Multiple Days’ Update: July 20 (or earlier)-21, 2016

FYI: I’m sorry for the lack of posts over the last couple of days, and I’m sorry for the schedule continuing to be lackadaisical until Monday, at which point, I will explain why that is the case. To give an example of my posting schedule: this post has been written in multiple sessions across two days. Nevertheless, without further ado:

“When we are no longer able to change a situation-we are challenged to change ourselves.” -Viktor E Frankl, Psychologist

I thought this scene would be cool to show because it didn’t quite make the cut. I thought this was a great scene. Obviously, Finn later refused to join in the slaughter of the entire village at the end of the attack on the Jakku village. But, that scene was far less humane than this one. If any stormtrooper had any doubts about the First Order, of course they wouldn’t join in the slaughter of an ENTIRE village. This scene is much more subdued in it’s portrayal of Finn’s change. Finn obviously felt strongly enough to recognize this villager’s innocence and how terrible the situation was. Unfortunately, in this instance, Finn’s change in himself did not result in him being able to change the situation, as this villager ultimately would have died with the rest when Kylo Ren orders their execution (at least, there is no indication of any survivors following the attack).

Now, there are a couple of things I would like to discuss in regard to this quote. First of all, at what point are we no longer able to change a situation? I personally believe we always have the power to change a situation. There is always a hand with which you can play. There is always hope. If a situation isn’t going in your favor, there is a way you can flip the script and get things going in your favor. One way to do that, is the second thing I would like to discuss.

So, second of all, how do we change ourselves? This is actually kind of my second AND third of all. In what ways do we change ourselves, and how do we go about making those changes? If our approach to a situation isn’t working, we need to discover what about us is causing it not to work. Of course, there is the possibility that another factor in the situation is causing it not to work, not necessarily us. But, it’s much more difficult to change other factors in a situation, so let’s assume that we do need to change ourselves, whether that is actually the case, or not. There are two main problems that could lie within us: Either physical or mental.

For the physical point, that could be illustrated by a sports team. To use a real-life example, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The NBA Finals were not going their way when they were down 1-3 in the series. In theory, this actually could be mental, as well, as they may have needed more motivation. But to actually come back against the Golden State Warriors, they needed to WORK harder. That’s what they did. A perfect example of that was LeBron James’ block of Andre Iguodala’s shot at the end of Game 7. He made a physical statement to change the Cavs’ situation.

The mental point could be something like a war of words. Another sports example of that is the battle between New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr and now-Washington Redskins CB Josh Norman. When they matched up last season, Norman and Beckham trash talked heavily. As Beckham was dominating Norman physically, Norman upped his trash talk, and got Beckham ejected because his head was knocked out of the game.

So those are the two main ways in which we can change ourselves. Now, how do we make those changes? We have to want it more, and we have to believe in ourselves. If we want to change the situation, then we will find a way to change ourselves in order to flip the script. Mind over matter. I truly believe that. Life is more mental than physical. Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. So if you want to change a situation, it all comes back to not giving up. Just keep trying with different tactics and eventually, your determination will pay off. Okay, moving on to the news:

  1. I confess, there is another reason that I brought up the Beckham vs Norman rivalry. New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr said this, of Norman, today: Josh Norman joined the Washington Redskins to remain relevant. Beckham believes that he caused Norman to gain the popularity that Norman currently has. He’s sort of correct, but mostly wrong (sorry Odell, I still think you are the best WR in the NFL). Norman definitely has the talent to back up his popularity. Other than Beckham, Norman physically dominated just about every WR he played against. That said, Norman did gain the most popularity for getting into Beckham’s head. Even after this last season, the best of his career, Norman really isn’t in the conversation for best CB in the league. He wasn’t even the leader of the Carolina Panthers Super Bowl defense. So, yes and no, Beckham.
  2. The Chicago Bears have signed OG Amini Silatolu. Silatolu was with the Carolina Panthers during the last four seasons. This is a much better situation for him, in my opinion. Especially due to the Bears loss of OG Matt Slauson during the offseason.
  3. The Detroit Lions inked DE Quanterus Smith. Smith was a practice squad player last season. Unfortunately, it seems as though my poor projection for the Lions this season may be accurate. I thought d-line was a strength for the Lions with DE Ezekiel Ansah and DT Haloti Ngata. A practice squad player isn’t a good sign. To make matters worse, Smith was a practice squad player for the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars. This is a very troublesome signing.
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston lost 20 pounds leading up to the Bucs training camp. I’m going to be honest: I’m a HUGE fan of the NFC South. That division is always full of redemption stories, and now it’s the Bucs turn. The New Orleans Saints did it with QB Drew Brees (who was overthrown in San Diego by QB Phillip Rivers), turning the franchise around and winning a Super Bowl shortly after Hurricane Katrina decimated the area. Last season, the Carolina Panthers did it with previously troubled QB Cam Newton, who had a lot of controversy surrounding him in college. Now previously troubled QB Jameis Winston is looking to do the same with the Bucs. The question is, will they win it all like the Saints, or fall just short like the Panthers? Time will tell.
  5. The Eugene Monroe story has taken an interesting turn for the end. Following the OT’s release from the Baltimore Ravens, Monroe has decided to call it a career this morning. Monroe spent the last three seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, and the previous four seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars, who drafted him 9th overall in the NFL Draft.
  6. The NFL is hiring a Chief Medical Officer. The CMO will work with training staffs of all 32 NFL teams to determine steps to prevent injuries, as well as the appropriate steps to recovery for players who do get injured (which is inevitable, regardless of any proposed preventative measures. It’s a dangerous sport).

That’s all for TheHaysWay today (or yesterday, or tomorrow, or whichever day this is), make sure to leave a comment about the daily quote and/or the daily news and/or whatever is on your mind, along with a much-appreciated like. Have a pleasant tomorrow.


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