NBA Finals: Warriors > Cavaliers, Positivity, Etc

Today was…a day. It was most certainly a day.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers were smashed by the Golden State Warriors which was not surprising, but definitely disappointing. If you are looking for something that will make you laugh (other than my humor in my post, of course πŸ™‚ ), look no further than this play. I have been laughing about this ever since it happened. There are always guys that move out of the way because they don’t want to get trampled on someone’s rampage to the rim, but you rarely see someone try to play it off the way Cavaliers SG JR Smith did. There’s no shame in getting out of Kevin Durant‘s way. There is a LOT of shame to go around for pretending that you didn’t even see him coming. As ESPN would say, “C’Mon Son!”

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I absolutely had to put this quote in here to discuss how much I disagree with it. Obviously, the Warriors probably think this quote is gospel. However, I have a prime example of why it is the falsest quote of all time. I had a group project in my Physics class today. Well, the presentation was today, anyway. The group had decided on a topic about a month ago. Apparently, my group decided to change that topic yesterday (after I had done a significant amount of research and after I had written a paper on the original topic, mind you) but that’s not the part that pissed me off. No, the part that pissed me off was the fact that my group opted to tell me about the change of topic FIVE MINUTES before we presented it to the class. So, I looked like an unprepared idiot by trying to pass off as knowledgeable in a topic that I spent five minutes researching, even though I did a few hours of research on the original topic. Needless to say, which is to say I do feel a need to say this because it’s actually rather ridiculous to say needless to say and then say the thing that doesn’t need saying. Anyway, I’m not looking forward to seeing my grade on the project.

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Going off another thing that happened in class today (though, this one happened in my Writing class today), my class took several moments to reflect on our progress through the quarter because it was our last class. The quote says two years, but it’s amazing how much I’ve learned in ten weeks. A good teacher makes a huge difference, and I said as much in class. It’s not so often I have a class where my limits are pushed as much as they were in the writing class. I learned so much from pushing my limits. I also learned that I don’t push my limits as much as I should because I want to learn more.

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Challenge: Try not to break into the worst Disney song ever made.

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I’m really not sure what to make of this. I can think only of my constant debates I have internally between my mind and my heart. I suppose this quote is referring to denying what the mind wants so the heart can get what it wants, which will feed your soul, in turn. I definitely have come to realize that the mind and the heart WANT very different things. Well, maybe want isn’t the correct word. It’s not that they want different things, it’s just that…they have different priorities, I guess. I’ve found that chasing what the heart wants often ends poorly. As much as I would like to balance chasing what my mind and my heart want, I know that my mind wins out most of the time. The interesting thing is that the mind often denies the heart what it wants because the mind has greater foresight to understand that the heart can end up worse than it started off if it does chase what it wants. In my opinion, the heart is under the impression that it can be healed if it is hurt in pursuit of a desire. Unfortunately, whatever heals the heart must not be the mind, which is why it stops the heart from pursuing desires. The mind feels the heart’s pain and can do nothing to ease the pain.

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So, I oozed enthusiasm in my writing class. I also did so during high school. (Ask any of my classmates, I’m actually curious to know how much I irritated them) I oozed enthusiasm to the point where I actually irritated myself. That’s the only way I know how to do it. I just try to spread positivity everywhere, and as much as possible. The world could use more positivity, especially with all of the negativity that is going around constantly in politics and the media.

This quote gets me through anything difficult. If you lift your head up, you will get through. I know that life is tough and I know that it’s tough to fight back when life hits you. But, the reality is that everything in life is a mindset. As much as other people try to convince me otherwise, I truly believe that. What I’m about to say might ruffle a few feathers, so please know that is not my intention, I am just stating my point of view from the information I have available to me. Several of my former high school classmates had/have depression (I will not name any of them for confidentiality reasons, of course). I stated my point of view to one of them that they would be fine if they just thought happy thoughts and chose to be happy. Their natural response was to say, “It’s not that simple.” But, how do we know either way? Those with depression have no idea what the mindset of those without depression is, and those without depression have no idea what the mindset of those with depression is. Whose to say that it isn’t as simple as a thought process that puts a person in either state? Again, I apologize if this offends anybody, that is not my intention. I’m simply saying that so much of life is mental. My opinion, is that it’s up to you if you want to be happy. And you always have that choice.

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End Up Where You Need to Be: Just Go

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Yup, it’s been a minute. I didn’t intend to take a break from blogging but maybe this post will be more impactful since it’s been a while. Maybe it’s where it needs to be timing-wise. Let me tell you something…I have no ability to plan. Seriously, I cannot plan ahead anymore than a week. Why? I don’t know exactly. I guess it’s because I just don’t know what I want anymore than a week before I start chasing what I want. I enjoy flying through life by the seat of my pants. I leap before I even look down. I am as close as one can get to being a professional procrastinator. The funny thing is, when I look at my life and realize that all of that is the case, I don’t want to change a thing. It’s worked. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things in my life that I wish I hadn’t done, or that I wish I could change…but my life is amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better family, better friends, or a better…me. It’s easy to complain about the small things (like the people in the room next to me who like to party until 4 am on the weekends), but the big things are what define life, and my big things are exactly where I want them to be. I say all of this in relation to the quote. I have not gone where I intended because I never intend to go anywhere. That’s how I keep ending up exactly where I need to be. I’m not encouraging procrastination (unless that’s your thing), I’m just encouraging you not to worry. Whether you know where you’re going or not, you usually end up in the right place. Make the best of everything around you. Love the people in your life, enjoy the places you go, just choose to be happy and positive. Life is too short to micromanage everything in it and worry about it, so don’t. To end with another quote: “Destinations are where we begin again.” –Josh Groban,Β BelieveΒ fromΒ The Polar Express

Oakland-turned-Las Vegas Raiders, Soul-fed Happiness, College Students or High Schoolers?

By now, I’m sure most of you have heard that the Oakland Raiders are going to be the Las Vegas Raiders in two years time. I REALLY want to hear your thoughts on this subject because there seem to be mixed reviews EVERYWHERE. I have a friend who is a Raiders fan who is pissed that they are leaving behind the “best fan base in the world” in Oakland because he’s a little unrealistic when it comes to his passions. Case in point: He is under the impression that the Raiders had the best chance of any playoff team of beating the New England Patriots this postseason. (He also thinks that Raiders owner Mark Davis will get stabbed by somebody if he returns to Oakland…) But, I personally think that Mark Davis is a genius because Las Vegas is a tourist town. Their fan base will be inconsistent, but they should always have people filling the stands. Plus, gambling, right? This was definitely a money-motivated move. But above all, I think Oakland Raiders fans need to stop being such babies. Idaho doesn’t have an NFL team, so my favorite NFL team has been ACROSS THE COUNTRY from me for my ENTIRE LIFE!!! I’ll try to stop ranting, just please leave a comment with your opinion on the Raiders relocation.

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True! Don’t get brainwashed by marketing!
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Here’s a good Quote of the Day!

This is just perfect. I can’t even believe how amazingly true and applicable this quote is. Now, I’ve often been pinned with the stereotype of “ginger’s got no soul“. I assume you’ve all heard that one before (some of you have probably even used that one before…SHAME! But it’s ok, I forgive you πŸ™‚ ). Anyway, I will confess that in high school I fit the stereotype because I DID have an ego, mostly in regard to my French Horn playing abilities and my intellectual prowess. Through 2 quarters of college, I can tell you that this quote is spot on. I’ve learned how to step away from the ego (it helps that most of the people in college are about as intelligent as I am, some even more so. It also helps to take 3 months off from playing any French Horn) and do what I want to do to feed my soul. I can’t say that I have achieved true happiness (society makes that MUCH harder to achieve than it should be), but I CAN tell you: It’s nice. When you are feeding your ego, you feel as if you’re better than everyone around you (btw, you’re also WRONG). When you are feeding your soul, you just feel…better. Regardless of what it is that feeds your soul (singing, dancing, writing, reading, exercising, gaming, calculating, engineering, experimenting, laughing, acting, politicizing, speaking, storytelling, observing, helping, and whatever else because there’s a lot that I’m forgetting), I urge you to do that. Set some time aside for you. Those jerks at work who walk around like they’re the best are usually inferior to those who save time for themselves. Be yourself and you will be happier and…better…in whatever way that means to you.

I just wanted to throw out the reason I chose the quote above: I really wanted a quote that I could give a high school example to. Why? In my first college writing class of the quarter (which was a matter of hours ago), I walked in right as class started and the classroom was split directly in half: one half was the boys, and the other half was the girls. SERIOUSLY?! We’re in college now! We are men and women, not boys and girls! Why do we have to bring back something that represents everything that is wrong with high school?! I was one of the TWO people in the class of FIFTEEN that was sitting next to a person of the opposite gender.

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Mood Posts Success, College Football Playoff National Championship, and More

For those of you who have checked out my blog over the last two days, you know that two days ago, I posted a pessimistic post, and yesterday, I posted an optimistic post. Interesting fact: My pessimistic post got twice as many views as my optimistic post. That’s a little disappointing. Now, I will admit, the pessimistic post had a better shot of being read when everybody was off work on Sunday (because it was posted Saturday night). The optimistic post, on the other hand, was posted on Sunday night, so more people were at work and less likely to read it on this Monday. I might have to monitor that, though. I hope my optimistic posts can get more views in the future. Keep the pessimistic post views coming, just increase the optimistic post views.

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Well, Clemson did it. They took down mighty Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship by a score of 35-31. The victory included a game-winning TD with one second left on the clock. I was cheering for Alabama, but it was a phenomenal game. I hope you all had a chance to watch it. Congrats Clemson! You earned it. You proved me wrong for all the times I’ve said that you were overrated.

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I talked about New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr punching a hole in the wall of the Green Bay Packers’ visitors’ locker room, yesterday. Well, he wasn’t the only Giant that handled the loss poorly. After the team departed their plane from their flight back home, the next flight on the plane was delayed for TWO HOURS for cleaning. Despite the cleaning, many passengers on that next flight complained about the smell of booze and the crumbs of food and tobacco on their seats. The Giants were so distraught, they trashed a plane. I confess, I’m very disappointed to be a Giants fan right now. I can only imagine the fines if Tom Coughlin was still the head coach…

Speaking of Tom Coughlin, he was one of two hires by the Jacksonville Jaguars today. He was hired to work in the front office, while Doug Marrone was promoted from part-time, to full-time head coach. Congrats to the Jaguars! I think this will be a great thing for the franchise. They now have Coughlin’s discipline, and a capable coach in Marrone, who almost fixed the Bills before his departure by his own will. But, as always, time will tell.

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It’s the final countdown. The final countdown until the next big moment and/or decision in your life. Whatever that decision and/or moment is, be ready for it. Take advantage of it. Every moment and decision can change the course of your life forever. So, make the right choice. Don’t shy away from the right choice for any reason. Believe me, you will regret it if you do. But, if you do make a mistake, stay positive. Every time a door closes, AT LEAST one more opens. Stay happy. Sing, dance, laugh, clap, etc. Whatever it takes to lift your spirits and the spirits of the people around you. Everything will be just fine. Only you can bring yourself down. And only you can keep yourself up. Do what you want to do. The sky is the limit. Believe in yourself and be who you want to be because nobody can bring you down, slow you down, or take anything from you if you don’t let them.

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Selflessness: Is it worth it?

Do you ever feel like being selfless is tough? You know the saying, “What goes around, comes around”? Well, I try my best to be selfless. For example, an hour ago, I started writing a different blog post than this one (which I might finish in a couple of days when I get the thought back) when one of my friends walked into my dorm room.

“You wanna play a quick game?”

Of course, he was referring to NBA2k13. Needless to say, I was in my PJs and writing a blog post and it was MIDNIGHT. So I said no, repeatedly. But, I decided to be a good friend and give him his game of 2K. I lost by two points. I tried to be nice, and I lost. When exactly does the “comes around” part kick in? That sort of thing seems to happen to me a LOT. Yet, I keep trying to be there for others when they need me. I don’t know why I do it. I just…like to make others happy. The world doesn’t seem to care about my own happiness. Also, my friend and I are SUPER competitive, so he decides to rub the game in my face, even though I was TIRED, ANGRY, AND I DIDN’T WANT TO PLAY IN THE FIRST PLACE. Seriously, a LITTLE bit of kindness in return for making him happy would be nice.

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I don’t know if I do anything for myself anymore. I guess this blog counts. I watch TV shows fairly regularly. I eat junk food. You know, I FEEL like being there for others is the right thing to do. I FEEL like I want to make other people happy. But I WANT to be happy, too, you know? I don’t do things for others because it makes me happy. I do things for others because it’s the right thing to do. They deserve whatever little bit of happiness I can provide for them, right? In the past week, there was only one time when I felt a real wave of happiness wash over me: when I got a text from my best friend back home. He told me that I have no idea how much our friendship means to him. That’s exactly why he’s my best friend: he has no idea how much our friendship means to me, either. There’s nothing quite like a true friend who ALWAYS has your back. I can confidently say that I only have one such friend. I have a couple of friends who have my back MOST of the time, but only one ALWAYS.

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Yesterday (by the time I post this), I went to an Oakland Raiders Bar and Grill with a friend of mine who is a Raiders fan. The Raiders lost. My dad is a Detroit Lions fan. The Lions lost. Basically, nothing has gone my way yet this year. I guess that’s what I get for being so optimistic about this new year, right? Well, I can still say that I have yet to break any sunglasses this year, so there’s that (though, I almost lost a pair twice).

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I ask the question, “Is it worth it?” of selflessness. The truth is, I can’t answer that. I FEEL like it’s worth it, but I have absolutely no evidence to back up that feeling. I guess, it’s the only reason I can think of for why I’m here. Why live life, if not for others? I don’t want to be someone who lives life out of selfishness: my own success, money, happiness, etc. Others are the reason I live. Others are the reason I get up in the morning. Others are the reason I do everything I do. Even the few things that I do for myself, I do so that I can recharge myself to be in good condition to do things for others. Anyway, I’ll keep looking for an answer to the question. If I ever find it, I’ll let you all know. In the meantime, it would go a long way if the world started repaying me for my selflessness with a New York Giants playoff victory tonight.

Daily Update: September 8, 2016

“If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds.” -Jesse Jackson, Activist

I chose this quote because I just watched the Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos game. I’ll talk about that more in depth in a little bit. Anyway, I wanted to bring up my level of inspiration for you guys, following my down day yesterday. Today was day 3 for me at DU, and it was a fantastic day. Once you actually start to hang out with many other people, you realize what a special community college is. I registered for classes today, and my schedule is quite favorable. Anyway, the point is that I fell behind in personal inspiration, so I ran faster (hopefully, that will be literal soon because my exercise routine has gone through the window since I arrived on campus). I encourage you to do the same. If there is one thing I’ve learned in the very short time that I’ve been on campus, it’s that you should never count yourself out. It doesn’t matter how far you fall, you can always and WILL always, pick yourself up. That said, allow me to go more in-depth on my main inspiration for choosing this quote, with some NFL news:

  1. I sincerely hope that you ALL had the privilege of watching the Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos game. I watched it with many other DU students, and we were all yelling at the end of the game. If I had to use one word to describe it: WOW. The Broncos won, 21-20. With 9 seconds left on the clock, Carolina Panthers K Graham Gano lined up for a 50-yard field goal attempt to win the game. Before the snap, the Broncos called a timeout. Gano still completed the kick and made the meaningless, warm-up, 50-yard field goal. So, following the timeout and with a successful practice kick under his belt, Gano lined up for a 50-yard field goal attempt to win the game, with 9 seconds on the clock. WIDE LEFT. I, along with the other 25-ish DU students who had gathered around the TV, started screaming in joy and disbelief. Of course, being in Denver, my fellow students were all cheering for the Broncos, as was I. The quote came in because the Broncos were trailing, 7-17, at the beginning of the 4th quarter. But, through running faster, the Broncos never gave up, and rose up against the odds. I couldn’t imagine a much better start to the 2016 NFL Regular Season.
  2. Although he lost (again), Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton set 2 NFL records during his team’s game against the Denver Broncos. He is now the all-time leading TD-rusher among QBs (44), and he also now has the most games with both a passing and rushing TD. Congrats Cam!
  3. In more Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton news, Cam was spotted flossing on the sidelines during his team’s game against the Denver Broncos. Yeah, FLOSSING. Β  Β  Β  Β  Β ?
  4. The Denver Broncos backfield was very interesting during their game against the Carolina Panthers. RB CJ Anderson had more than 100 total yards. Rookie RB Devontae Booker fumbled the ball away on his first NFL carry. Rookie FB Andy Janovich scored a 28-yard TD on his first NFL carry. Just another day at the NFL office.
  5. The Pittsburgh Steelers have extended the contract of OG David DeCastro. He is now signed through the next 6 years, for $58.07 million. Great resigning. DeCastro is the best player on the Steelers o-line (because C Maurkice Pouncey can’t stay healthy).

I wanted to thank all of you for the wonderful support that you showed me yesterday. I asked for words of inspiration, and I received them. You guys are all wonderful. Remember that I write this blog for you, not just because I want to make you all happy, but because I want you guys to make me happy, too. So, again, thank you.

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Daily Quote: September 1, 2016

“Time! (Time) Time, Time; Time: Time. Time… Time? Time” -TheHaysWay

I just said goodbye to my best friend in the world for the next two and a half months. When I say it, it doesn’t seem that long. It FEELS like forever. My best friend isn’t the only one. Tomorrow will be my last full day in the house I’ve grown up in, for two and a half months. The day after that, I’m going to be saying goodbye to my sister for the next two and a half months. Next week, my parents are dropping me off at college, and I will be saying goodbye to them for two and a half months. There is never enough time to say what I want to say. If I had more time, I could’ve told my ex that everyday I pretend that I am the happiest person alive, and the only time I felt like I wasn’t pretending was the six-month span I was lucky enough to spend with her. If I had more time, I could’ve told my best friend that he is the reason that I always pretend to be the happiest person alive, and that mindset has actually made me a MUCH happier person. If I had more time, I could’ve told my sister that she is the best sister in the world, and that I wouldn’t trade away a second that I was lucky enough to spend playing Minecraft with her (she’s a HUGE Minecraft fan). If I had more time, I could’ve told my parents thank you; I know that I haven’t always had the same vision for myself that they have, but their vision is what has brought me to the great heights that I continue to reach for; They are my motivation to be the greatest; They are the best parents that anyone could ever ask for because, even though I didn’t always believe in them, or myself, they have never, ever, stopped believing in me. Well, the most important things I want to say to the four most important people in my life, and the most important person who is no longer in my life, are listed above. The truth is, it’s not too late for me to say those things TO them. It’s not, ‘I could’ve’, it’s, ‘I wouldn’t’. I use time as an excuse, but it’s not time that will fix my inability to tell people what I want to tell them. Why haven’t I mustered up the courage to tell them these things? I don’t know; That’s the only way I can put it. Maybe, I just suck at the real stuff; But, I have the capacity to change that. Will I? If so, when? Those are questions that I can’t truly answer. This is the best start, of which, I can think. Usually, I have a point to the daily quote. In this case, the point is that I have no point. I have no idea how to find the courage within me. Now, you all know what I would say if I had the courage to say it. My parents read my blog, so they will get to read what I really want to say to them. As for my sister, my best friend, and my ex? The only question is: How much time will I allow to go by before I tell them what I want to tell them?

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Daily Update: August 24, 2016

I’d like to begin with the continuation of my thoughts on the new Madden NFL 17:

  1. As for the soundtrack, after the second day, I have found a couple of songs that I enjoy. That usually happens. I warm up to the soundtrack after playing for a while.
  2. As for in-game skills, I mentioned the importance of agility in this year’s game. Today proved that once again. I got frustrated with slow cuts from my TEs multiple times today.
  3. As for my team, it continues to improve. I’m up to a 78 overall with my best lineup (I was a 76 overall at the end of yesterday). By the way, the only money I’ve spent this year was on the game disc. I don’t spend money to buy packs in MUT, except for the Breast Cancer Awareness packs during October because some of the proceeds go toward research for the cure. So, my team has been improved through my completion of solo challenges. The packs that I’ve earned from those have been HORRIBLE. I’ve opened 10 pro packs this season, and still not one elite player.
  4. Also, I just wanted to say, I REALLY wish the New York Giants were as good in real life as they are in the game. It always surprises me when the Giants give my a team a run for its money. Of course, they tend to do that in real life, too. But, much like in real life, the Giants always come up short in Madden. Still, the Giants always seem to be the hardest team to play against in Madden.
  5. By the way, my in-game play has been on point this season. Through two days, I have yet to lose a game. I also have 7 user INTs (2 were pick-sixes) (meaning I followed the receiver from the very beginning of the play to get the INT. Overall, I have a LOT more than 7 INTs.), 1 fumble recovery for a TD, 2 forced safties, 3 kick returns for TDs, and 1 punt return for a TD. Oh, and there was this catch:


Moving on to some NFL news:

  1. Relations between 3rd overall pick DE Joey Bosa, and the San Diego Chargers are actually managing to get worse. So bad, in fact, that the team released a statement about the contract today. Apparently, the Chargers offered the maximum contract they were willing to offer today, and Bosa rejected it. This latest development means that the DE likely won’t play in all 16 games this season, if he plays in any at all. Chargers executive John Spanos said the following about the Bosa situation: “It’s absolutely asinine.” I agree. There is actually speculation from NFL Network analysts that Bosa might never be a Charger. Remember how I said that a month ago? Maybe NFL Network should hire me. πŸ™‚ Anyway, the rumor is that Bosa may enter the 2017 NFL Draft if he continues to reject the Chargers. WOW. I think Bosa is my least favorite football player of all-time. A lot of people would kill to be an NFL player, let alone be the 3rd overall pick. He needs to get over his greed and realize how lucky he is to be where he is right now.
  2. The New England Patriots traded C Bryan Stork to the Washington Redskins. Stork was losing the Patriots starting job to David Andrews, and reportedly had a serious attitude problem. The good news is, he should be good friends with Redskins CB Josh Norman. πŸ™‚
  3. The New England Patriots released veteran WR Nate Washington. Washington was buried on the depth chart behind Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and Chris Hogan. This could be the end of Washington’s career, as he has been in the league for some time.
  4. Good news New England Patriots fans, TE Rob Gronkowski has returned to Patriots practice after suffering a minor injury last Monday. Ironic, isn’t it, that with Gronk being all over the place (commercials, TV shows, cruises, etc), the one place where he was not, was the place that got him all over the place.

“Make every day a new best day ever.” -TheHaysWay

I live by that philosophy. I live every day like it’s my last because I want every day to be better than the previous day. I will admit, it can get difficult. There are multiple things that go into this philosophy. First of all, you have to say it aloud. If you say it aloud, you are more likely to believe it. Believing it is the most important part. Even if you just pretend like you believe it, it helps. Second of all, surround yourself with people and things that make you happy. This part is ALMOST as important as believing it. Especially with regard to people. I can say definitively that having people who make me happy around me is VERY important. When I am arguing with the people that are important to me, it makes it a LOT harder to stay positive and happy. It can still be done (I’ve done it), but it’s MUCH more difficult. When you do argue with important people in your life, try to forgive and forget as quickly as possible. If the other person won’t forgive and/or forget, then that person doesn’t deserve to be important to you, because they are not interested in sharing positivity and happiness. Things are important as well. They are far less important than people, but they certainly help. In my life, for example, the release of the new Madden significantly lifted my spirits. The past two days have DEFINITELY been two of the best days I’ve had this year. Third of all, just do it. If you have the previous two ingredients, everything should fall into place. Happiness doesn’t have to be hard to attain. Just don’t overthink it. The small things often result in being happier, and therefore, healthier. Plus, if you live every day like it’s your new best day ever, not only will you feel better, but you will lift all of the people around you. I’ve found that when I am happy and positive, my friends are also more happy and positive because we feed off of each other. My best friend actually inspired me to create this philosophy because he is one of the happiest, and most positive people I know. That’s why we are such amazing friends. But don’t just take my word for it, try it! You will feel so much better mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s a great feeling.

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Daily Update: June 28, 2016

“Try to make at least one person happy every day. If you cannot do a kind deed, speak a kind word. If you cannot speak a kind word, think a kind thought. Count up, if you can, the treasure of happiness that you would dispense in a week, in a year, in a lifetime!” -Lawrence G Lovasik, Clergyman

Exactly. I never thought I would find a quote that so perfectly describes my life philosophy. Although, I usually fail to think kind thoughts because I worry more about doing kind deeds and speaking kind words. Oops. It truly does add up. I have not really added up the amount of happiness that I have spread, but the people to whom I have brought happiness, have. When I graduated high school, it really surprised me how many people seemed genuinely sad to say goodbye to me. Not just fellow seniors, but also juniors and sophomores who had become good friends of mine. Even though the fruits of my efforts are not always apparent to me, they are always apparent to the people who were on the receiving end of that effort. So, I encourage all of you to make others happier. If you’re concerned about not saving enough happiness for yourself, know that there has never been anything that has made me happier than realizing how much I’ve helped other people by bringing them happiness. Being a positive person is rewarding both ways (though, I will say, the world still doesn’t seem to return the favor). Unfortunately, today’s news is less positive than the quote promotes:

  1. In a year that has brought the deaths of Muhammad Ali and Prince, the deaths of legends continue with not one, but two today. The first of which is the passing of legendary defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan. The father of Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan and former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan passed at the age of 85. He was renowned for his 46 defense that helped the 1985 Chicago Bears win the Super Bowl, while becoming known as the greatest defensive unit of all-time. R.I.P. Buddy Ryan.
  2. The second legend to pass today was Pat Summitt. Summitt was the long time coach of the University of Tennessee women’s college basketball team. She passed much younger than Buddy Ryan, as she was only 64. She was the winningest coach in Division 1 college basketball history. R.I.P. Pat Summitt.
  3. Along with the legends, a young former player also died today. Former Indianapolis Colts RB Zurlon Tipton died by accidentally shooting himself. How did he manage to pull that off? Police report that he was handling a duffel bag that contained the gun that went off while he was handling the bag. That sucks. That is just HORRIBLE luck. I’m really sorry that happened. It’s really not fair, in my opinion, that the world is that much against any of us. We all deserve better than the world gives us. R.I.P. Zurlon Tipton.
  4. Now that the negativity is out of the way, back to positivity: Seattle Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin signed a four-year extension with the team today. The deal is worth $46 million, with $24.25 million guaranteed. This contract is a testament to the amazing play of Baldwin, who entered the league as an undrafted free agent. See? The scouts don’t always get it right.
  5. Tim Tebow scored a touchdown while flying with Delta airlines this past weekend. Just kidding. But he did offer his well-known prayer pose in support of the wife of a man who was suffering from a heart problem during a flight on Sunday. Good for Tebow. See? We started with some negativity in the news, and now we’ve come full circle with Tebow’s kind deed, word, and thoughts. Positivity always prevails!

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment on the daily quote and/or the daily news, along with a positive like. Have a pleasant tomorrow.