Trending Down: The Cleveland Browns (again) and the Sensitive Subjects of R***** and the P*****

WARNING: This post is NOT for the faint of heart!

I’ll start with the slightly more light-hearted stuff, so those of you who don’t want to hear about the sensitive subjects can stop reading after this section. The light-hearted stuff is the downward trend of the Cleveland Browns. Hopes were high in Cleveland at the beginning of this season. Hue Jackson was brought on board as head coach, QB Robert Griffin III was brought in to revive his career, WR Josh Gordon was reinstated into the league, and the Browns acquired a rash of draft picks in exchange for their #2 pick in the draft. Well, two of those things are still in decent shape right now. The ones that have failed: QB Robert Griffin III is now sitting pretty on Injured Reserve and the Philadelphia Eagles used the #2 pick on QB Carson Wentz, whose play has been absolutely FIRE. Not only that, but the Browns used the Eagles first-round pick in the draft on WR Corey Coleman, who broke his hand in practice today (hence the ‘Trending Down’ subject line because Coleman was looking like he might salvage part of the Browns season). On the bright side: Coach Jackson continues to remain optimistic (we’ll see if that continues while the team continues to lose), despite the fact that backup QB Josh McCown has ALSO been hurt, meaning third-string, rookie QB Cody Kessler will be starting this week. Also, WR Josh Gordon comes back in two weeks to (hopefully) lessen the blow of losing Coleman. Nevertheless, things, as usual, look bleak for the Cleveland Browns.

Do you think the Cleveland Browns can salvage their season? If so, how?

“It was never my intention to start a trend for darkness. I’m not a particularly dark individual.” -Alan Moore, Writer

THESE ARE THE SENSITIVE SUBJECTS: Charlotte is in a state of protest. Once again, we have people accusing the p***** of r*****. For those of you who don’t know, a couple of days ago, an unarmed, African-American individual was shot by p***** for suspicion of possessing a gun. There are multiple different stories: The p***** say that he was, indeed, pulling a weapon on them; Everybody else (most of whom, weren’t witness to the situation, though I have read that two witnesses agreed with this side of the story; I don’t know how many witnesses there were, nor how many sided with each side of the story) says that the only thing the individual was reaching for, was a book. I’m not going to pick a story that I think is the true story. This isn’t Life of Pi; Neither of these stories are entertaining. Instead, BOTH of these stories are reminders of two, massive problems facing society. So, I will just say this:

  1. R***** still exists in society.
  2. The p***** are villain-ized.

Yes, r***** is still a big factor in society, and if it has infiltrated any institution with the power to kill legally (aka the p*****), that is a MASSIVE problem, and it needs to be solved ASAP. That said, while some p***** may be r***** as the public claims, not all of them are the bad guys. The majority of p***** o******* take their jobs seriously, and act in the protection of ALL of the public good. I don’t know how to solve the two problems above, but there needs to be a middle ground. We need to get rid of r*****, while also allowing the non-r***** p***** o******* to do their jobs. If we take action against all p***** o*******, then we will not have sufficient national security. If we don’t take action against r***** actions in the p***** f****, then that institution will continue to be corrupt, continue to worsen r*** relations, and continue to cause protests. The one in Charlotte escalated today, to the point that one of the protesters was shot. The situation is DEFINITELY trending down.

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