Daily Update: August 12, 2016

The writing of this post is beginning at halftime of the Oakland Raiders @ Arizona Cardinals game. If it takes as long as my post yesterday took, then I will have the final score of the Raiders @ Cardinals game. Actually, I’ll probably just wait anyway so I can publish the final score with the rest of this post.

“Football fans share a universal language that cuts across many cultures and many personality types. A serious football fan is never alone. We are legion, and football is often the only thing we have in common.” -Hunter S Thompson, Journalist


That’s what I look like on New York Giants gameday. Just to be clear, the ‘W’ is for ‘win’, not the University of Washington! I DESPISE the University of Washington! Also, this photo only shows my military appreciation Giants hat, my Eli Manning jersey, and my blue Giants wristband. I was also wearing my pink BCA Giants wristband, my Giants watch, two Giants pens (behind my ears), my Giants shorts, Giants socks, a Giants lanyard (with Giants keychain attached), my Giants wallet, and my Giants slippers. I go big on gamedays. As for the relation to the quote, the idea of being a legion is why a big reason why I love football so much. It’s awesome to have the feeling of camaraderie that comes with being a football fan, especially if you go to a football game, where you are with a MASSIVE number of fellow fans, all united to cheer for a team. It is one of the top 5 feelings I’ve had in my life for sure, probably even top 3. It’s awesome. The daily NFL news is for all of my fellow football fans out there who understand that feeling of camaraderie, and love the game like I do (as well as anybody else who is interested 🙂 ):

Miami Dolphins 27 @ New York Giants 10

-I was wrong: Today: (0-1); Preseason: (3-4)

-‘Things to watch’ results: Dolphins RBs (Jay Ajayi (2 car, 6 yds) didn’t play very well. Arian Foster didn’t play at all. Isaiah Pead (10 car, 50 yds) was the leading rusher, yet Damien Williams (7 car, 13 yds, 1 td) was the only one to score. Pead and Williams are just fighting to make the roster, I doubt either is challenging for the starting role.); Giants Rookies (CB Eli Apple (2 tac) was decent in limited playing time, as was S Darian Thompson (1 tac). Both of those two started on defense. WR Sterling Shepard (1 rec, 24 yds) also started, and was the leading receiver. His one reception was a diving catch, so he should fit in nicely with Odell Beckham Jr. RB Paul Perkins (7 car, 36 yds) was the standout of the four rookies to watch. He had the highest Yards Per Carry (YPC) average of any Giants rusher with more than one carry. He was just north of 5 YPC, which is really good for an NFL running back.

-Notes: (The Dolphins defense looked good in forcing four turnovers (2 INTs, 2 FF).); (Giants backup QB Ryan Nassib (2 INTs, 1 fumble lost) was TERRIBLE.)

Detroit Lions 30 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 17

-I was wrong: Today: (0-2); Preseason (3-5)

-‘Things to watch’ results: Lions offensive line (They were decent. They held the Steelers to just 1 sack, but the team had just 95 yards rushing. I would say the o-line look more good than bad, as the Lions running backs are not very talented.); Steelers TEs (Paul Lang (2 rec, 15 yds) was the best of the TEs. Jesse James (1 rec, 4 yds) and David Johnson (1 rec, 2 yds) were the only other TEs with receptions.)

-Notes: (Lions RB Dwayne Washington clinched a roster spot. The seventh round draft pick in this year’s draft returned a kickoff for a TD, and finished with 2 car for 12 yds, giving him the best YPC average (6 YPC) of any of the Lions RBs.); (Steelers WR Sammie Coates lost his roster spot. He had 3 rec for just 18 yds, and he had two fumbles. The Steelers 3rd rounder from last season had a chance to put up big numbers this season in Martavis Bryant’s absence, but instead, he has likely fumbled away his roster spot.)

Minnesota Vikings 17 @ Cincinnati Bengals 16

-I was wrong: Today: (0-3); Preseason (3-6)

-‘Things to watch’ results: Vikings CB Trae Waynes (He finished with 3 tac and 1 astac. Not bad. He definitely remains relevant with that performance.); Bengals WRs (Brandon LaFell didn’t play. Tyler Boyd (1 rec, 40 yds) lived up to his hype coming in. Rookies Cody Core (3 rec, 33 yds) and Rashaun Simonise (1 rec, 47 yds) also played well.)

-Notes: (Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater (6-7, 92 yds, 1 TD) continues to improve. I could definitely see the Vikings making a deeper playoff run this season.); (Bengals QB AJ McCarron (11-16, 125 yds, 1 TD) was as good as I thought he’d be. Unfortunately, QBs Keith Wenning and Joe Licata had 1 INT each, which is why the Bengals lost this game.)

Cleveland Browns 11 @ Green Bay Packers 17

-I was right: Today: (1-3); Preseason (4-6)

-‘Things to watch’ results: Browns QB Robert Griffin III (He was shaky in his debut (4-8, 67 yds, 1 INT). Fellow QB Austin Davis (4-9, 32 yds) left the game with a concussion. QB Josh McCown (1-4, 5 yds) was no bueno. QB Cody Kessler (2-2, 15 yds, 1 TD) was the most promising of the group, other than going down in the endzone TWICE to give the Packers 4 points off of two safties. Maybe Kessler has a shot at dethroning RG3? 🙂 Right now, it’s definitely still RG3’s job.); Packers FBs (This game did not air in my area, so I was unable to see how effective the blocking done by the FBs was. However, the team finished with 151 yards rushing, so they must have done SOMETHING right.)

-Notes: (Browns WR Terrelle Pryor (2 rec, 57 yds) was tied for team-lead in receptions, and led the team in receiving yards by 30 yards. Could Pryor be the WR1 in Cleveland?); (Packers rookie QB Joe Callahan (16-23, 124 yds, 1 td) played very well. With the tutelage of Aaron Rodgers, he appears to have the talent to be Rodgers’ replacement in the same way that Rodgers was Brett Favre’s replacement. However, I should probably wait to see more games from him before I make that proclamation for sure.)

Oakland Raiders 31 @ Arizona Cardinals 10

-I was right: Today: (2-3); Preseason (5-6)

-‘Things to watch’ results: Raiders RB DeAndre Washington (Washington (8 car, 43 yds) did well, but he and Latavius Murray (4 car, 21 yds) were both outshined by George Atkinson (5 car, 97 yds, 2 tds). That is a push for the starting job. If Atkinson can even come close to that production in another preseason game, he will be seeing a bigger piece of the timeshare that will likely occur in Oakland’s backfield this season.); Cardinals Wait For It… (…)

-Notes: (Raiders QB Matt McGloin (5-11, 41 yds, 2 tds) had a nice game. Of course, he won’t dethrone starter Derek Carr (3-7, 44 yds), but it IS noteworthy that he had more tds than rookie Connor Cook (7-11, 71 yds).); (Cardinals RB Andre Ellington (3 car, 41 yds, 1 td) emerged from the ashes. The oft-injured RB who lost his starting gig to Chris Johnson, then David Johnson showed that he is still relevant, and deserves a share of the Cardinals backfield. A YPC average of almost 14 is AMAZING.)

Off the Field

  1. Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor signed a six-year, $92 million extension with the Bills. Now, the Bills are hoping Taylor doesn’t turn into San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick.
  2. CB Cortland Finnegan signed with the New Orleans Saints. Finnegan has SOME football left in him, but this is mostly just a depth signing by the Saints.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment on the daily quote and/or the daily news and/or whatever is on your mind, along with a much-appreciated like. I was very happy to see that I gained another follower from my post yesterday, so again, if you like what you read and you aren’t currently a follower, please become a follower. The feeling of getting more followers might just be in the top 5 feelings I’ve had in my life, along with the feeling of camaraderie that comes from being a football fan. (Ok, that might be a little extreme, but the follower thing is definitely top 10.) By the way, I didn’t have to wait for the end of the Raiders-Cardinals game. I’ve been writing since halftime and the game ended about 5 minutes ago from this sentence. Have a pleasant tomorrow.


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