#24: Loneliness, Harry Potter, and More

Alright, so, after a very uneventful weekend, I’ve got a couple of things on my mind:

First of all, I’d like to rant AGAINST Harry Potter. I read a post from another blogger the other day, professing their love for JK Rowling and Harry Potter…well, I read part of it until I began to feel a wave of nausea wash over me… :\. Anyway, my point is this: Harry Potter is unbelievably overrated. First, the books. Oh my gosh, the books. I have attempted to read the first one AT LEAST five times. I have never gotten more than halfway through it. It is SO boring. Seriously, Moby Dick is less detailed than Harry Potter and, for the record, Moby Dick is much more well-written, and the story is more entertaining. Now, I will grant that detailed books are an acquired taste; I know some people like more detail, so the boring books aren’t my only evidence for the disaster that is Harry Potter. This is where I move on to the movies. Frankly, they were just another lousy attempt to make a ridiculous amount of money. The first few technically had the best stories, but they were ruined by the acting performances. Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson were not yet good, as they were still too young. In fact, they had Star Wars-prequel-level acting performances. Yeah, they were THAT bad. Luckily, Radcliffe figured out how to act for the last few movies, and Emma Watson matured enough to be good-looking, so the audience could understand the whole, obligatory love story that EVERY movie must have these days. Unfortunately, the last few movies were ruined by stretching out the story and overused special effects. Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2 were all the proof that we needed for that. Also, think about the character of Harry Potter: He is a whiny, over-privileged kid, who is basically just out for his revenge against the monster who killed his parents and almost killed him. Does that really sound like a protagonist/hero type? I’d say he’s the antagonist/villain. Which makes the whole series some big, twisted joke, I suppose. Maybe Rowling intended it that way? If that is the case, then Rowling is much smarter than I thought. Regardless, Voldemort could have saved us all a lot of trouble if he had been able to kill Harry Potter before the story even began.

Second of all, another win-win-win weekend. A victory for Boise State on Friday, a victory for the New York Giants today, and a victory for the Portland Trail Blazers today. Also, I was psyched to find out that, if the NFL season ended today, the Giants would have the 5th seed in the playoffs. That’s pretty good, considering they haven’t made the playoffs since 2011-12, when they won Super Bowl 46.

Image result for victory

Those weren’t the only games I watched today, though. I watched two different games with two different DU friends. I watched the Indianapolis Colts-Green Bay Packers game with my friend, Maddie. She’s a Packers fan, so she didn’t really appreciate the outcome of that game. Inside, however, I was psyched. If the Packers had won, they would be in the 5th seed in the NFC right now, and the Giants would be relegated to the 6th seed. The second game I watched was the Denver Broncos-Oakland Raiders game, with my friend, Ben. He’s a Raiders fan, so he was PSYCHED. For those of you who are unaware, the Raiders victory in that game put them in 1st place in the highly-contested AFC West. Surprisingly, no Broncos fans joined me and Ben in watching that game, even though they are the local team. Maybe Ben’s Raiders jersey scared them off?


Changing gears a little, I figured I would talk about a slightly…heavier?…topic: loneliness. It’s always fascinating to me when I read some tweets from former classmates about wishing they could have a special someone in their lives. Of course, those tweets tend to be from women because, for us men, society deems it “unmanly” to be vulnerable like that. Well, ladies, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. I don’t know how many other guys will admit this vulnerability, too, but we are also lonely. I know what it’s like to be in a relationship, and, while there are some drawbacks, it ultimately seems worth it. I thought about this when my roommate came back this morning from another one of his one-night stands; He’s had so many that I think he’s lost count. But, he told me that he doesn’t know much about relationships because he hasn’t ever had a true girlfriend. Well, I can honestly say that I know nothing about one-night stands, but I would assume that they aren’t meaningful like true relationships are. On a side note, it seems like a lot of people here at DU have a boyfriend or a girlfriend back home. It also seems like a lot of them are unfaithful. In fact, one of my DU friends is not loyal to his girlfriend back home, but I will leave him unnamed. If that’s the kind of person he wants to be, that’s his choice. Anyway, it’s hard to know who’s available when you don’t party (like me), and when there are people who are concealing other relationships. I’m not going to help a girl cheat on her boyfriend back home. I don’t even get how people could be okay with themselves for doing that sort of thing. I still feel some sense of loyalty to my ex (which is why I reference her in this blog more often than I would like, and here’s another example), even though I owe her nothing. Essentially, the struggle with loneliness is quite real for most people.

Image result for loneliness
Why don’t people truly appreciate the kind, smiling, and wise people? Anyway, this is so true (except the sad-brightest smile one; I smile brightly, and I’m not usually sad. Of course, it’s possible that I don’t smile as brightly as I think I do?), and it makes the next quote make even less sense:
Image result for loneliness
I don’t understand why the selfless people get the short end of the stick. Maybe this is the ultimate example of how life is unfair?

On a MUCH lighter note, I was thinking about getting a Damian Lillard jersey because I only have one Trail Blazers shirt right now, and I don’t want to wear that two days in a row when the Blazers have back-to-back gamedays. Thoughts?

Image result for damian lillard

New York Jets

Image result for new york jets

Founded: 1960

All-Time Winning Percentage: 45.9%

All-Time Record: (365-431-8)

Sorry, mom, but you know they haven’t been good, historically. They have just one Super Bowl win, and that was “The Guarantee”, Super Bowl III. Also, the list of Jets legends includes: QB Joe Namath, RB Curtis Martin, and…that’s all I’ve got. If you can think of any Jets legends, list them in the comments; They can’t be current players that will go down as legends (meaning C Nick Mangold and CB Darrelle Revis don’t count). Anyway, that Super Bowl and a few runs to the AFC championship are the only thing holding the Jets at #24. On a side note, this season continues to get rougher for the Jets. They lost to the Miami Dolphins today, and their best quality (their run defense) allowed over 100 yards to RB Jay Ajayi. On a side^2 note, Ajayi has proven for the 3rd straight game that, not only is he a legit starting RB in the NFL, but he’s one of the best at the moment.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment on Harry Potter and/or on Boise State and/or on the New York Giants and/or on the Portland Trail Blazers and/or on watching football with friends and/or on loneliness and/or on a Damian Lillard jersey and/or on the New York Jets, along with a much-appreciated like. If you are not yet a follower, become a follower to continue climbing the count-up of all-time NFL winning percentages with me. 🙂 Have a pleasant tomorrow.


One thought on “#24: Loneliness, Harry Potter, and More

  1. It was fun watching Ajayi play, even if it was at the expense of my team.

    I never understood the appeal of one-night stands, either. Good for you, Billy!


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