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So, I’ve participated in both of the Wind Ensemble Rehearsals this week…Let’s just say I’m off to a rocky start (it just occurred to me: that phrase may very well come from the Colorado Rockies, because they suck). But, one of the pieces that the Ensemble is performing is from the Three Revelations from the Lotus Sutra composed by Alfred Reed. I looked up the Lotus Sutra and found out that it is one of the most popular and influential Mahayana sutras (thanks, Wikipedia). Then, I realized I had absolutely no idea what a sutra is, so I looked that up next and found out that a sutra is a Buddhist or Jain scripture (assist goes to Wikipedia, again). Anyway, that was kind of a random tangent. It is a beautiful piece. The Ensemble will be performing the second movement, which is called Contemplation. I like to contemplate a great deal of things very frequently, as well, so the title really spoke with me. Having played through the piece, I would say it is as majestic as my contemplation tends to be.

Alright, I have to talk about my Portland Trail Blazers. Two nights ago, they were tied with the Denver Nuggets for the 8th and final playoff spot in the NBA‘s Western Conference, going into a game against those very Nuggets (who, by the way, had been leading the Blazers in the standings for pretty much the whole season. Every time the Blazers got close, the Nuggets would win a few and the Blazers would lose a few). Long story short, the Blazers took down the Nuggets to take a 1 game lead for the 8th playoff spot. Tonight, they played the Houston Rockets on TNT, and they won again. It is VERY apparent that the Blazers want to be in the playoffs, and I couldn’t be more proud of them. My Denver friends always ask me, “Wouldn’t you prefer to have the Nuggets in the playoffs so we can go to a playoff game?” My answer is usually some version of…and this is a highly technical term…”Hell, no!” Go Blazers!

On a side note, but staying with the Portland Trail Blazers, I watched their game against the Houston Rockets this evening because TNT allowed me to stream it. Two major takeaways: 1) Maurice Harkless is slowly changing my mind about his ability to start. He played sensationally tonight. 2) Noah Vonleh is NOT changing my mind about his ability to start. I’m really confused about what he is bringing to the table. He can’t score (that’s left to Damian Lillard, CJ McCullom, and Jusuf Nurkic), he can’t rebound (the Rockets had a RIDICULOUS number of second chance points), and he can’t play defense (the Blazers consistently allow over 100 points per game). Seriously, it’s time to dig deep (and I mean REALLY deep) into anywhere (free agency, the draft, the bench) to find someone who will allow the Blazers to rid themselves of the parasite known as Noah Vonleh. He has been pissing me off to a very high degree.

Also, I think I’ve seen Mike D’Antoni in The Hunger Games

Mike DAntoni vs Philip Seymour Hoffman
…or maybe I’ve seen Philip Seymour Hoffman coaching the Houston Rockets.

Week 1 in the books. I officially start my weekend tomorrow because I get Fridays off this quarter! Yeah!

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If you’ve seen Get Out, you definitely understand that photographers can and should be valued for so much more than their cameras.
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Shout-out to Nash, the best friend anyone could ever ask for.
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I would have used this as the quote of the day, but I didn’t want to be hypocritical. I have yet to focus on any of my strengths because I don’t seem to enjoy any of my strengths.
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Quote of the Day

Knowledge and wisdom. They are often heard to be used interchangeably. I think the biggest difference I’ve ever heard about these two words is, “Wisdom is what old people have.” I’m not sure what five-year-old said that to me, but I think he or she meant that it sort of comes down to actual experience. You can have plenty of knowledge about anything if you Google it enough. To have wisdom, however, you have to go beyond Google and experience that which you are investigating, hands-on. I think this quote also puts those words in similar contexts. Knowledge is your overall awareness of your capabilities, while Wisdom is knowing when not to use your capabilities (which can only be obtained by having experience in moments when using your capabilities was not a good thing). It’s the difference between knowing and understanding. It’s the difference between understanding and practicing. It’s the difference between practicing and applying. It’s the difference between applying and making a difference. Each step is a subtle difference, but in the long run, the range of steps is hugely impactful. So, stop searching for knowledge and experience the acquisition of wisdom…

…It was at that moment that TheHaysWay realized that he was being hypocritical, even though he had chosen this quote specifically to AVOID being hypocritical…

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment on contemplation and/or on the Portland Trail Blazers and/or on Mike D’Antoni and Philip Seymour Hoffman being long-lost siblings and/or on the quotes (specifically the quote of the day), along with a much-appreciated like. If you are not yet a follower, become a follower because, you never know, I may be your long-lost sibling just like Mike D’Antoni and Philip Seymour Hoffman. 🙂 Have a pleasant tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Knowledge, Wisdom, Contemplation, Portland Trail Blazers

    1. Thank you! Yeah, that quote was just meant as a tie in to the train of thought on experience. In general, the older a person is, the more experience they have because they’ve had more time to experience things. But it also depends on what they spend their time on.


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