Hall of Fame: You, Me, and Pro Football

“I never figured I’d go into the Hall of Fame. A kid from the Hill.” -Yogi Berra, Baseball Catcher, Coach, and Manager.

The 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame nominees were announced, today. Here’s the list: QB Drew Bledsoe, QB Randall Cunningham, QB Doug Flutie, QB Donovan McNabb, QB Steve McNair, QB Phil Simms, QB Kurt Warner, RB Shaun Alexander, RB Ottis Anderson, RB Tiki Barber, RB Larry Centers, RB Roger Craig, RB Terrell Davis, RB Eddie George, RB Edgerrin James, RB Daryl Johnston, RB Eric Metcalf, RB LaDainian Tomlinson, RB Herschel Walker, RB Ricky Watters, WR Isaac Bruce, WR Henry Ellard, WR Torry Holt, WR Chad Johnson, WR Derrick Mason, WR Terrell Owens, WR Sterling Sharpe, WR Jimmy Smith, WR Rod Smith, WR Hines Ward, TE Mark Bavaro, OT Tony Boselli, C Ray Donaldson, OG Alan Faneca, C Jay Hilgenberg, OT/OG Chris Hinton, C Kent Hull, OT Joe Jacoby, OT Mike Kenn, C Olin Kreutz, OT Jim Lachey, OG/C Kevin Mawae, C Tom Nalen, OG Nate Newton, OG Steve Wisniewski, DE Leslie O’Neal, DE Simeon Rice, NT Fred Smerlas, DE Jason Taylor, DT Bryant Young, LB Carl Banks, LB Cornelius Bennett, LB Tedy Bruschi, LB Seth Joyner, LB Levon Kirkland, LB Clay Matthews, LB Willie McGinest, LB Karl Mecklenburg, LB Sam Mills, LB Joey Porter, LB Zach Thomas, CB Eric Allen, S Steve Atwater, S Joey Browner, S LeRoy Butler, S Brian Dawkins, S Rodney Harrison, CB Ty Law, CB Albert Lewis, S John Lynch, CB Frank Minnifield, S Bob Sanders, S Darren Sharper, S Dennis Smith, S Troy Vincent, CB Everson Walls, S Darren Woodson, K Morten Andersen, K Gary Anderson, P Sean Landeta, K Nick Lowery, KR Brian Mitchell, ST Steve Tasker, Coach Don Coryell, Coach Bill Cowher, Coach Tom Flores, Coach Mike Holmgren, Coach Jimmy Johnson, Coach Chuck Knox, Coach Buddy Parker, Coach Richie Petitbon, Coach Dan Reeves, Coach Clark Shaughnessy, Coach Dick Vermeil

Some list, right? It always makes me laugh when they release a list of nominees THAT long. Especially when I see some of the same names year after year, on this very list! Anyway, the Hall of Fame nominee list is no new story; It is an annual deal. So, how about a fresh spin on it? What if the NFL let the fans vote to induct one of the players into the HoF? That way, the nominee list wouldn’t go to TOTAL waste.

Which ONE of the players listed above would you vote into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

I think that would be fun. The NFL is always looking for a way to get fans more involved, and that would be a GREAT method. Plus, some of the players that are on this list year after year would maybe get enough pity votes to actually GET IN. I would probably have to go with P Sean Landeta for two reasons: 1. Punters are people, too! 2. He was a New York Giant 🙂 What if a Hall of Fame existed for everyday people? What if there was actually a Hall of Fame for Best Father or Best Mother? (Obviously, my parents would win that.) Well, that’s exactly why those lists don’t exist. Everyone would vote for the people who raised them and took care of them (unless they’re rebellious, of course). But let’s say there was one, overarching Hall of Fame? The Best Overall Person Hall of Fame; It takes into account all possible factors: personality, moral compass, popularity, societal contributions, etc.

If you were to induct ONE person into the Hall of Fame of the world, who would it be?

Normally, I like to answer the questions that I put out there for you guys. This time, I will not be answering this question. I’ll let you decide why: Maybe I can’t decide on ONE person, maybe I don’t want to offend anybody, etc.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment on the daily quote and/or on the daily NFL news and/or with your response to one or both of today’s questions and/or on whatever is on your mind, along with a much-appreciated like. If you like what you read and you are not yet a follower, become a follower to be part of my journey to the Hall of Fame of the world. 🙂 Have a pleasant tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Hall of Fame: You, Me, and Pro Football

  1. McNabb? Shouldn’t he be spending all day shopping at the mall? Oh wait, different McNabb.

    My vote is Flutie… Great player and a seemingly great role model.


    1. Psych! So sad it’s coming off Netflix in half a month! The Flutie pick is a good one in terms of role model, but I don’t think he did enough in the league to warrant a HoF induction this year (technically, next year).


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