#22: Headaches, AFC North, and More

I wanted to post earlier, but I had a splitting headache and a paper to write. Luckily, I slept them off. Yeah, I slept off the headache, and that made the paper WAY easier to write. Also, that paper was a professor profile story for my Newswriting & Reporting class, so, once I finalize it, I’ll ask for permission from the professor to share it on here. Right now, I technically only have permission to use it for my class assignment. She is a pretty chill professor, though, so you can expect to see it soon.

I found a new YouTuber today, thanks to my sister. His name is Prince Ea, and his videos contain very inspirational and motivational messages. This is the video that my sister sent to me, today. It’s my favorite because it supports my distaste for the school system. (On a side note, President Trump has said in the past that he wants to get rid of Common Core. I REALLY hope he will follow through on that. I don’t want kids in the future to go through what I had to.) Anyway, I’ve watched a few more of his videos, and they all seem to be worth watching, so I would recommend checking them out. Feel free to tell him TheHaysWay sent you because, why not?

…83, because…Common Core Math! I wouldn’t beat you all over the head with my hate for Common Core if Common Core hadn’t beat me over the head with its hate for me.

The Cleveland Browns dropped to 0-10 tonight in a loss to the Baltimore Ravens. This game actually has huge implications. For the Browns, this game was their chance to salvage their season. The Ravens held the AFC North division lead at 4-4 going in, so a win for the Browns would have kept them in the hunt for the division crown. Now, those hopes are effectively dashed. There is still a SMALL statistical probability that the Browns could take the division, but it is HIGHLY unlikely. Furthermore, the Ravens have increased their record to 5-4. The Pittsburgh Steelers sit at an even 4-4, with a game against the 7-1 Cowboys on the schedule for this weekend. In all likelihood, the Cowboys will win that game. If they do, The Ravens will be sitting atop the division with a one game lead and the tiebreaker over the Steelers. That bodes well for a team looking to come back from last season’s 5-11 finish.

Image result for afc north

Philadelphia Eagles

Image result for philadelphia eagles

Founded: 1933

All-Time Winning Percentage: 48.1%

All-Time Record: (516-557-25)

Ugh! I’ll try to keep this brief. The Eagles have been to two Super Bowls, and they lost both. They’ve had QB Donovan McNabb and DE Reggie White. Most recently they’ve had Head Coach Chip Kelly…Things are looking up for the Eagles (unfortunately) with QB Carson Wentz in town, who has shown some serious promise as a rookie, this season. That said, their defense will have to figure out how to not suck for an entire season if they want to be a serious contender. Go Giants!

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment on headaches and/or on papers/stories and/or on the AFC North and/or on the Philadelphia Eagles, along with a much-appreciated like. If you are not yet a follower, become a follower to despise the Eagles with me. 🙂 Have a pleasant tomorrow.


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