Start Now. And Finish!

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Yesterday you said tomorrow, so just do it! I just felt that went along nicely with this quote. I think a lot of this quote is correct. You should start now because if you start now, you have the capacity to finish sooner (or complete what you start more thoroughly, if you are the kind of person that likes to use ALL of the time allotted to you). It’s okay. It’s okay to start with fear…okay to start with pain…to start with doubt…start with hands shaking…with voice trembling…In fact, it’s natural to start with those things. The beginning is when things are the most confusing and the most difficult. I think a lot of this quote is correct…

I think this quote does exactly what it says it does: It “Just start[s].” Although I concede the fact that the quote has a line of, “Start and don’t stop”, it doesn’t receive the emphasis that it should. It only occupies one line, after all, and that line is buried in the middle. What I would like to propose is persistence and dedication. It’s something that I, admittedly, lack. That’s exactly why I propose it and feel it to be so vital. Don’t get me wrong, starting is a HUGE step and it is IMMENSELY important…But you can’t just stop there. I can say from my limited amount of experience that starting something is merely half the battle. Despite the importance of starting, it means nothing if you don’t stick with it. So don’t start something and then lay back out of complacency; Keep approaching it the way you started it and fight to the finish. After all, if you put in all the effort to overcome fear, pain, and doubt in the beginning, you can’t just give up. So, I say, “Start now. And finish!”


Is there something you wish you had started?

Is there something you want to start?

Is there something you wish you had finished?

Is there something you want to finish?

Start it.

Finish it.



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Optimism Incoming: Bounce Back

Well, it was a fitting end to my weekend to see the New York Giants season explode into a million pieces…maybe my pessimism yesterday was too much? I apologize. Sometimes I just have to let out what I’m feeling inside. I try to stay positive the majority of the time, so I often have times when I let out WAY too much pessimism because it’s built up over time.

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Anyway, as I implied above, the Giants lost in the playoffs today to end their season. They lost 13-38 against the Green Bay Packers. Three dropped passes for WR Odell Beckham Jr, and two more for WR Sterling Shepard. It’s too bad, because QB Eli Manning had what was probably his best game of the season. It was ugly. So ugly, in fact, that it seems as though Beckham punched a hole in a locker room wall in Green Bay. Stadium staff saw Beckham in a room with a hole in the wall that wasn’t there previously. This came after they reportedly heard what sounded like someone punching the wall. Nobody actually saw Beckham punching the wall, so the NFL is launching an investigation into the incident. I think it’s safe to say Beckham will be found guilty considering he tends to hit things after team losses, and especially after poor performances on his own part.

The Giants loss was the official end of this season’s NFL Wildcard teams. Yep, ALL FOUR Wildcard teams fell during Wildcard weekend. Bummer. Usually one makes it to the Divisional round.

WARNING: OPTIMISM COMING: On the bright side, I went undefeated in ten games of NBA 2K today. Also, it was a comfortable high-40 degree temperature in Denver today. I was walking around in shorts and a t-shirt, which was great, especially in the shining sun.

You see, it’s not about how hard or how far you fall, it’s all about how you get back up. Bad days will come around, but everyone has the capacity to overcome and make the next day a great one. Usually, you will overcome in a way that you don’t expect. As much as we’d like life to go according to plan, it won’t most of the time. And in those times when life doesn’t go our way, we keep trying and making a new plans. Why? Because we are all heroes, and all heroes have obstacles to overcome during their journey. These obstacles may be small hindrances, or they may make us want to turn back. How do we all overcome the obstacles to complete our journeys? We all focus on something that we are fighting for. What are we fighting for? Each of us is fighting for something different. Only YOU can decide what you are fighting for. What are you going to get back up for when you get knocked down? Whatever it is, climb the highest mountains for it. Swim across the deepest rivers for it. We can all be on top of our own worlds if we want to be. The key is not giving up. I know it’s hard when you’re falling down, and it’s a long way up when you hit the ground, but get up now. I promise you, someway, somehow, you will make it to where you want to go. And I know, even though I am still on my own journey, you will smile your biggest smiles when you reach the end of your journey.

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Daily Update: July 7, 2016

(The scene in the quote contains one instance of language because it’s a Jason Statham movie.) “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses-behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” -Muhammad Ali, Boxer

Yeah. The road to achievement is long. There are many bumps at many different stages in the road to success. Clear goals are not always so clear when you stumble toward their achievement. The truth is, one moment is not what leads to failure, but rather, a collection of moments leading to that moment. While one moment is typically what people remember when recollecting a failure, that moment is always set up by several events preceding it. The preceding moments, in Ali’s case, could be one less push-up than necessary in training, which could have lead to a defeat. Sometimes, you may not even have done anything wrong in the preceding moments. It could be as simple as you being in a conversation with others that influences part of the failure. On the other hand, one extra push-up could lead to a victory, or one conversation could influence you to make a better decision that leads to success. Goals are tricky. Be careful in preparation. Something that seems trivial in preparation could cost you, or reward you, in the long run. It’s never one moment that defines success or failure, so don’t let one moment get to your head. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you fail and are down, know that success is bound to come. If you succeed, don’t get too hyped, because you need to be careful to minimize the effects of following failure. Just make sure that you do your absolute best at all times to set yourself (and others) up for success. If it helps, know that even the Browns reach the endzone eventually when they keep driving toward it. 🙂 That seems like a solid transition into the news:

  1. The San Diego Chargers signed third-round draft pick, C Max Tuerk, to his rookie contract. But, the bigger story is that the Chargers first-round draft pick, DE Joey Bosa, remains unsigned.
  2. Another Eli Manning story. Earlier this summer, the New York Giants QB said that the team needs to score more points. His most recent gem of wisdom was his response to the question, “Is Big Blue a playoff team in 2016?” The answer: “Yeah, definitely.” Eli is taking a big risk. Being a Giants fan myself, I understand that New York fans can be particularly unforgiving and demanding in regard to our Giants. If he is wrong (which I personally believe he is), he could be in some hot water with Giants fans (not me though, because he doesn’t give me any hope by saying that).
  3. Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton was named the #1 NFL player of 2016 on the “Top 100 Players of 2016” list, which was voted on by the players, beating out defensive player of the year, DE J.J. Watt, who was #1 last season. So the media and the players agree that Cam was the best last year, as the media gave him the MVP award for last season.

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