What Ifs

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What if the world wasn’t the way that it is?

What if life was actually fair?

What if everybody cared about each other, rather than themselves?

What if we all knew what we wanted?

What if we all succeeded, always?

What if everyone wanted the same things?

What if emotions didn’t drive the majority of our actions?

What if we could all understand each other?

What if the future was predetermined?

What if humanity had time machines? Would we alter the future? Correct the past?

What if there was no failure, no disaster, no setbacks, no regret, no worry, no pain?

What if deep ideas and feelings were easy to interpret?

What if…what if we could change EVERYTHING? Would we?

What if we knew how to change everything?

What if we knew?

What if…



2 thoughts on “What Ifs

  1. Then life would be dull and we would not learn anything. Mistakes, unexpecteds, and wonderful surprises makes us who we are. Enjoy every single day…we only get one chance!!


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