New England Patri-OUT: Rob Ninkovich Retirement


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For those of you who are like me in that you are sick of seeing the New England Patriots win, you’ll be happy to hear that they are suffering a setback today (don’t worry Patriots fans, I’m sure HC Bill Belichick will find a way because he always does):

Pats LB Rob Ninkovich announced his retirement from the NFL today, smack in the middle of training camp. Ninkovich, by way of Purdue University, spent 11 seasons in the NFL (New England Patriots [8], Miami Dolphins [1.5], New Orleans Saints [1.5]) accruing 460 tackles, 46 sacks, 5 interceptions, 10 forced fumbles, and a defensive touchdown. Ninkovich was drafted by the Saints with the 135th overall pick (5th round) of the 2006 NFL Draft.

Ninkovich is expected to be replaced by sophomore LB Elandon Roberts, by way of the University of Houston, who accrued 45 tackles and a forced fumble in his rookie season. Roberts was drafted by the Patriots with the 214th overall pick (6th round) of the 2016 NFL Draft.


#29: Team Management, Weekend, and More

Before I begin, a quick recap of my weekend:

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  1. I finished the weekend with a 3-2 record in NBA 2K13 against one of my friends here at DU. He beat me and another friend of ours in a game of 21 (real basketball, not video games), then I beat both of them in a game of PIG (again, real. Also, similar to HORSE, just fewer letters). So, a decent weekend for me in terms of my skills as an athlete and gamer.
  2. My brand new football is busted. I was playing with it on Friday, and it was perfectly fine. I picked it up on Sunday, and it was totally deflated. I pumped it up to 9 lbs of pressure, and a minute later, it was down to less than 1 lb of pressure. Somehow, someway, my football broke in between Friday and Sunday, without being used at all. I have no idea how it happened, but that’s not team management.
  3. Team management. That’s a thing for me now. All things have something to do with team management. My friend said those two words during a game of Madden, and they’ve stuck with me. I’ve taken them to a whole new level; It’s practically my catchphrase, even when it doesn’t make any sense. (ESPECIALLY when it doesn’t make any sense.)
  4. This weekend was a triple win weekend for me. On Thursday, the Boise State Broncos won (and the Houston Cougars lost!), so I will see the 7-0 #13 Boise State Broncos in Laramie, WY next weekend for an important matchup against the Wyoming Cowboys, that will essentially decide the Mountain division of the Mountain West conference. On Friday and Saturday night, the DU Hockey team took down the Michigan State Spartans. Congrats Pios!!! On Sunday morning (EARLY Sunday morning), the New York Giants took down the Los Angeles Rams in London. Despite another lackluster performance from the non-existent offense of the Giants, the defense came through with four interceptions of Rams QB Case Keenum, including a pick-six (courtesy of S Landon Collins), which ended up being the final point differential. So, the G-men head into their bye week with a winning, 4-3 record.
  5. Boise State grad and Miami Dolphins RB Jay Ajayi became the fourth player in NFL history to record back-to-back 200+ yard rushing performances, today. This opens up a big opportunity for Boise State. With the success of both Ajayi and Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Doug Martin (also a former Boise State grad), they have the opportunity to recruit more, great RBs with the selling point of being a ‘RB University’. Furthermore, current Boise State RB Jeremy McNichols is having another great season in his illustrious Boise State career, and the successes of Ajayi and Martin could help his draft stock, as well. Congrats Ajayi!
  6. The Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals tied in Arizona on Sunday Night Football, 6-6. Wow. I don’t like ties.
  7. Great weekend for my friends and family (in terms of football), as well. The New York Jets won (my mom’s team), the Detroit Lions won (my dad’s team), the Oakland Raiders won (my friend, Ben’s team), the Kansas City Chiefs won (my friend, George’s team), and the New England Patriots won (my friends, Connor’s, Brendan’s, and Michael’s team). Thanks world! You have done right by me this weekend!

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On to the highly-anticipated #29:

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The Song

’29’ is the title of an album by Ryan Adams. I have never heard of this album before, and the name Ryan Adams isn’t ringing any bells, either. So, I’ll be listening to a song from the album for the first time, immediately preceding this post being published.


I’m not entirely sure what this expedition was all about, and I’m tired. Let me know if you know what it’s about, or if you find out what it’s about.

Atlanta Falcons

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Founded: 1966

All-Time Winning Percentage: 43.7%

All-Time Record: (312-402-6)

Honestly, the Falcons team of recent years is probably their best in history. QB Matt Ryan and WR Julio Jones have been having a magnificent season, along with RBs Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman, despite their loss to the San Diego Chargers, today. You might remember, the Falcons had QB Michael Vick prior to his issues with dogs. They might’ve had quite a few good seasons with him, had he been a good person. Nevertheless, it’s remarkable that the Falcons have the same all-time winning percentage as their biggest rival, the New Orleans Saints. Unlike the Saints, however, the Falcons have yet to win a Super Bowl. Their defense will need to improve significantly if they wish to change that.

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…I’m sorry, do you have a song (or songS) that make(s) you stop in your tracks to listen to? Well, I listen to a big Spotify playlist while I blog, and one of those songs came on for me. It’s called “New Year’s Day“, written and performed by the A Capella group, Pentatonix. It is a deep song for me. Most of my life’s regrets have come this year, so I can’t wait for New Year’s Day. It’s just over two months away, now. Anyway, that song makes me long for a New Year, a fresh start, because it currently reminds me of high school (ie my friends back home, my ex, an awkward and too uneventful summer, and many other goodbyes). That song takes me on a weird emotional roller coaster, and it’s only like 3 minutes long. Really weird…

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Daily Update: August 25, 2016

As I begin writing this, I don’t know where I want to start in terms of topic. Well, I’ve started putting together a playlist of my favorite songs of all-time, which were featured in Madden games. I’ve found this to be a little distracting while I’m playing because I listen to the music instead of the broadcast. Mistakes were made while I was jamming to some of my tunes. In fact, in one game (against the Lions) I went off-controller to fix my music playlist for ONE PLAY, and the Lions scored an 80-yard TD on that play. Don’t trust the CPU players to win for your team. THEY SUCK! Anyway, I made a comeback after that to remain undefeated in Madden NFL 17, but it was still highly frustrating. Also, another great catch, this one courtesy of WR Cody Latimer:


Now on to NFL Game Results:

  1. Atlanta Falcons 6 @ Miami Dolphins 17- Both starting QBs (Matt Ryan ATL and Ryan Tannehill MIA) threw INTs. The important RBs (Devonta Freeman ATL, Jay Ajayi MIA, and Arian Foster MIA) failed to stand out, as Foster was the only one of those three to score a TD, and he also led in YPC with 2. There were no receiving TDs, but Atlanta’s WR Aldrick Robinson (3 rec, 70 yds) continued to impress, along with Miami’s star receiver, Jarvis Landry (4 rec, 40 yds). The two star defensive backs (CB Desmond Trufant ATL and S Rashad Jones MIA) both had an interception. Miami’s defense had two forced fumbles, one from DB Shamiel Gary (who had a great game: 5 TAC, 2 ATAC with the FF), and the other from S Michael Thomas (also had 1 TAC). Overall, the defenses showed off in this game. Atlanta’s defense seems slightly improved from a year ago (not that it could’ve gotten worse),  and Miami’s defense doesn’t seem to have skipped a beat (2 SAC), despite losing DEs Olivier Vernon and Derrick Shelby during the offseason.
  2. Dallas Cowboys 10 @ Seattle Seahawks 27 (In Progress)- Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo left in the first quater and was holding his back. There is no official word on the severity of the injury, yet. The good news for the ‘Boys is that QB Dak Prescott (17-23, 116 yds, 1 TD) continues to impress. Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson (16-21, 192 yds, 2 TDs) also impressed, though, that’s no surprise. Both starting RBs (Ezekiel Elliott DAL (7 car, 48 yds) and Christine Michael SEA (because Thomas Rawls didn’t play: 7 car, 58 yds)) were fairly impressive. Top receiver in the game is WR Tyler Lockett (3 rec, 41 yds, 1 TD).

Now for some NFL general news:

  1. The New England Patriots continued their offseason trading spree. Today, they dealt a 5th round pick to the Cleveland Browns, in exchange for former-1st round pick, LB Barkevious Mingo. Interesting acquisition. This definitely seems like a Bill Belichick move. Mingo has loads of potential, he just hasn’t lived up to it yet. Belichick has a way of getting that potential out of his players.
  2. Former Cleveland Browns S Donte Whitner is visiting the Carolina Panthers. My advice: Carolina, SIGN HIM! I actually forgot that Whitner is still a free agent. He’s getting a little old, but I still believe that he is a very capable safety, and Carolina could definitely use the help in their secondary.
  3. The Detroit Lions released RB Stevan Ridley. Ridley was once a promising young RB for the Patriots, but sustained an ACL tear in 2014, which has quickly derailed his career. This could be the end of said career, after Ridley failed to stick with the New York Jets and Detroit Lions, both of which, have been in serious need of RBs during the last couple of seasons.
  4. Three huge injuries occurred this evening in preseason play. Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo left the ‘Boys game against the Seattle Seahawks after sustaining a back injury. The injury is not thought to be serious, though Romo didn’t return to the game. Miami Dolphins DT Ndamukong Suh suffered an ankle injury early in the ‘Fins game against the Atlanta Falcons, and he did not return. The severity of the injury is unknown at this point. Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones also got an ankle injury in the Falcons-Dolphins matchup, and didn’t return. The injury doesn’t appear to be serious.

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Daily Update: August 1, 2016

“And, you know, being able to wear the stars and stripes, when you step up on one of the blocks or, you know, when you step off of an airplane or when you hear the national anthem play, you know, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world because you know that there are people at home who are supporting you and watching you.” -Michael Phelps, Olympic Swimmer (18 gold medals), United States of America

The Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games is on Friday. To celebrate this, the daily quotes for the remainder of the week will come from the top medalists from different countries, and each one will include a link to that country’s national anthem. Today, I’m starting with the top medal-ling athlete (Michael Phelps) from the top medal-ling country (the United States of America). I won’t go too philosophical on this quote, as it’s fairly straight-forward. I put this quote in here because it captures that ultimate Olympic moment. Phelps explains why Olympians train as hard as they do. Although he is specifically referring to the US (see, ‘stars and stripes’), I would imagine that most Olympic athletes across the world are in agreement with Phelps that the greatest moment for them is wearing their country’s flag proudly after representing it so well. I write the news about NFL players every day, and it’s remarkable to know that the majority of those NFL players don’t even come close to the elite, athletic level reached by Olympians. Of course, when the Olympics add American football, the US could assemble a team of NFL benchwarmers and they would STILL blowout every other country. The US definitely specializes in football, much like they do in basketball. I can’t imagine how bad the Olympics will get in the basketball arena when the Gasol brothers aren’t around to help team Spain anymore. They’re the only ones who come close to challenging team USA’s ‘Dream Team’. Anyway, back to football:

  1. The Buffalo Bills have signed free agent RB Reggie Bush to a one-year contract. Great signing for the Bills. Bush is a very solid insurance policy for the recently-injured LeSean McCoy, and the recently-suspended Karlos Williams. Still, I think Bush is far from a lock to make the Bills 53-man roster.
  2. In yesterday’s blog, I linked the commercial that shared QB Peyton Manning’s new Sunday Mornings with us. Apparently he only takes Sundays off. Manning has already visited the New Orleans Saints training camp this summer and today, he was found at the Miami Dolphins training camp. He was, reportedly, in Miami to evaluate and tutor Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill. Is he ALREADY itching to get into coaching? It’s only been a few months!
  3. San Diego Chargers WR Stevie Johnson sustained a torn meniscus in training camp today and will likely require surgery. There is a possibility of Johnson missing the entire, upcoming season. What does that mean? Effectively, nothing. Johnson hasn’t really been effective in the passing game since he was in Buffalo, and San Diego signed WR Travis Benjamin in free agency this offseason to pair with WR Keenan Allen, who is returning from his own season-ending injury from a year ago. This will have little impact on the Chargers passing game, if any at all.
  4. If you thought the Dallas Cowboys front seven situation couldn’t get any worse, think again. DL Tyrone Crawford is currently dealing with a back injury. Even worse, there is no timetable for his return. For those of you keeping track (and the rest of you, too), the Cowboys are looking at the possibility of being without FOUR of their starting front seven players at the beginning of the season. While I am jumping for joy as a Giants fan, that’s really bad news for Dallas. They need to keep looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. (Or they could just sign players that can STAY ON THE FIELD!)
  5. By the way, Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson has told the media that he won’t name a starting QB until right before the Browns open the preseason. He’s technically stayed true to that in that he hasn’t NAMED one yet, but QB Robert Griffin III has taken all first-team snaps in training camp. We all know actions speak louder than words, so, RG3 will get another chance to revive his career that has been on life-support for a while now. He hasn’t looked phenomenal in training camp, but time will tell if that will change for better or worse.

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Weekend Update: July 16-17, 2016

Is there a garbage chute?…Trash compactor?” -Han Solo (Harrison Ford), Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Some things definitely just need to be thrown away. Some of THOSE things need to be crushed so that nobody remembers them. Ok…maybe that’s extreme, but regardless, this weekend didn’t fall into either of those categories. First of all, I thought I’d share this pic:                                                                 IMG_20160716_085138680

If you are confused as to why I would have taken this photo, you are experiencing the same feeling I had when I discovered this on my phone this morning. Remember how I said I was a runner? Well, that’s my shadow and the middle school track that I run on because it’s close to my house, and it’s 1/4 mile per lap, so it’s easy to keep track of how far I run WITHOUT using technology. Anyway, that doesn’t explain the picture. On the last leg of my 3 mile run yesterday, I went into full-on sprint (that’s why I have my phone in my hand because I don’t like it bouncing in my pocket when I’m sprinting. I don’t run the entire time with my phone in my hand.). It turns out that my full-on sprint is so fast that it activated the quick motion required for me to access my camera quickly on my phone. That, combined with the fact that my finger was on my screen as I ran with the phone in my hand, led to this picture being taken. It is one of over 60 photos that I accidentally took yesterday. So that was my stupid, and hilarious moment for the weekend.

In non-stupid news, I am almost done with those Madden legacy achievements that I have been talking about. My legacy score is sitting North of 16,000 right now, so I need less than 4,000 legacy points to complete the last legacy score achievement. To get to this point, I have won 4 straight Super Bowls. A word of advice: In Madden 16, roll with the New England Patriots in Franchise Mode. The offense needs a little work because QB Tom Brady retires after a year or two every time, and the offensive line is pretty makeshift, but the defense is spectacular! I never realized how young the Patriots defense is! I’m in the fifth season of my current franchise, and the following Patriots defenders are still under 30 years of age: DE Chandler Jones, MLB Jamie Collins, ROLB Dont’a Hightower, CB Malcolm Butler. That’s remarkable! And all four are rated 88 overall or higher! FS Devin McCourty is also still on the team as a 94 overall, but he is 32 years old in the game. I was also fortunate enough to find an 81 overall QB in the draft to replace Brady after he retired, too. So I haven’t had to worry about my team making the playoffs too much. The AFC East has proven to be very interesting in the game, too. While my team always tops the division, there is always one other team close behind me, and it’s a different team every season. Two seasons ago, the New York Jets gave my team a run for it’s money by TYING my team’s win-loss percentage. Last season, the Miami Dolphins came close. This season, the Buffalo Bills are right on my tail, even beating my team IN FOXBOROUGH! It’s really confusing. Also noteworthy: the Jets team that challenged mine two seasons ago was led by QB Geno Smith. The Jets would be so lucky in reality to actually pull that off.

Continuing video game talk: I have managed to increase my nerdiness even more by playing Pokemon again! And NO, I do NOT play Pokemon Go. Honestly, that app just seems like a disaster. I’ve heard about terrible things happening with people playing that game. One player found a dead body in a river when she went to check out a beacon in the game. There was also a YouTuber who witnessed a murder while chasing a beacon (I do not know if the murder was set up by the person who set up the beacon, that may not have been the game’s fault, it could have just been a REALLY BAD coincidence). Anyway, while the app may be a great way for the police to catch serial killers (seriously, police departments should look into that), I’m not willing to risk my life just to play Pokemon. (I would also like to request a moment of silence for the police officers who were shot in Baton Rouge, LA today………………………………………………………………………………..I won’t say anything about racism in America today, because people get really angry about that stuff. Instead, I will say that both sides of the argument need to find a non-violent solution. Killing people isn’t going to improve race relations.) So, I broke out my old Nintendo GameBoy! Remember those? The graphics are really laughable now, but it’s still a lot of fun. My favorite Pokemon game is the Sapphire Version. My favorite Pokemon (for you die-hards) is Mudkip/Marshtomp/Swampert because Mudkip was my first ever Pokemon in any Pokemon game. I also have him and his two evolutions (listed) in physical card form, as well. Now that I’ve rambled about MY great weekend, how about the NFL’s great weekend:

  1. Free Agent RB Arian Foster is set to meet with the Miami Dolphins and the Detroit Lions. I SINCERELY hope the Dolphins do NOT sign him. I really hope Boise State alum RB Jay Ajayi gets his chance to start at running back for the Dolphins. Honestly, I think Detroit needs to give RB Ameer Abdullah his shot as starter, too. If either of these teams signs Foster, they should do so only as an insurance policy should the young RBs prove to be incapable after receiving multiple chances to start.
  2. Former NFL All-Pro Marion Campbell passed away at the age of 87 on Wednesday. He played on the defensive line for the Philadelphia Eagles, and later coached both the Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons. R.I.P. Marion Campbell.
  3. Former Detroit Lions RB Jahvid Best will be competing at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. After washing out of the NFL due to injury issues, Best has been given the green light to run the 100 m for Saint Lucia’s Olypic team because his father holds dual citizenship. That’s an awesome story. A truly athlete doesn’t let anything stop him. He is the Best! (Sorry, bad pun, oh well)
  4. I’ve mentioned MANY times the pure awesomeness of New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. That awesomeness has also been recognized in Germany. Beckham traveled to Germany, and was mobbed by many fans yesterday in Munich, forcing him to stand on top of a car to avoid getting trampled. Now, speculation has started regarding a New York Giants-Minnesota Vikings game in Germany due to the popularity of Beckham (Giants), and hometown boy Moritz Boehringer (Vikings) in the country.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, make sure to leave a comment about the daily quote and/or the daily news and/or whatever is on your mind (because I hope your weekend was even more exciting than mine!), along with a much-appreciated like. Have a pleasant tomorrow.

Daily Update: June 15, 2016

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” -Ernest Hemingway, Novelist

Without a strong quote to link to today’s news, I decided to pick a quote regarding a topic that I haven’t discussed much: trust. I picked this quote because it represents a dilemma that many people constantly face: who to trust. My problem is, I truly believe that everybody has good in them, so I do live by this quote in trusting people until they give me a reason not to trust them. Unfortunately, many people take advantage of the trust that is placed in them. It is even worse with the people whom you are close to because you trust them more. I have had that happen before, and it feels horrible realizing that I made such a horrible judgement call just because I really wanted to see the best in a person. There is also the problem of the people you trust not trusting you, which makes it harder for you to trust them. Part of trust is having it go two ways in a relationship. When one person breaks that trust, the other person experiences the feeling of having made a horrible judgement call. I guess what I’m saying is, DO trust people until they give you a reason not to, and NEVER be the person that gives a reason for someone not to trust you. If fewer people took advantage of the trust of others, more people would be faster to trust. A truly trustworthy person is a great person to have as your friend. I’m always as honest and dependable to the people around me as I can be. That, combined with my quickness to trust others, has actually led me to have many trustworthy relationships, despite some of my poor judgement calls. In fact, my poor judgement calls probably occur with less than half of the people I trust. I have a lot of great friends because that is what trust builds. Anyway, I’ve been rambling on for a while because there isn’t a lot of NFL news today, but here is that limited supply of the daily news:

  1. The Baltimore Ravens released OT Eugene Monroe. Yes, not only are they handing the reins at LT over to an unproven rookie, they are getting rid of the reliable veteran for NOTHING. I guess their down season last year hurt them more emotionally than I thought. I’m sorry for your loss Baltimore…well, your 11 losses, technically. At least you’re still superior to Cleveland.
  2. Miami Dolphins S Reshad Jones is ending his holdout from the team’s minicamp. Jones wants a new contract and is deserving of somewhere around top dollar as one of the best safeties in the league. Food for thought: with DT Ndamukong Suh’s massive contract, will the Dolphins be willing to fork over a big money contract to Jones as well? Maybe their success this year will determine that.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, have a pleasant tomorrow.

Daily Update: June 10, 2016

“I think the older you get, the more you realize how important life is, the more you think about your family.” -Wes Welker, WR

With the one-day trial over, I decided it would be best to re-introduce the quote+news posts with a quote from a guy in today’s news. Honestly, I am not old enough to truly determine the validity of Welker’s quote. However, I do value family very highly in life. In fact, I value people, in general, more than anything else in this world. I do my absolute best everyday to be the best family member, best friend, or best stranger, that I can be. Ultimately, there is more to life than money, and for me, that ‘more’ is all of the people around me. Now, onto the news:

  1. Starting with the Wes Welker news to tie in with the quote, the former WR was present at both the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins OTAs as a guest coach. The WR appears to be done playing in the NFL with his concussion history and massive decline in reduction. I’m not sure if he’s ready to coach at the NFL level just yet, but I imagine he will be ready in the not-too-distant future.
  2. The San Diego Chargers have inked WR Keenan Allen to a new contract extension. It is a four-year contract worth $44 million. As long as the injury last season was just a fluke, Allen could possibly become the new Antonio Gates of receiving threats in San Diego for the QB that comes to follow the aging Philip Rivers. Great signing.
  3. Staying in San Diego, the Chargers are filing for a new stadium in the city. Of course, included in the file: 110,786 signatures! Chargers fans, it’s time to get more optimistic about your team staying where they belong! (Knock on Wood)
  4. Good news for Jacksonville Jaguars fans: First-round pick CB Jalen Ramsey has started running just two weeks after tearing the meniscus in his right knee. So you won’t be without your first-round pick for the second year in a row! (Knock on Wood)

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Daily Update: May 13, 2016

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” -Loretta Young, actress.

Question for my readers: Which is more important: love or friendship? I decided today would be as good as any to show you my softer side. It’s tough for me to answer that question. I feel like, in part, the two are synonymous. Love comes from a deeper form of friendship. It’s amazing to me how one action can breach the gap between friendship and love. I agree with the quote. No matter how hard you try, love is never truly in your hands. Sometimes the moments that make the most sense come when nothing else does, especially in regard to love. As Sir Elton John says, “There’s a time for everyone, if they only learn, that the twisting kaleidoscope, moves us all in turn.” Don’t miss your time. Emotion is deeper than anything else in the world. As tantalizing as money may be, it can’t bring happiness. I beg each and every one of you, always put friendship and love before greed of any kind, especially the monetary kind. Anyway, now that I’ve opened up to you guys, here’s the NFL news for today:

  1. DE Jason Jones has signed a contract with the Miami Dolphins. Jones spent the past three seasons with the Detroit Lions, the season prior to that with the Seattle Seahawks, and the four seasons before that with the Tennessee Titans. He likely will be a rotational player in Miami and won’t start.
  2. The feel-good story of new Baltimore Ravens QB Keenan Reynolds continues to get better. The Navy has given their former QB permission to play in the NFL this season. If he also receives permission from the US Secretary of Defense, Reynolds will be able to postpone his service requirements to enjoy at least this season of NFL football. Unfortunately, Reynolds isn’t likely to have an opportunity to play QB unless QB Joe Flacco gets injured again this season. There is also a possibility, however, that Reynolds plays some RB or WR.
  3. LB Myles Jack has signed his rookie contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jack fell into the second round of this year’s NFL draft following injury issues. He will start for Jacksonville if he is healthy.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, leave comments about the news or the quote, leave an answer to my question (or just thoughts on love and friendship, you can make it as deep as you like because clearly I did), leave suggestions, and leave a much appreciated like. Have a pleasant tomorrow.

Daily Update: 9 May, 2016

So, I’ve decided to try something a little bit crazy for a sports blog, and it may just be (WARNING: the following scene is from Captain America: Civil War. It doesn’t contain any huge plot spoilers, but I just wanted to let you all know because the movie hasn’t even been out for a week yet. I’m not one of those ridiculous people who spoils any parts of movies without a warning.) a little bit awesome, but I’ll let you guys be the judge of that. Starting today, I’m going to lead into the NFL news with a quote. This quote may come from me, an NFL player, or just about anybody and it may be inspirational, comedic, or totally random. The first one EVER that is also acting as a trial is…(drumroll please)…

“Every good song has a beat.” -Anonymous (JK, I’m not going to lie, this is mine. Of course I’m starting out with my own!)

And now for the news:

  1. The Detroit Lions have traded a conditional seventh-round pick to the New England Patriots in exchange for LB Jon Bostic. Less than eight months ago, the Patriots pulled a similar move to acquire him from the Chicago Bears, where Bostic had been since being drafted in 2013. With many years of mediocrity, you can’t blame the Lions for trying. Interestingly enough, Bostic has been quite mediocre as well.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford returned to the Eagles’ facilities today following his holdout for a trade in response to the Eagles’ trade up in the draft to select QB Carson Wentz. Bradford is behind Wentz and QB Chase Daniel in picking up new head coach Doug Pederson’s offense, however, he is still expected to be the starter week one. I personally wouldn’t be shocked to see any of these three QBs starting week one.
  3. Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill has been receiving tutoring from Nationwide representative Peyton Manning. It’s safe to assume that Manning is on Tannehill’s side. Also, we could be seeing Tannehill in Nationwide commercials soon, or we could see his abilities drastically descrease, causing him to rely solely on his defense to win him a Super Bowl. Granted, Tannehill hasn’t shown tons of ability in the NFL yet anyway. All jokes aside, good for Tannehill for attempting to rise above mediocrity. The Dolphins could be going places soon.
  4. In a truly heartwarming story, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers attended the college graduation of WR Randall Cobb, wait…really?…Rodgers’ attendance is the headline?…Cobb just graduated college! He just opened up his future following football and Rodgers gets the spotlight!? Sometimes I REALLY dislike the media (yes, that’s coming from THE MEDIA!) Anyway, congratulations to you Randall Cobb, a very smart move on your part to get your degree, though, I imagine, you’ll be playing football for a while.
  5. The New Orleans Saints have signed the 12th overall pick, Sheldon Rankins, to a rookie deal. 20 of the 31 first-round picks are still unsigned, including 8 of the top 10.

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Daily Update: May 8, 2016

I haven’t done this in a while so I don’t know if I have the strength to do it 😦 On that very sad note, the update:

  1. The Seattle Seahawks are moving LG Justin Britt to C. Britt played RT when he came into the league, so he will be well versed in all things o-line following this latest transition.
  2. In a moment even more sad than the death of Han Solo depicted above, UAB RB Gregory Bryant was pronounced brain dead today following being shot yesterday. He was the biggest name on UAB’s recruitment list following the re-introduction of their football program, which doesn’t play again until the 2017 season. Please take a moment of silence for Bryant…
  3. The Miami Dolphins signed DE Cameron Wake to a contract extension through the 2017 season. The deal comes with $10 million in guarantees, and a possible maximum of $17.8 million for the veteran defensive leader of the Dolphins.
  4. The San Diego Chargers signed G Matt Slauson to a two year deal. Slauson was released by the Chicago Bears last week, following three seasons with the Bears. He spent the four seasons prior to that with the New York Jets.

That’s all for TheHaysWay today, have a pleasant tomorrow.