Grab Bag #2: Forsett, Lockout, and KW

It’s time for me to deliver some more of my many post-worthy stories, as promised:

Justin Forsett

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The Baltimore Ravens broke up with Forsett, yesterday. So, apparently Baltimore feels comfortable starting RB Terrence West…Interesting. Regardless, West did have a great game against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, gaining more than 100 yards from the line of scrimmage, despite the amazing Oakland LB duo of Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin. That means West is probably worth adding in fantasy. But, the subhead is about Forsett, so back to him. He was very gracious, thanking the Ravens organization on Twitter. Today, he hit Twitter again to announce his services. I figured I’d help him out, so if anybody is “looking for a 3 down back w/ great movement skills who’s also freakishly good looking” (Forsett via Twitter), feel free to contact Forsett. Obviously, Twitter would be a great way to do that. Here are a couple of good landing spots for Forsett: Washington Redskins (I’m not sold on Matt Jones being a starter, so he could help Jones out), San Diego Chargers (With Danny Woodhead out for the season and Melvin Gordon lacking true 3-down skills, Forsett could help out on 3rd downs), New York Giants (Shane Vereen is out for the season and Rashad Jennings is as inconsistent as the weather in Idaho, Forsett would be INSANELY helpful), Miami Dolphins (the RB situation in Miami is a mess with Arian Foster’s injuries, Jay Ajayi’s Ajayi-nessticityism, and Kenyan Drake (wait…he’s REALLY part of the RB rotation?! Forsett might bring some stability), Indianapolis Colts (Frank Gore is clearly continuing to slow down, it’s time for some slightly fresher, but just as powerful legs in the form of Forsett), Detroit Lions (without Ameer Abdullah healthy, Forsett could be helpful on first and second down before turning it over to Theo Riddick aka The Third-Down Beast).

Where would you most like to see Justin Forsett go?

Dorm Room Lockout

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, I locked myself out of my dorm room for the first time, on Monday. If I had made it one more day, I would’ve gone a month straight without locking myself out of my dorm room. “We seem to be made to suffer. It’s our lot in life.” (C-3PO, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope) Of course, it also happened when I went to shower. Luckily, I take my change of clothes with me to the showers, so I didn’t have to go down to the front desk in just a towel. Also, that seemed like a fitting start to a day, during which, the New York Giants were defeated by the Minnesota Vikings, 10-24.

How many times have you locked yourself out of something?

Breaking: Chicago Bears WR Kevin White Placed on IR with Broken Fibula

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Well, the subheading is the story. Here’s some further analysis: Obviously, the Bears were struggling, regardless; They barely squeaked out a win against the lowly Detroit Lions this weekend. However, this definitely won’t help backup QB Brian Hoyer, who has been playing in place of injured starter, Jay Cutler. Expect WR Alshon Jeffery’s production to decline with an increase in double-teams, meaning three offensive weapons will be relied upon to pick up the slack: rookie RB Jordan Howard (who has been filling in for injured RBs Jeremy Langford and Ka’Deem Carey), WR Eddie Royal (who is a quality receiver, and will now get more targets in White’s absence), and TE Zach Miller (who has already gotten off to a very productive start to the season). All three of those guys become very viable fantasy options in White’s absence. While it isn’t great news for the Bears, be happy fantasy owners!

Which of the three guys listed (Howard, Royal, or Miller) do you believe will see the most production benefits in White’s absence?

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment on Forsett and/or on the lockout and/or on White and/or on the daily questions and/or on whatever is on your mind, along with a much-appreciated like. If you are not yet a follower, become a follower to avoid the free agent market that Justin Forsett is now trying to escape. 🙂 Have a pleasant tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Grab Bag #2: Forsett, Lockout, and KW

  1. Re lock out.:only once! My husband woke me up in the wee hours of the morning. “It’s snowing”, he said. “Let’s wake up the kids”! It is Southern California and that is an exciting event. I was too tired and definitely didn’t want to go out in the cold. When they didn’t come back in the house, I decided to see why. Not bothering with slippers or a robe, and wearring a not too warm nightgown, I went outside just as all of them were coming back in. I glanced at the snow, turned around to go inside, and found the door locked! After much pounding and door bell ringing , some sleepy-eyed person rescued me.


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