#28: Dark Matter, Strange, Stranger, Strangest Saturday, and More

It has been too long since my last post. I’m so sorry, I have been very busy. I’ll do a recap quickly-ish:

On Sunday (or some other time over the weekend), I started watching the show Dark Matter on Netflix. It’s about six strangers who awake on a space ship without any memory of who they are or where they came from. It’s a good show, full of twists and turns; I would recommend it. Anyway, I watched that a bunch on Sunday because my New York Giants had a bye week.

Image result for dark matter
Cast of Dark Matter

On Saturday…oh, Saturday. I woke up to my alarm at 7:30 am, feeling WAY more energized than anyone should feel when waking up to their alarm on a Saturday. It was Boise State gameday, but not just any other Boise State gameday, it was finally the Boise State gameday that I would be in attendance for. So, I rushed to the showers, and rushed through my shower (don’t worry, I still shampooed my hair and everything. I didn’t rush TOO much). After my shower, I geared up: Jay Ajayi jersey, Boise State shorts, and hat autographed by the entire Boise State basketball team from the 2011-12 season (my hat autographed by the Boise State football team is too small for me, now). Then, bolted to the DU library to print off the documents I would need for the rental car. It was so silent on the campus of DU that I could almost hear myself think, which hasn’t been a pleasant sound of late. For some reason, Friday night was the popular night for Halloween parties. In fact, it got out of control; One friend saw a helicopter with a search light flying overhead AND witnessed a potential rape case in the same night. That’s why I don’t party: It’s sketchy. Anyway, the excessive Friday night partying was the reason for the silent Saturday morning. When I got to the library, I tugged on the icy, steel door handle, only to realize the door was locked; That’s how I discovered that the DU library is NOT open 24 hours. I had NO idea up until that point.

I walked back to my dorm in the same, eerie silence that was present on my trek to the library. I got back at 8:30am, watched some Dark Matter, then returned to the library when it opened at 9 am, and printed off the necessary documents. I love taking freshly printed paper out of the printers here at DU; They are always warm. Not an unpleasant warm, but a similar warmth to the one that you feel in your heart when you do a good deed for someone else. Then, me and two friends took the light rail to the airport. The light rail is so fascinating. You can smell so many different kinds of people: the perfume of women, the weed of smokers (especially in Colorado), the insane amount of Axe of the guy who thinks women are attracted mostly by smell, etc. We reached the airport in 1.5 hours, then shuttled over to E-Z Rent-a-Car.

This is my separate paragraph for a scathing review of E-Z Rent-a-Car. I was in line for 45 minutes. It was hot in the building, and the line stretched through more than half of the building. There were only three people working the desks to help customers. I had to shift my stance a lot to prevent my legs from falling asleep. I get to the desk, where I am helped by a woman who clearly doesn’t want to be there; Actually, I was reminded why I want to get a college degree. She eventually told me how much it would cost, and I didn’t have enough on my card to cover it. My friends couldn’t cover it because the name on the card had to match the driver’s license, and they didn’t have driver’s licenses. So, I stepped to the side to call my parents, and they got funds in my account in about 30 minutes. I went back to the same desk with the same unhelpful woman, and she scanned my card. “Your credit didn’t check,” she informed me. OF COURSE IT DIDN’T! I’m a college student! I’d have to be an idiot to have a credit card! I would have a hard time keeping up with it! So, after several more arguments with that woman and a discussion with the manager, me and my friends found out that we were screwed in terms of getting a rental car. How would we get to Laramie, Wyoming, now?

We took an Uber back to DU, thinking that we wouldn’t get to go to the game that we so desperately wanted to see. But, we told our Uber driver about it and, by some miracle, he agreed to drive us the 2.25 hours it would take to get to Laramie. The drive consisted of a few scares for my life, as the driver swerved on the road a couple of time. He also attempted to make a pass with oncoming traffic and had to slam on the brakes! But, me and my friends made it to the Boise State-Wyoming game with more than 10 minutes left in the 1st quarter. We hid our soda and snacks in some bushes near the stadium because we knew that we couldn’t take them into the stadium. War Memorial Stadium. It actually seemed more like a high school stadium than a college stadium. No endzone seating, but the sides had two levels. It TOTALLY felt like high school-bleacher style. Boise State had a lead when I got my nachos at halftime. Then…the second half…That horrid, horrid safety. Wyoming 30, Boise State 28. FINAL. Just like that…POOF! Goodbye perfect season. The sight of the Wyoming fans rushing the field after that game was the most depressing sight I’ve seen since June.

Boise State @ Wyoming, when Boise State was still winning.

I left War Memorial Stadium feeling like I had just been punched in the gut. My friends and I found our sodas and snacks, so that was good, at least. Then we went to a Taco Bell near the stadium. “Boise State sucks!” seemed to be the phrase of the evening from all of those stuck-up University of Wyoming fans. They were almost all a*******. They clearly weren’t used to winning because they had no idea how to act like they had won before. There were even some guys in a truck who creeped up to me and my friends while we were crossing a crosswalk; I didn’t budge. I almost, ALMOST decided to bang up the hood of that truck, but I decided to stay above Wyoming’s level. In fact, I even had some fun with another car of Wyoming fans, when I said, “Good game!” to them in response to “Boise State sucks!”, then turned to my friends and shouted, “We can’t stoop to their level!!!” I will say, I am happy for Wyoming. Now they have some plays from THIS century to add to their team’s highlight reel. Seriously, they kept playing clips from 1996 during the game. That was before I was even BORN! That’s how long it had been since Wyoming was even REMOTELY good.

To make matters worse than just the a******* in Wyoming, Laramie doesn’t have Uber. Luckily they had a shuttle to the Denver Airport, which would be arriving at 1 am. We found this out around 9 pm; We had 4 hours to kill. Needless to say, _____________, so we camped out in McDonald’s until 1 am, hanging our heads. See that? When something doesn’t need to be said, why should I say it. It’s WYOMING. Everyone can figure out what goes in that blank. So, me and my friends got back to the Denver Airport around 4:15, and took the light rail, again, to get back to campus around 6 am on Sunday. It was a long day. But, I got to spend it with my friends. That was awesome.

TheHaysWay and DU Friends

When we were in McDonald’s the conversation shifted to what we all thought of each other. All three of my friends concurred that I was the best person of the four of us. I nearly cried in that moment. I love how nearly everybody I meet seems to think that I’m a nice guy. That’s what I’m all about. I want to be the nice guy, and I love it when people appreciate me for that. Of course, they also concurred that the nice guys don’t get the girls, which I can’t argue with. Ironically, the one girl that I DID get is probably one of two people who doesn’t think I’m a nice guy. We also talked about how the nice guys get stepped on. I didn’t argue with that either. I believe I’ve even talked about that on this blog before; The nice guys always lose. I also have stated before that I am totally content with losing if it means that I get to continue to be the nice guy. Nothing will stop me from being the kind of person that I want to be. I will take an infinite number of losses if that is what it takes. What good is winning if you don’t do it in an honorable way? Don’t answer that Tom Brady.

Also, my mind has been drifting all over the place, lately. Do you know that feeling where you know what you want, but you don’t know how to achieve what you want? Or you change your mind about what you want too quickly to think about what you need to do in order to achieve it? Yeah, that’s been me. Back and forth and back and forth. I think it has to do with which people I’m more loyal to: my home skillets, or my new, Denver skillets…

So, I got a clone trooper mask for Halloween, this year. Now that Halloween has officially passed, I’m thinking about making some changes. I want to be THE fan of the University of Denver. I want to be the DU Clone Trooper. That’s right, I want to paint the blue marks with maroon and gold, and put a big, DU logo on the mask. Speaking of which, if any of you have any suggestions for which kind of paint, or which brand of paint, or which style (if painting isn’t the best) I should use to customize the mask. It’s a plastic mask, if that makes a big difference. Hopefully someone has some good answers on here, because the only visual artist I know is my ex, and that’s an awkward conversation waiting to happen. Also, visual art is the least exciting art. Art that appeals to the other senses is so much better, because it’s so much harder to create, and create well. But, that’s not super relevant right now.

TheHaysWay at the DU Hockey game against Western Michigan on Friday. My Pios won 3-1!

Houston Texans

Image result for houston texans

Founded: 2002

All-Time Winning Percentage: 43.8%

All-Time Record: (77-99)

The youngest franchise in the NFL comes in at #28. That’s fair. They haven’t had much success, despite many great players considering the franchise’s short tenure. This includes QB Matt Schaub, RB Arian Foster (maybe the best undrafted RB this century, and also a fantasy football star, when healthy), WR Andre Johnson (a future Hall of Famer who just retired today), and DE JJ Watt (3-time Defensive Player of the Year). Anyway, the Texans should only be going up.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment on Dark Matter and/or the Boise State Broncos and/or on Laramie and/or on mask customization techniques and/or on the Houston Texans, along with a much-appreciated like. If you aren’t yet a follower, become a follower to fight to become THE fan of TheHaysWay. 🙂 Have a pleasant tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “#28: Dark Matter, Strange, Stranger, Strangest Saturday, and More

  1. I love the DU clone trooper idea! I’ll bet you can find an art student to help and they probably have paint available in the art department. Make sure to post pictures when you are done.


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