#21: Coming Home, Finals, and More

It has been far too long since my last post. I’ve been very sick with some sort of virus, so I have been expending the majority of my energy on trying to recover because I have finals tomorrow and Tuesday. But, I REALLY needed a study break, so here I am!

In terms of studying, I have four finals: two papers and two tests. I have finished one paper, started the other paper, almost finished studying for one test, and just started studying for the other test. So, I’m in a good spot. I have one test tomorrow (the one I’ve almost finished studying for), and the other test, as well as both papers, are due on Tuesday.

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I’m coming home Wednesday morning! I’m so excited! I get to see my family and friends back home! I feel like I already have a lot to do in the month and a half that I will be hanging out with all of them again! Minecraft with my sister, watching football with my parents, catching up with my grandpa, trip to a Trail Blazers game with my mom, watching Star Wars with my friends (including the premiere night of Rogue One), visiting my high school Alma mater for the first time since receiving my IB diploma from there, seeing my IB diploma in person for the first time ever (I have only seen a phone picture of it because it got to my house after I left for DU), and reuniting with my pets! So much for getting rest during Winter Break, right? Just kidding. I’m really excited about all of those things in that long list above. Plus, I get to enjoy some of my favorite local restaurants back home that I’ve missed since I’ve been here. So much to do and so little time to do it!

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The New York Giants are on an explosion of sorts! They have one FIVE STRAIGHT games to go from 2-3 to 7-3! Unfortunately, they are in the toughest division, and are still two games behind the 9-1 Dallas Cowboys. Today, the Giants defeated the Chicago Bears, and I watched the game with two of my friends here who are Bears fans. I put a sandwich on the game with one of them, so I got a free sandwich today!


There is one more week left of the college football regular season. Wyoming lost to Mountain West foe UNLV last weekend, and Boise State hasn’t lost since their game against Wyoming. So, the last weekend comes down to Boise State @ Air Force, and Wyoming @ New Mexico. Boise State will make the Mountain West Conference Championship Game if they beat Air Force (which they haven’t done in three years) AND Wyoming loses to New Mexico. In order to make a BCS bowl game, Boise State must be the highest ranked non-power 5 conference champion. They are the highest ranked, so they just need to win out to get a BCS bowl AND hope Wyoming loses. I’m a little totally terrified!


The NFL is back in Mexico tomorrow night for the first time in over a decade as the Oakland Raiders square off against the Houston Texans. The Kansas City Chiefs lost today, so my friend here who is a Raiders fan is REALLY hoping the Raiders win in Mexico to claim sole possession of 1st place in the AFC West. As for Houston, Indianapolis is suddenly 5-5, so if Houston loses tomorrow night, they will be just one game ahead of the surging Colts, which doesn’t bode well for them.

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Seattle Seahawks

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Founded: 1976

All-Time Winning Percentage: 48.3%

All-Time Record: (280-300)

The Seattle Seahawks are amazing today. They have the Legion of Boom, led by loudmouth CB Richard Sherman. They have an electric offense led by QB Russell Wilson and many RBs that all seem to perform really well in Seattle’s offensive scheme. Let’s not forget, they won Super Bowl 48 just three years ago! But, name anything good about Seattle before Russell Wilson came to town. I’ve come up with three positives: QB Matt Hasselbeck, WR Steve Largent, and T Walter Jones. Oh, and they made Super Bowl 40, even though they lost that to the Pittsburgh Steelers. They’ve also had a few veterans come through past the prime of their careers, such as WR Jerry Rice and QB Warren Moon. Overall, I was surprised that the Seahawks were ranked so high. On the bright side, things definitely continue to look up in Seattle.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment on sickness and/or on finals and/or on homecomings and/or on the New York Giants and/or on the Boise State Broncos and/or on the NFL in Mexico and/or on the Seattle Seahawks and/or on whatever is on your mind, along with a much-appreciated like. If you are not yet a follower, become a follower to follow the many different paths that my mind apparently takes on a daily basis. 🙂 Have a pleasant tomorrow.


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