might just be the first NBA team to go UNDEFEATED.
  2. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! I needed to make sure I said that (and I wanted to put in the best version of the National Anthem of the United States of America ever to be performed, and not just because it was prelude to one of the greatest Super Bowls ever, in which the New York Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills because Bills K Scott Norwood missed a last-second field goal attempt than would have won the game). I’m sure most of you are enjoying your fireworks shows as I type this. GO AMERICA!!!

It turns out there wasn’t much in the way of NFL news. Oh well. That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment regarding the daily news, along with a much-appreciated like. AND DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT MY FRIEND’S NEW BLOG, FOR WHICH, THERE ARE NOT ONE, BUT TWO LINKS IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH OF TODAY’S POST SO YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT!!!!! Have a pleasant tomorrow.


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