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I was having a conversation a few days ago with a great friend of mine when the subject of music came up. We were listening through each other’s playlists (if you’re on Spotify you’re welcome to check my playlist out. It’s called: “Billy’s Grand Vocal Mix” and it’s comprised of 251 of my favorite songs. It should be available for public listening. You’ll notice it says “vocal”, I’m still working on refining the instrumental side of my playlist that I plan to then combine to form my largest playlist ever.) while we were waiting for another one of our friends. The genres played were all over the place in both of our playlists…from movie music, to rock, to pop, to country, etc. For the record, country is so unfairly hated upon by my generation. I know what you’re thinking: “Typical Idahoan redneck!” but let me tell you something. Look past the heavy Southern accents and the unnecessary overuse (abuse, really) of banjos and acoustic guitars and listen to the lyrics. I don’t think there is any other genre that comes close to matching country music in depth of lyrical meaning. Think about it in comparison to the genres I listed above: Movie music is simply meant to accompany, not to make a statement; Rock is mostly about volume through electric guitar and drum set showcases (ask anyone who has gone to a rock concert); Pop showcases vocals sometimes and electronic “advances” in music the rest of the time. See what I’m saying? Here’s a tangible example of the lyrical depth of country music.

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These are many of the musical genres throughout history, but not all.

So we (me and my friend) were complimenting each other on our wide range of musical genres. It’s amazing how many people lock themselves into one or two genres and claim everything else is nauseating. This leads me to ask why people listen to music? I listen to music primarily for great vocals, great lyrics, and great rhythm. I don’t care what genre it is because you can find all three of those things in any genre! (When I say genre, I mean the widely accepted, overarching genres, not sub-genres. For example, k-pop and j-pop are both sub-genres of the genre of pop. I specify this so my sister can’t hold what I’m saying over my head in the future.) So my question of the day for y’all is:

Why do YOU listen to music?

And yes, I mean YOU. If you are listening to what you want without fear of judgement from those around you (people can be REALLY judgmental of others tastes in music, and yes, I can be guilty of this myself. Heck, this entire post is criticizing the people who restrict themselves to one or two genres!) what are you listening to and why?

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Daily Update: June 27, 2016

“There’s no magic for getting into the groove…just banging away at it. Sometimes the lyrics come first, sometimes the music.” –Phil Collins, Musician

I promise, I looked up quotes that had magic in them. The fact that Phil Collins gave one of those quotes was just a HUGE bonus that allows me to put in some of his amazing music (each appearance of his name in this post is a link to a different one of his songs). Anyway, in regard to the quote: yes. I think the quote applies to everything in our lives. There is no magic that goes into achieving something, just the hard work (or the banging away at it, as Collins so eloquently put it). The second part is true too. Many things in life come in pieces. For example, you have to get the interview before you can get the job. Or, you have to go on dates before you get married (well, you don’t necessarily HAVE to, but it’s a REALLY good idea). Anyway, you don’t always know what pieces come first in life, and the pieces that DO come first will always be different. The pieces that come first are also different for different people. Every person’s life is like a song, or a story (they’re all similar). A good song has the lyrics (what is said or what happens in life), as well as the music itself (the feeling in life). You can’t have feelings without occurrences, and you can’t have occurrences without feelings. (Maybe moment is a better word than occurrences.) So, just keep trying and banging away at life because, eventually, all of the pieces will come together. As for occurrences (or moments, you get what I mean), the next occurrence in this post is the daily news:

  1. A few days ago, I reported that several players were going to be interviewed regarding the Al-Jazeera America reports of PED use. That list has now been extended to include the just-retired QB Peyton Manning. As much as the interviews could affect the legacies of Julius Peppers and James Harrison, it would have a FAR bigger impact on the legacy of Manning. I’m really hoping he didn’t stoop that low. It sucks to find out when any players use PEDs, but it sucks tenfold to find out legends used them.
  2. As a New York Giants fan, I had to put this in here: “Eli Manning wants Giants to end bad streak, score a lot of points” -NFL.com headline. REALLY?! Is this a NEW development for you Eli?! You have just now decided that you want to score points?! That’s the whole point of the game! You should’ve wanted the bad streak to end BEFORE IT EVEN STARTED! And you are a STARTING QB in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! That is THE MOST IMPORTANT way to SCORE POINTS and, therefore, WIN!! So, if the idea of scoring points is really JUST NOW occurring to you, maybe STOP THROWING THE BALL TO THE OTHER DANG TEAM! Your players are the ones wearing THE SAME UNIFORMS AS YOU! If you truly want the bad streak to end, you can’t just score a lot of points, you have to score a lot of points for YOUR team! It doesn’t help if you throw pick sixes to score a lot of points for the other team! (Deep Breaths…(years pass)…Deep Breaths…ok, let’s move on.)
  3. A few days ago, I reported that QB Johnny Manziel’s lawyer spoke up about his doubts regarding his client. Since then, that lawyer has withdrawn from the case.
  4. This is almost as good as the Eli Manning points story: a Cleveland Browns fan has created a Facebook event for a Super Bowl parade for the 2033 Super Bowl Champion Cleveland Browns. Clearly, Cleveland is drunk with happiness following the Cavaliers championship last week. Now, the Browns have 15 years to get to the level of Super Bowl champion. Obviously, based on the last fifteen years, the Browns could still be at the same level they are currently at in that amount of time, if not worse. However, instead of laughing at the fan’s optimism (and the optimism of the other 3,400+ Browns fans who RSVPed for the event), I’m actually going to say that they aren’t that far off. In fact, I could see the Browns getting to that level SOONER than 2033. Here’s why: The Browns have arguably the best QB situation they’ve had since the expansion franchise came to town. Why? Because it’s different! In the past, the Browns have tried to trade up to draft their QB of the future. This has led to disasters such as Tim Couch and Johnny Manziel. This time around, they waited multiple rounds to draft promising young prospect QB Cody Kessler. In addition, the Browns picked up one of the most underrated players in free agency: Robert Griffin III. Does anyone remember his rookie year? He won rookie of the year over fellow QBs Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson. He has backtracked since his injury, but he has shown he is CAPABLE, which is HUGE in the NFL. I truly believe that Cleveland is the perfect situation for RG3 to turn his career around. He has Hue Jackson as his coach (who groomed the Red Rocket into the MVP-level player we saw last season until injury struck him) and he has no pressure to perform with all of the preceding QB disasters in Cleveland. RG3 also has rookie WR Corey Coleman to throw the ball too, and T Joe Thomas is still there to protect the blind side. RG3 and Coleman could be a very dangerous young duo if they can live up to their potential. I personally believe the backfield duo of RBs Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson has loads of potential, too. They would also benefit from the rise of RG3 and Coleman, as opposing defenses would have to worry about the run AND the pass for the first time in AGES in Cleveland. While offensive success in Cleveland relies heavily on a complete, 360 degree turn around, the defense has a much easier road. The defense has a HUGE benefit in the form of CB Joe Haden, who is one of the best at his position, if not THE best. The Browns also picked up two players in free agency that I think are underrated in the form of LB DeMario Davis and S Rahim Moore. Those guys could be bargain bin pickups for the Browns, who outperform the contracts they were given. They also have three promising rookies at LB: Emmanuel Ogbah, Joe Schobert, and Scooby Wright III. (Shout-out for RG3 and SW3 on the same team?) All-in-all, I believe the Browns could be on the rise because of one word: potential. I know potential has fallen flat in Cleveland before, the difference is: this time, they aren’t paying to much or risking to much to get it. I guess that tends to happen when you’ve already hit rock bottom? So here it is: I am predicting the CLEVELAND BROWNS to have a SUPER BOWL VICTORY under their belts BEFORE 2033. Thank you, and good night! (Not really, there’s more news.)
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars LB Dan Skuta has been arrested and charged with first-degree misdemeanor battery in none other than, you guess it: Orlando. I’m not sure if it’s more dangerous to be in Dallas or Orlando right now because both cities currently appear to be off their rockers. As for the incident’s impact on Skuta and the Jaguars, this likely will lock up the starting OLB spot for second-round pick Myles Jack.

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