New Era: Forward in Life and QB Transition

“We should not be afraid to go into a new era, to leave the old beyond.” -Zack Wamp, Politician

I’m taking a risk by putting a quote from a politician in here, because that tends to fire people up. Instead of putting into a political context, I’d like to put this quote into a personal context. I believe that we have a responsibility, as individuals, to continuously strive to improve ourselves; Increase amount of knowledge, become a kinder/caring-er person, the whole 100 yards. To me, this quote specifically means that we shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes. When we make a mistake, we have “the old” to leave beyond, so that we can improve ourselves and “go into a new era”.

Do you believe that everyone has a responsibility to improve themselves? Do you think individual improvement could/does have an impact on societal improvement?

So, I looked up ‘new era’ today while thinking about the Chicago Bears. They are falling into familiar territory; They are off to a 0-2 start and are looking forward to an early draft pick come next April/May. If you saw my injury report post, yesterday, you know that Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler suffered a right thumb sprain. The timetable for his return is unknown, not just due to the injury. Maybe now is the time for the Bears to move on. I have long preached my lack of belief in Culter. He is NOT a starting-caliber QB in today’s NFL. He doesn’t perform well, he doesn’t win, and, most importantly, he lacks the ‘leader’ factor that all good QBs possess. The Bears need to stop being afraid to go into a new era. They never get close to the playoffs with Cutler at the helm, anyway, so why not try out some fresh, young QBs who could potentially turn out to be a long term solution. Looking at the rest of the NFC North, the Bears don’t need to do a lot to become semi-relevant again. The Detriot Lions are not going up anytime soon because they never do. The Green Bay Packers are starting to come back down to Earth because QB Aaron Rodgers is coming back down to Earth. The Minnesota Vikings are consistently dealing with the injury bug. There aren’t many outside forces standing in the Bears way, it’s an internal problem, and they need to address it to starting winning again. If I’m the Bears, I roll with QB Brian Hoyer for the remainder of this season (because, yes, even he is preferable to Cutler), then I draft a shiny new QB with my very high draft pick (perhaps a certain Louisville QB who DESTROYED Florida State last weekend, and will certainly come out early if he maintains that level of play against good competition). Coach John Fox has proven that he knows how to win, so I give him the personnel to win, and he will. Problem solved. Bears become a force to be reckoned with again (well, actually they need some defensive secondary help, too).

Do you think that the Chicago Bears should find a new QB to replace Jay Cutler ASAP?

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