Nuggets Game, Indecision in Life Goals

I went to my first Denver Nuggets game yesterday! It was great! My friend Matt and I decided to get tickets at the box office a half hour before the game started. Needless to say, that was a POOR decision. They were more expensive there than they were online. So, we decided to go another time…until, we ran into some guys selling tickets outside the stadium. One tried to give us a terrible deal. After we turned that guy down multiple times, another guy offered us SUITE tickets for $25 EACH!!!! That’s how we ended up watching the Nuggets beat the Orlando Magic 125-112 from a suite in the Pepsi Center. Nuggets C Nikola Jokic had a career-high 30 points in the game. It was awesome! On a side note: the Pepsi Center is REALLY nice.

What’s your major?

I’m TECHNICALLY a journalism major, but I’m thinking about changing it. OR: I’m in between journalism and business because I don’t know what I want to do. OR: I’m sort of undecided, even though I’m technically a journalism major because I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what I want to do with my life.

Those are three different responses I usually give. I truly don’t have any idea what I want to do. I’ve been told that I’m good at multiple things: French Horn, Math, and Video Games. Let me guess, you’ve come up with a number of things I could do with that, right? Well, the problem is, even if I am good at those things (I’m not always convinced that I am), none of those things are what I want to do with my life. Today, my professor for my Academic Writing and Rhetoric class pulled me aside after class…

What’s your major?

You can pick whichever of the three responses you like the best. (Or, you can come up with a new variation, if you want)

So, it sounds like you’re not really sure?

YOU THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. I didn’t actually say that. More like:


You’re pretty good at this. (He said, gesturing at the board that he had been scribbling the lesson all over.)


Yeah. You should stop by my office sometime if you want to know what you can do with this.

:/ Great. Just what I need: another thing that I can apparently do well even though I don’t like to do it. Maybe that’s why I’ve been having such a hard time deciding what I want to do. Maybe the problem is that different people have been telling me that I can do different things well, and it’s been messing with my mind. I don’t want to do something just because I can do it well. But, if I can do what I want to do well, that’s a bonus. But, I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO!!! I’m even starting to wonder why I get up in the morning at all!

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Other People
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The indecision aside, I was pretty happy walking out of my writing class today. I always enjoy compliments, it’s just too bad that I’m not driven to use the talents I have. In fact, the things that I do that impress people are things that I don’t even try that hard at! I don’t try all that hard at anything because I start out working hard, then I get bored and want to get things over with as quickly as possible. Even when I do find things that I think I enjoy, I get bored of them in a week or a month or whenever. My excitement over things never has any staying power. You can probably tell with all of the different subjects I cover in this blog.

That’s all for TheHaysWay now, make sure to leave a comment on basketball games and/or on indecision and/or on whatever is on your mind, along with a much appreciated like. If you are not yet a follower, become a follower to get an email when my next post comes out later tonight. THAT’S RIGHT! You’re all getting two posts today! Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Nuggets Game, Indecision in Life Goals

  1. Why are you agonizing about what to do with your life? You don’t have to decide that today! Enjoy everything you are good at, keep doors open to new ideas, don’t stress about anything, and, above all, have fun! You have already made a lot of people proud of you.


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