Colin Kaepernick: Will the Traveling Circus End?

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Ever since it was announced that QB Colin Kaepernick would be leaving the San Francisco 49ers, people have been speculating about his fate. Obviously he would get signed in free agency, right? He’s the best QB option available, isn’t he? Then, March 9, the official start of NFL free agency, passed. Then the rest of March…April…May…June…and now July has almost concluded and Kaep has still yet to find a new football home. I read an article today about the Baltimore Ravens needing another QB option with Joe Flacco sustaining a back injury that is projected to keep him out for at least three weeks. Of course, Kaep’s name came up because Ravens HC John Harbaugh knows about Kaep from his brother, Jim Harbaugh, having coached Kaep in San Fran. Oh, and they played against each other in a Super Bowl, so there’s that.

I decided, what the heck, I’ll project what will happen with Kaep, too. So here are a few spots I think he might end up:

7. Denver Broncos– I HIGHLY doubt GM John Elway would sign a guy with Kaep’s antics. And the salary cap probably isn’t conducive to a Kaep signing in Denver. And Elway seems to see something in Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch that the rest of the world doesn’t see. But I don’t see what Elway sees so screw it, I’m putting Denver in here anyway.

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Colin, you’ll never usurp me as starter.

6. Las Vegas Raiders– I know that they are still the Oakland Raiders for the next couple of seasons but I put Las Vegas there for a very specific reason: Kaep played his college ball in Nevada, and he was good (good enough to beat what was probably the best Boise State football team to ever take the field in 2010). Even though he would only be a backup to Derek Carr, I’m sure the Raiders could bring in some extra revenue by having the local boy ride the bench and play in preseason.

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Only after I retire, Colin.

5. Arizona Cardinals– If there is one thing that we all learned from the Cards’ 2016-17 season, it’s that Carson Palmer is not getting any younger. Granted, part of the reason he looked so bad last year was because he looked so good in the 2015-16 season. Regardless, he is 37 years old and I don’t think he is on the Tom Brady diet and workout routine that will allow him to play well into his 40s. Also, Bruce Arians is known as a QB whisperer (see Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, and…well…Carson Palmer). What’s wrong with this possibility? Blaine Gabbert is listed as the 3rd QB on the Cards depth chart and there were several times where he looked better than Kaep in San Francisco. So this one probably isn’t very likely. But it would be fun to see Kaep playing for (theoretically) a contender again.

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Nice of Geno to leave me his jersey.

4. New York Jets– Nothing can save the 2017-18 New York Jets. NOTHING. If this team wins more than 2 games, with or without Kaep, I would be SHOCKED. That said, Kaep could be the interesting, controversial player that the Jets need to get any sort of fans to show up to view their train wreck in person.

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Chad, I think you’ve got my jersey there.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars– I honestly feel as though this scenario hasn’t been talked about at all even though it’s a pretty interesting scenario. Maybe it’s because the Jags have been dumping so much money into their defense that they likely don’t have enough for Kaep. But follow me for a second: Let’s say the Jags decide to finally give up on “franchise QB” Blake Bortles. Kaep would join an offense with 2017 first-round pick RB Leonard Fournette, promising young WRs Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns, and a solid o-line with 2017 second-round pick Cam Robinon, up-and-comer AJ Cann, veteran Branden Albert, and the highest-paid C in NFL history, Brandon Linder. That, plus the part about the money that the Jags have been pouring into their defense would make for an easy job for Kaep. But, then, that job is supposed to be easy for Bortles, too. He makes it look IMMENSELY difficult.

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Calm down, Colin. I’ll only be out for a few weeks.

2. Baltimore Ravens– (see the first paragraph of this article) He’d mostly be a temp in this scenario.

1. Retirement– Let’s be honest, this is far and away the most realistic scenario on this list. The league has turned his back on him because of his controversial pregame national anthem antics. The National Football League prides itself on being patriotic (hence the annual “Salute to Service” week), and Kaep certainly isn’t. The anti-Kaep sentiment doesn’t just run amongst NFL front offices, either. Fans of teams who have been working out Kaepernick have been protesting against his signing, including his most recently visited team (just a couple days ago), Baltimore.

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49ers and All-Time Ranking Announcement!

San Francisco 49ers Outlook

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The San Francisco 49ers announced that QB Colin Kaepernick will start this Sunday. I don’t like Kaepernick; I’ve mostly taken to calling him Crapernick. Anyway, it’s possible that he could be a SLIGHT upgrade over Blaine Gabbert for one reason: He likes to run the option. It’s not that he’s more mobile than Gabbert (he may be, though Gabbert has proven that he can run, too), it’s just that he’s known for being an option-style QB. So, he will be an upgrade for RB Carlos Hyde. Hyde should be able to get more yardage off of option plays with the increased threat of a QB keeper. In terms of passing, Crapernick brings nothing special to the table over Blaine Gabbert. Now in theaters: Chip Kelly Episode VI: The Return of the Oregon Guru. Yeah, I’m predicting that Kelly will get fired following this season, and will return to the University of Oregon, where head coach Mark Helfrich will ALSO get fired for sub-par performance. Expect the U of O to come surging back into relevance within the next four years.

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“I missed you, too, bud.”

TheHaysWay Update

I was unable to post last night due to an orchestra concert and essay that I needed to write. I was playing French Horn for six hours yesterday, and another 2.5 hours today (we played the concert twice). I’m a little French Horn-ed out. However, the essay that I wrote last night was actually a news story for my Newswriting & Reporting Class, and that story consisted of the best all-time NFL team winning percentages. It was an interesting list to compile, as I was unaware of some of the consistent success (or failure) enjoyed (or not) by some NFL franchises. Anyway, seeing as I have all of that material, I think it would be fun to do a countdown of the all-time winning percentages. So, I’m going to do that! For the next 32 days (probably more because there are bound to be days that I’m not available for posting during the next month), I will do that countdown, starting with the worst all-time team winning percentage tomorrow.

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I’m Sorry, Here’s Why:

I know that I haven’t been posting for the past few days, and I need to give you guys an explanation. The newest edition of Madden (Madden NFL 17) comes out on Tuesday (August 23, 2016). I have A LOT to do before then. I have spent the past few days working on things that I need to have finalized prior to September 6, when I move in at the University that I will be attending for the next four years (maybe less because my University has a quarter system, so I can get more done in a shorter period of time). You might be wondering how Madden and move-in day are related? Well, whenever a new Madden comes out, I like to play it as much as humanly possible. As a result, I try to get as much work done as possible, prior to the release date. So, my University paperwork has been taking up my time. To make matters more chaotic, my birthday is coming up soon, and it’s lucky #18. So, I’ve been getting paperwork done for that, too (i.e. signing up for selective service, renewing my driver’s license, etc.). AND, on top of THAT, with move-in day rapidly approaching, I’ve been trying to organize events to hang out with my friends before I leave. Last weekend, I listened to a Mormon choir rehearse so I could talk to my friend (who is in the choir) for 10 minutes. This weekend, I’m hosting a Lord of the Rings marathon for a group of friends, while trying to find time to go to the fair with 2 of them, and hit up the local arcade and Dairy Queen with another 4 of them. So, paperwork, friendships, and my love for video games has placed a slight hold on my blogging schedule, and will likely continue to do so through the weekend. I DO apologize, but everyone has to prioritize in this world. We can’t always do EVERYTHING that we want. There simply isn’t enough time in the day. Anyway, as I found some time now, here are a few NFL things:

  1. QB Colin Kaepernick didn’t play for the San Francisco 49ers against the Houston Texans on Sunday. Honestly, I’m beginning to wonder how much of a competition this is. QB Blaine Gabbert struggled against Houston, but he has the proper attitude in that he CARES and is there for his team. He has the support of his teammates, which is something I can’t say for Kaep, who tried to leave town during the offseason. I know performance is important in the NFL, but if Kaep isn’t available to perform, anyway, the job NEEDS to go to the guy who is doing everything (aside from performing) right.
  2. New York Giants K Josh Brown is facing suspension because of the resurfacing of a domestic violence case from last season. I haven’t seen the details (like I said, busy), but this is BAD news for the Giants. Obviously, if Brown did something wrong, then he needs to get suspended. The NFL shouldn’t tolerate domestic violence at all (which means they SHOULD fire the offenders), but a suspension is definitely a minimum, required punishment. When I heard this story, I was surprised because Brown is like, 40, now, which is really old for an NFL player, meaning he should be smarter than that. He was the Seattle Seahawks K back when QB Matt Hasselbeck was in his prime! Anyway, with Brown suspended, they Giants will need to find a replacement kicker (possibly new, permanent kicker because the Giants pride themselves on being a family organization and might release Brown for his actions), fast. As a Giants fan, I’m very concerned because Brown was a saving grace for the team. Whenever the offense failed to get into the endzone because of Ben McAdoo’s failure to get the ball in the hands of WR Odell Beckham Jr, Brown still got the Giants points. Where is the scoring going to come from now? Odell isn’t allowed to play ALL positions at once! Luckily, rookie WR Sterling Shepard looks to be capable of getting into the endzone as well, so at least Odell won’t be TOTALLY alone.

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