Color: Rush ($) Uniforms

I had a request from one of my readers to do a post regarding the NFL’s color rush uniforms this season. These are them. After looking at all 32, there were a few that stood out: My favorites were the Seattle Seahawks and the Baltimore Ravens. The Seahawks electric green is an awesome color and it deserves to finally be featured, in this case, from head to toe. I liked the Ravens because I think the purple is just the right shade to really stand out, whereas the Minnesota Vikings purple color rush uniforms are less stellar due to an ever so slightly different shade. I think the Ravens shade looks better because it’s darker. My least favorites were the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. The Patriots are all navy blue (aka boring because many uniforms are like that), with the most ridiculous stripes on the shoulders. It looks like they did the whole navy blue thing, then realized that their other colors should be present, so they threw the stripes on at the last second. For the Giants, I definitely give them credit for being different. They opted for all white. My issue is, THEY’RE ALL WHITE! It’s called COLOR rush for a reason! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the throwback helmets, but they would’ve been cooler with, say, all red uniforms? Or perhaps the Giants could’ve done uniforms that are the blue-gray color of their facemasks? All I ask for is a little more creativity, especially since this is just the latest attempt from the NFL to make more money. Now, all true fans NEED to have their team’s color rush jersey, right? WRONG!

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