Old Face, Rival Place: Joique and Fairy Tales

“I always felt and still feel that fairy tales have an emotional truth that is so deep that there are few things that really rival them.” -Alice Hoffman, Author

Story. It’s the reason I write. Stories are so powerful. Every word that one writes can be interpreted in so many ways, by people with so many different experiences. I write stories to make sense of the happenings of my life, and to inspire others. Fairy tales do have a special, emotional truth. Fairy tales are, essentially, an idealized world. You can tell what people want based on the fairy tales they tell. Fairy tales are one of the few paths into the desires of people; That’s why their emotional truth is so deep, as Hoffman says. We all have our own fairy tales, our own vision of how the world should be. Even if we can’t actually make the world the way we want it to be, don’t be afraid to tell your fairy tales. Share your idealized vision, and you will find yourself changing in an effort to find the idealized world in your fairy tale. THAT is what makes them truly deep: when you use them to improve and inspire yourself. Believe your fairy tales, if only for your own sake.

What do you like about stories? Do you have a favorite story? If so, what is it?

Well, I happened to get that wonderful opportunity to talk about the power of stories from looking up the word, ‘rival.’ Today, the Chicago Bears signed RB Joique Bell, who was most recently with the NFC North rival Detroit Lions, last season. This is a solid signing for the Bears. RBs Jeremy Langford and Ka’Deem Carey are BOTH dealing with injuries, so Bell is likely the best available fill-in. Remember, he was once supposed to be the featured RB in Detroit, before ineffectiveness (3.5 yards per carry) derailed that notion. Regardless, Bell has been an effective pass-catching back (13 yards per reception), and should compliment rookie RB Jordan Howard, quite nicely. That said, I personally dislike this signing. Howard has looked fairly good on 1st and 2nd downs. While the Bears seem convinced that Langford is their RB of the future, I am not. I think this is the perfect opportunity for Howard to start getting experience as a third-down, pass catching back. If he could add that aspect to his game, he could easily be the next Matt Forte for Chicago. Instead, it looks like the addition of Bell will prevent Howard from developing. Oh well. It’s not my problem if the Bears want to continue to miss the playoffs.

Which is better for Chicago: Jordan Howard only, or Joique Bell in addition to Howard?

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