Rehab: Josh Gordon and

“I understood, through rehab, things about creating characters. I understood that creating whole people means knowing where we come from, how we can make a mistake and how we overcome things to make ourselves stronger.” –Samuel L Jackson (For those of you who don’t know: Jedi Master Agen Kolar went down in the 1st second of the battle, Jedi Master Saesee Tiin went down in the 2nd second, and Jedi Master Kit Fisto went down in the 5th second. Yup, they were ALL “Masters”.

There seems to be rehabilitation for almost anything in life. I suppose that is for the best, seeing as everybody stumbles in life. When I looked up “rehab”, I didn’t really know what kind of quote I was looking for because I have no experience with any form of rehab (unless venting via this blog counts as rehab? Idk). Luckily, I found this Samuel L Jackson quote. He is probably in my top 5 list of favorite actors (I admit, partially because he’s in Star Wars. But let’s be honest, the man can act like crazy. I REALLY want to watch Pulp Fiction because I’ve heard FANTASTIC things about that movie). I was actually talking to a friend today about Star Wars, and he said that John Boyega (actor who plays Finn in The Force Awakens) once was tapped on the shoulder at a party, and the man who did that exclaimed, “Black Jedi!” That man was Samuel L Jackson. He’s just all-around awesome.

Who do you think Supreme Leader Snoke is?

I think he’s Darth Plageius because part of the argument for that is the similarity in theme music. MUSIC IS KING!

Alright, I got a little sidetracked, so let’s break down the quote. Rehab, when used correctly, picks people up when they stumble in life. I’m not sure I totally agree when Jackson says that it creates characters. Rather, I believe it helps people discover the character that was in them all along. Character can’t be taught; Character can only be discovered. However, I do agree that our character is discovered through where we come from. We tend to discover our character in similar fashions to the people who surround us. For example, I grew up in a supportive household, in a community where people are kind to each other, and say hello when they pass by. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I strive to support others through positivity and kindness. I believe, in math, they call it a strong, positive correlation? Of course, as is the nature of the way I defined rehab, people overcome mistakes to make themselves stronger. That’s the great thing about having people to turn to when you make a mistake; They don’t just pick you back up, they help you improve yourself on a deeper level. It’s like that story about the hungry person; You don’t give the hungry person a fish, you teach that person how to fish, so that person can continue to help him/herself. The bottom line is, we will all make mistakes because it’s human nature. If you recognize your mistake, and if you can say that you overcame it to fix and improve yourself, well, you have discovered your true character.

What is one mistake that you have made in your life, so far? Did you overcome that mistake to make yourself stronger? If so, how?

Honestly, the biggest mistake that I’ve made so far is hard to define. I suppose it was trying too hard, and I’ve done that on multiple occasions. I say it’s hard to define because I’m not totally sure if it is a mistake. I always thought that you had to go out and take life by storm; You couldn’t let life come to you, you had to go get it. I have been told that on multiple occasions, too. But, for some reason, my best work seems to come when I just let things happen. Maybe I’m just extra gifted? I guess I shouldn’t be complaining because it means I have less work to do, but it sucks on the occasions when I put in lots of work, and it doesn’t pay off. Anyway, I haven’t overcome that mistake. I keep making it, and I will continue to keep making it. I will not settle for letting life come to me; I WANT to take it by storm. If life thinks it can beat me, I will prove it wrong!

Finally, rehab relates to the National Football League because of none other than Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon. Today, he decided that he will be entering a rehab facility (presumably for his substance abuse, though the article doesn’t say) to “gain full control of [his] life.” He was eligible to return to the Browns for their game next weekend, against the New England Patriots. His decision, however, will postpone his return indefinitely. So what? Well, this has HUGE repercussions for the Browns. The team is already down first-round WR Corey Coleman, who suffered a broken hand and will miss 3-5 weeks. Now, WR Terrelle Pryor will continue as the #1 option (great for fantasy!), which isn’t optimal for Cleveland, especially since he also might be their best QB option with injuries to starter Robert Griffin III, and backup Josh McCown. Also, that makes the game against New England 33% less interesting. The appeal of that game was going to be the return of both Gordon and New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, from suspensions. Of course, Brady’s return is MUCH more highly anticipated, hence the mere 33% for Gordon. Also…actually, that’s all I have. After all, they are the BROWNS. Even with Gordon, they’d lose most (if not all) of their games.

How many wins will the continued absence of Gordon, cost the Browns?

I’d say two. MAYBE.

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