Weekend Update: July 16-17, 2016

Is there a garbage chute?…Trash compactor?” -Han Solo (Harrison Ford), Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Some things definitely just need to be thrown away. Some of THOSE things need to be crushed so that nobody remembers them. Ok…maybe that’s extreme, but regardless, this weekend didn’t fall into either of those categories. First of all, I thought I’d share this pic:                                                                 IMG_20160716_085138680

If you are confused as to why I would have taken this photo, you are experiencing the same feeling I had when I discovered this on my phone this morning. Remember how I said I was a runner? Well, that’s my shadow and the middle school track that I run on because it’s close to my house, and it’s 1/4 mile per lap, so it’s easy to keep track of how far I run WITHOUT using technology. Anyway, that doesn’t explain the picture. On the last leg of my 3 mile run yesterday, I went into full-on sprint (that’s why I have my phone in my hand because I don’t like it bouncing in my pocket when I’m sprinting. I don’t run the entire time with my phone in my hand.). It turns out that my full-on sprint is so fast that it activated the quick motion required for me to access my camera quickly on my phone. That, combined with the fact that my finger was on my screen as I ran with the phone in my hand, led to this picture being taken. It is one of over 60 photos that I accidentally took yesterday. So that was my stupid, and hilarious moment for the weekend.

In non-stupid news, I am almost done with those Madden legacy achievements that I have been talking about. My legacy score is sitting North of 16,000 right now, so I need less than 4,000 legacy points to complete the last legacy score achievement. To get to this point, I have won 4 straight Super Bowls. A word of advice: In Madden 16, roll with the New England Patriots in Franchise Mode. The offense needs a little work because QB Tom Brady retires after a year or two every time, and the offensive line is pretty makeshift, but the defense is spectacular! I never realized how young the Patriots defense is! I’m in the fifth season of my current franchise, and the following Patriots defenders are still under 30 years of age: DE Chandler Jones, MLB Jamie Collins, ROLB Dont’a Hightower, CB Malcolm Butler. That’s remarkable! And all four are rated 88 overall or higher! FS Devin McCourty is also still on the team as a 94 overall, but he is 32 years old in the game. I was also fortunate enough to find an 81 overall QB in the draft to replace Brady after he retired, too. So I haven’t had to worry about my team making the playoffs too much. The AFC East has proven to be very interesting in the game, too. While my team always tops the division, there is always one other team close behind me, and it’s a different team every season. Two seasons ago, the New York Jets gave my team a run for it’s money by TYING my team’s win-loss percentage. Last season, the Miami Dolphins came close. This season, the Buffalo Bills are right on my tail, even beating my team IN FOXBOROUGH! It’s really confusing. Also noteworthy: the Jets team that challenged mine two seasons ago was led by QB Geno Smith. The Jets would be so lucky in reality to actually pull that off.

Continuing video game talk: I have managed to increase my nerdiness even more by playing Pokemon again! And NO, I do NOT play Pokemon Go. Honestly, that app just seems like a disaster. I’ve heard about terrible things happening with people playing that game. One player found a dead body in a river when she went to check out a beacon in the game. There was also a YouTuber who witnessed a murder while chasing a beacon (I do not know if the murder was set up by the person who set up the beacon, that may not have been the game’s fault, it could have just been a REALLY BAD coincidence). Anyway, while the app may be a great way for the police to catch serial killers (seriously, police departments should look into that), I’m not willing to risk my life just to play Pokemon. (I would also like to request a moment of silence for the police officers who were shot in Baton Rouge, LA today………………………………………………………………………………..I won’t say anything about racism in America today, because people get really angry about that stuff. Instead, I will say that both sides of the argument need to find a non-violent solution. Killing people isn’t going to improve race relations.) So, I broke out my old Nintendo GameBoy! Remember those? The graphics are really laughable now, but it’s still a lot of fun. My favorite Pokemon game is the Sapphire Version. My favorite Pokemon (for you die-hards) is Mudkip/Marshtomp/Swampert because Mudkip was my first ever Pokemon in any Pokemon game. I also have him and his two evolutions (listed) in physical card form, as well. Now that I’ve rambled about MY great weekend, how about the NFL’s great weekend:

  1. Free Agent RB Arian Foster is set to meet with the Miami Dolphins and the Detroit Lions. I SINCERELY hope the Dolphins do NOT sign him. I really hope Boise State alum RB Jay Ajayi gets his chance to start at running back for the Dolphins. Honestly, I think Detroit needs to give RB Ameer Abdullah his shot as starter, too. If either of these teams signs Foster, they should do so only as an insurance policy should the young RBs prove to be incapable after receiving multiple chances to start.
  2. Former NFL All-Pro Marion Campbell passed away at the age of 87 on Wednesday. He played on the defensive line for the Philadelphia Eagles, and later coached both the Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons. R.I.P. Marion Campbell.
  3. Former Detroit Lions RB Jahvid Best will be competing at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. After washing out of the NFL due to injury issues, Best has been given the green light to run the 100 m for Saint Lucia’s Olypic team because his father holds dual citizenship. That’s an awesome story. A truly athlete doesn’t let anything stop him. He is the Best! (Sorry, bad pun, oh well)
  4. I’ve mentioned MANY times the pure awesomeness of New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. That awesomeness has also been recognized in Germany. Beckham traveled to Germany, and was mobbed by many fans yesterday in Munich, forcing him to stand on top of a car to avoid getting trampled. Now, speculation has started regarding a New York Giants-Minnesota Vikings game in Germany due to the popularity of Beckham (Giants), and hometown boy Moritz Boehringer (Vikings) in the country.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment about the daily quote and/or the daily news and/or whatever is on your mind (because I hope your weekend was even more exciting than mine!), along with a much-appreciated like. Have a pleasant tomorrow.


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