Rogue One Review #1-NO Spoilers

So, I mentioned it briefly in my last post, but I want to talk about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with more depth now. Why? Well, I saw it for the third time today, so I feel far more qualified to talk about it. This is the non-spoiler edition for those of you who have not seen the movie. If you have seen the movie and you want to check out the spoiler edition, I will link it here when I have finished writing it.

So, as I said before, this is the best Star Wars movie to have come out since Return of the Jedi came out in 1983. While this cast may not be as star-studded as the prequel trilogy (which featured actors like Liam Neeson and Samuel L Jackson), the acting was vastly improved due simply to the fact that George Lucas was not the director. Also, the movie relied more on a stellar story than loads of CGI (though there is a fair amount of that, too, and it’s well-done), which was also vastly different from the prequel trilogy. So, essentially, I rank Rogue One above the entire prequel trilogy because it avoided the stupid mistakes that were made in the prequel trilogy.

Now, why do I think it’s better than The Force Awakens? Simply put, I believe it had more freedom than TFA had. TFA was the first Star Wars movie since 2005, so it had to make a splash in order to reestablish the franchise. The prequel trilogy also complicated matters by being such a disaster. Not only did TFA need to reestablish the Star Wars universe, but it also needed to remind audiences across the globe of what they liked about Star Wars in the first place. This resulted in a movie dragged down by the mandatory inclusion of the original trilogy cast (RIP Carrie Fisher. Star Wars will never be the same without the wonderful actress who so perfectly portrayed Princess Leia.) and the many ties to the story of A New Hope, which was the original Star Wars movie to establish the whole franchise. These expectations were non-existent for Rogue One. The franchise was just reestablished last year, so they didn’t need to worry about that. Also, this was the first standalone Star Wars story, so there were no expectations regarding making a trilogy-long story. This allowed the screenwriters to be more creative with their story (which was completely original) and pack more action in with less standing and talking (which is a frequent complaint about the two trilogies).

All-in-all, Rogue One is a must-see because of an original, action-packed story with a talented group of actors and actresses, who put on stellar performances.


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