Daily Update: July 29, 2016

(WARNING: Scene of the day contains graphic images of violence from the movie Saving Private Ryan) “To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.” -President George Washington, 1st President of the United States of America

Always be prepared. This is why President Washington was the first President of this great country. This quote gives perspective on how much this country has changed since then. Now, roughly half of the country wants all of its citizens to be unarmed. No political opinion here. I’m just stating a fact: Our country has changed. I think President Washington was correct about the general principle of preparedness. It is always best to prepare for the worst. That way, you can handle the worst should it come. If the worst does not come, then you will be pleasantly surprised. This is actually a really interesting concept in regard to battles. If everyone in any sort of fight is fully prepared to fight the fight, than the fight tends to be avoided because everyone, in theory, has an equal shot of winning AND losing. An example of this was the Cold War. Both the Soviet Union and the United States had the firepower to totally decimate the other, and neither side wanted to know if their strategy for employing said firepower would be superior or inferior to the strategy of their opponent. Interestingly enough, this ties back to the theme from a recent post: Fear. Both sides were afraid of losing. Of course, even the victor would have sustained heavy damage. So, effectively, both sides would have lost if the Cold War hadn’t remained cold. So, which is better for peace? Knowing all involved parties in a conflict have the power to destroy each other, or knowing all parties in a conflict are incapable of destroying each other? I resolve this internal conflict by moving to the news:

  1. News regarding first-round draft picks from the 2016 NFL Draft: San Francisco 49ers OG Joshua Garnett (selected 28th overall) has signed a four-year contract with the team. The signing means that only one of this year’s first-round draft picks remains unsigned. That player is also in the Golden State, and is San Diego Chargers DE Joey Bosa (selected 3rd overall). Bosa reportedly won’t report to training camp over the dispute. I’m thinking the Chargers should do something TOTALLY insane. This is not good for their organization. They drafted Bosa to help the team. Right now, his lack of presence is meaning that the team isn’t as prepared for the season to come. Bosa hasn’t been learning the Chargers schemes, and this is, very likely, creating a rift in the locker room because Bosa isn’t making any friends amongst his teammates, who want to prepare to win. The solution? Cut him loose. Yes, that sounds totally insane. First-round draft picks are worth A LOT, ESPECIALLY the third overall pick. But, honestly, Bosa hasn’t even come close to behaving like a first-round pick. If a player is drafted in the first-round, they are expected to be leaders, and Bosa is not exhibiting any qualities of a leader. He is simply being selfish. That isn’t the kind of player that I would want to have on my team. Yes, it’s crazy, but it might just be necessary. Maybe the Chargers could trade him to Dallas? Bosa won’t hold out longer than all of the Cowboys, front seven suspensions, will he?
  2. The woes for the Dallas Cowboys front seven on defense continue in an…unexpected manner. Though he isn’t likely to start, (although, maybe he will with all of the suspensions) ‘Boys LB Damien Wilson is being sidelined for a couple of weeks to start Cowboys training camp after he took a paintball to the eye. Ouch. I think the Cowboys front seven situation is currently more of a laughing stock than the Jets QB situation was while Rex Ryan was head coach there. What’s next in Dallas? A LB cutting his arms from breaking a backboard on a ferocious, two-handed dunk?
  3. Washington Redskins GM Scot McCloughan has plenty to feel good about for the upcoming season. The team looks like they might have a true franchise QB in Kirk Cousins (hence the franchise tag), and they also picked up another franchise-tagged player in free-agent addition, CB Josh Norman. But that’s not good enough for McCloughan. He cares about the team’s WR situation. You’d think it looks good with DeSean Jackson, Pierre Carcon, and Jamison Crowder in town, right? So it’s not that big of a deal that rookie WR Josh Doctson is dealing with a day-to-day injury. But, McCloughan was told Doctson would miss the season before he decided to punch a wall. Yep, the NFC East GM with (what appears to be) the most to be excited about is currently rocking a hand wrap from punching a wall due to the possible loss of his fourth-string WR. Wow. That reminds me of the New England Patriots fan punching the brick wall following the Pats’ loss to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship game this season.
  4. WR Andre Johnson is signing with the Tennessee Titans. So, I was wrong. Big whoop. I still don’t understand how Johnson fits into the picture with Kendall Wright and Dorial Green-Beckham as the top two. He’s too legendary to play third fiddle to those two. I hate to be the one to break it to you, Andre, but, I think it’s time for you to retire.
  5. I also jumped the gun on the Baltimore Ravens signing of OT Jake Long. Long refused to sign an injury waiver. Thus, he will not be joining the Ravens, despite agreeing to terms on a contract earlier this week. That’s probably best for both parties.
  6. The Philadelphia Eagles have signed RB Darren Sproles to a one-year contract extension. Sproles will be $4.5 million richer after the 2017 season. Good re-signing for the Eagles. Sproles has shown he is still explosive in the return game and the passing game.
  7. The Detroit Lions inked CB Darius Slay to a four-year extension worth $48 million. The deal includes $23.1 million in guaranteed money. Pretty good re-signing for the Lions. Slay is definitely a good, up-and-coming CB. This may be a little overpriced, as he hasn’t played at a great level yet, but it’s not like the Lions have any stars to pay with Megatron now retired.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment on the daily quote and/or the daily news, and/or whatever is on your mind, along with a much-appreciated like. Have a pleasant tomorrow.


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