Should I Shave or Should I Grow (More)?

So, my original plan was to shave on Saturday, April 22, 2017. Why? Because the last time I completely shaved off my beard was April 22, 2016. A week after that, I had IB tests. Two weeks after that, my girlfriend and I broke up. So, I was thinking that I should do it again on the same day to show the world that I’m not afraid of what it can try to do to bring me down. I will overcome, and I will punch the world in the face. But, I’ve experienced mixed opinions on my plan, so I want to settle this once and for all.

Take a look at the following picture, then cast your vote by clicking on this link to the poll. (If the poll doesn’t embed in the post correctly, just reply to this post with your vote.)



3 thoughts on “Should I Shave or Should I Grow (More)?

  1. Don’t think you need to shave completely. Your facial hair suits you. A nice trim would be good, though. And, of course, a nice haircut would be great!


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