College Football Sanctions and Pettiness

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So, three Michigan State football players had warrants issued for their arrests in a sexual assault case dating back to January. After the law enforcement officials announced that, the players were dismissed from the football team. Of course, that is deservedly so, but I have one question: Why did it take so long? The school had been conducting its own investigation for a while, but the team made no action prior to the actual law enforcement concluding their investigation. I just want to be a broken record on this issue because I need to be. That sort of behavior is ENTIRELY unacceptable, and college football teams need to stop giving their players breaks on those actions. If it were up to me, Baylor University would no longer have a college football team due to all of the sexual assault issues they’ve had. Now, I understand that very rarely, women will make claims that are NOT true just to get attention. So, there needs to be a short period of time for the players to prove their innocence before being dismissed from the team. But, if an investigation about that behavior goes on for five months?! The players should not be allowed to remain on the team for that long, even in a suspended state. It’s time that the NCAA start holding these schools and teams accountable in some way. They can’t just take away recruiting benefits or bowl games, they need to start suspending entire football programs. I’m talking Michigan State college football should not exist for the 2017-18 season AT LEAST. And I mean what I said about Baylor: they should no longer have a college football team. At least for a decade. It’s time that entire universities start feeling the pain of allowing that behavior to happen. What better way to punish the universities than to take a significant amount of their income away?

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I don’t even know that I want to say much on this quote. This is mostly just here for thought because it is truly remarkable. The funniest thing about that quote is that most people who read it probably think, “But, adults’ arguments are based on logic!” Are they really though? I would bet that 95% of adult arguments (AT LEAST) are not based on logic. Humans by nature are very emotionally driven in everything. 75% of what you believe is just that: what you believe. There is no logic to it AT ALL. The other 25% has a fraction of logic in it. In the words of Thor (portrayed by Chris Hemsworth), “You people are so petty, and tiny.” Ironically, those words ring a little hollow knowing that Chris Hemsworth recently complained about his exclusion from Captain America: Civil War and his seemingly limited role in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War.

*Side Note: When I Googled “logic” to link to the word, all of the top results were about the rapper named “Logic”. That’s how unimportant REAL logic is to the majority of society.*

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*Side Note: When I Googled “NCAA” for the logo I found this awesome picture! I have to say, I’m surprised that Cal dominates so much of California. Fresno State and San Diego State are the only two teams I would’ve guessed had smaller fan base areas than Cal in the state.*

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Color: College Football Results

“Red is such an interesting color to correlate with emotion, because it’s on both ends of the spectrum. On one end you have happiness, falling in love, infatuation with someone, passion, and all that. On the other end, you’ve got obsession, jealousy, danger, fear, anger and frustration.” -Taylor Swift, Musician

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Taylor Swift as a singer, but her lyrics are usually fairly meaningful. This is a deep quote, until you realize that it’s really not. She is right that red is associated with two ends of the spectrum. But think about this: those two ends of the spectrum are the same. Falling in love is basically mutual obsession. That is really the only difference between the positive and negative ends of the spectrum; If you add ‘mutual’ before the words in the negative spectrum, you end up with love, infatuation, and passion. After all, there is a reason that the Jedi Order forbids attachments. Now think about Anakin’s story: He fell in love with Padme, then he became obsessed with her. That lead to his fear for her life after he had dreams of her dying in childbirth. That, in turn, led to his anger and frustration over his lack of power to save her. This quote, combined with that story, leads to a whole new perspective on the red lightsaber blades of the Sith, right? Essentially, there is a very fine line between the positive and negative spectrums associated with red and emotion. Tread carefully.

So, how does color relate to college football results? Well, the results of some of the top games of the day were very colorful in variety. On the one end of the spectrum, you had the complete blowout within the top 10; #10 Louisville defeated #2 Florida State, 63-20. In the middle of the spectrum, you had ranked favorites win close games against other ranked foes; #1 Alabama defeated #19 Ole Miss, 48-43; #12 Michigan State defeated #18 Notre Dame, 36-28. Finally, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you had unranked foes upsetting ranked opponents; Nebraska defeated #22 Oregon, 35-32 (which wasn’t a HUGE upset because it was in the Sea of Red, but a minor upset, no less); North Dakota State defeated #13 Iowa, 23-21 (which wasn’t a huge upset either because we’ve come to expect this from North Dakota State. Can we just see a North Dakota State-Alabama matchup, already?!)

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