Daily Update: August 10, 2016

Olympic Update:

  1. First of all, Team USA basketball. The Men’s team has played twice since my last update; Two days ago they defeated Team Venezuela 113-69 and today, they defeated Team Australia 98-88. The Australia game was very close as their NBA stars came to play. Patty Mills had 30 points, Andrew Bogut came up with 15 points, and Matthew Dellavedova ended with 11 points AND 11 assists. However, despite the great efforts from Australia’s big three, they couldn’t overcome Carmelo Anthony’s 31 points, which made him the all-time leading scorer for Team USA in the Olympics, along with Kyrie Irving’s 19 points and 5 assists. For the Women’s team, they also had two games since my last update; They beat Team Spain 103-63 two days ago, and they beat Team Serbia 110-84.
  2. Second of all, Michael Phelps. I watched him swim the 200m butterfly yesterday, along with all of the Team USA basketball team. It’s funny to see Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson in the crowd, cheering for an athlete who is even better than they are! Phelps took gold in the 200m butterfly, along with the 4 x 200m freestyle relay yesterday. His gold medal count is up to 3 in these games, and 21 all-time.
  3. Gold Medal Count: T-1. Team USA (10 gold); T-1. Team China (10 gold); 3. Team Japan (6 gold)
  4. Total Medal Count: 1. Team USA (31 total; 10 gold; 11 silver; 10 bronze); 2. Team China (23 total; 10 gold; 5 silver; 8 bronze); 3. Team Japan (18 total; 6 gold; 1 silver; 11 bronze)

(WARNING: Movie Clip contains minor language.) “The truth needs so little rehearsal.” -Barbara Kingsolver, Novelist

Ironically, that scene likely required a lot of rehearsal because it was hilarious. My response to the quote: Maybe so. But is the truth really the best way to go? I’m going to go Life of Pi on this quote. What if you stretch the truth a little bit? If you still give the major details with accuracy, isn’t it more fun to tell the story the way YOU want it to be. The way that is more entertaining. The truth is always good, but it’s not always fun. I’d like to compare this to music, too. Music contains embellishments to make it better, and sometimes, the truth could use some of those embellishments, as well. I like to embellish the NFL news with my biased opinions 🙂 (sometimes):

  1. San Diego Chargers WR Stevie Johnson is missing the season with a meniscus tear. This is what the Chargers were expecting, hence the signing of WR James Jones. As I said before, the Chargers should be fine without Johnson because they still have WRs Keenan Allen and Travis Benjamin, in addition to Jones.
  2. The New England Patriots are opting to sit QB Tom Brady for their first preseason game. I laughed when this was “Breaking News!” Of course they’re sitting Brady. With Brady suspended for the first four games of the regular season, it makes sense for them to prepare QB Jimmy Garoppolo with as many snaps as possible.
  3. ESPN sportscaster John Saunders passed away at the age of 61. He was with ESPN ever since 1986. R.I.P. John Saunders.
  4. The Buffalo Bills continue to get worse news. The injury to LB Reggie Ragland has proven to be a torn ACL. He will miss the entire upcoming season. Don’t worry Buffalo fans, your team would’ve lost, regardless. Why? Rex Ryan is your head coach. Just ask the New York Jets. 🙂

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment on the Olympic update and/or the daily quote and/or the daily news and/or whatever is on your mind, along with a much-appreciated like. Have a pleasant tomorrow.


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